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20 Steamy Massage Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is here and it’s time to buy those gifts! But, if you’re looking to do something other than chocolate and flowers, how about a nice massage for your partner? Here is a list of 20 things to amp up your Valentine’s Day celebrations!

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Steamy Massage Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Salt Massage Balls

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Give your partner a purifying experience with these salt massage balls. Not only will they make your partner feel great, but salt is known for its purifying qualities.

Jade Facial Roller

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More can be massaged than just your back!

Organic Massage Oil

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Massage oils are great for both the person receiving the massage and the person doing the massage. They give great moisturizing results and make giving the massage easier as well!

Hand Massage Tool

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Really make this massage a great one by using a hand massager like this one! This tool can help you dig into those knots and have your partner feeling good.

A Libido Booster Massage Oil

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Its description is as follows: “Clary-sage will boost sexual confidence. Ginger is warming; combats burnout. Grapefruit is refreshing and energizing . Ylang Ylang is one of the most well-known aphrodisiac essential oils and powerful relaxant. Promotes sexual awareness.” SO, this one can definitely amp things up and make it a great massage for all.

Headache Relief Massage Oil

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Rough day at work on Valentine’s Day? Never fear! This oil will help you de-stress and be ready to spend time with loved ones.

A Coffee Massage Bar

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Is your loved one a lover of coffee? Give then an amazing massage with this coffee massage bar! The smell of this will definitely put their minds at ease.

Ayurvedic White Copal Treatment Massage Oil

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This one is a bit out there but seems like a cool product once you read up on it.

Description: “White Copal is a highly prized natural aromatic tree resin, wild-harvested by the Maya people of Guanajuato state in central Mexico. The superb quality, freshness, and aroma, of this particular copal, which I personally sourced and selected, is what inspired me to create this powerful Ayurvedic “thailam” or medicated treatment oil.” “May aid in the treatment and healing of acne, psoriasis, eczema, fungal infections, minor skin injuries, minor skin infections, all inflammatory skin conditions, etc.”

Eucalyptus Essential Oil Massage Candle

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Set the mood for your massage with a great candle. There’s nothing better than the ambiance of a candle and your loved one giving you a massage.

A Chocolate Massage Candle

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Chocolate and a massage? Sounds great and like the perfect gift.

Breast Massage Necklace

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This is a different one for sure. So, these stones hang around your neck and you can move them to massage your chest area.

Cupping Glasses

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Now, I only suggest this if you know how to cup someone. But if you do, amp up your massage with some cupping!

Peppermint Massage Bar

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Peppermint is a great stimulant and just smells nice overall. Combine this with some other oils and your partner will return the favor.

Massage Stone Set

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Massage stones are a great way to elevate the massage experience.

Flower Infused Massage Oil

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Incorporate flowers and massage oils into one with this gift! If you’re giving this for Valentine’s Day, this is a great combo of the two.

Heat Pack

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Heat packs are nice to place over the eyes or any aching parts of the body during or after the massage.

Edible Massage Oils

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If you think things are going to get steamy after your massage, these edible massage oils are the things for you.

Bath Bombs

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Nothing better than a nice soak after a massage! This package comes with a few different scents of moisturizing bath bombs to complete your pampering session.

Essential Oil Diffuser

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Essential Oil Diffusers are great to set a mood in a room without using a candle. Just fill it with water and a few drops of essential oils, and you’re good to go!

A Bottle of Wine

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What better way to end a nice massage bit with a bottle of wine? This website is known for its Wine of the Month and more!

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