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Gift Ideas for Veterinarians

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There is a saying that ‘real doctors treat more than one species’. Those doctors are veterinarians. They work hard to look after our beloved family members, often without much acknowledgment. Show them some appreciation with the following gift ideas for veterinarians. 

Gift Ideas for Veterinarians

Your vet is probably more than just someone you take your pet to when they’re sick. They really care about your fur baby and are kind of a part of their family. These gift ideas help show how much they mean to you and your pets. We also have some more ideas for veterinary students just in case. 

Personalized Dog Necklace

Gift Ideas for Veterinarians - Personalized pet necklace

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Veterinarians all have their own pets. Celebrate theirs with a custom sterling silver necklace featuring an outline of their puppy.

Veterinarian Parking Sign

Vetrinarian parking sign great Gift Ideas for Veterinarians

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It’s not just a parking sign if it will let them claim the best parking spot in the lot.

Business Card Holder

Your vet will love this business card holder - Gift Ideas for Veterinarians

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Help them add some quirkiness to the veterinary clinic with this cute dog and cat business card holder.

Veterinary Phone Case

Looking for unique Gift Ideas for Veterinarians? Try this phone case

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Phone cases are essential for everyone – especially for those who are constantly wrestling with careless dogs.

Personalized Veterinarian Memo Pad

Personalized memo pad Gift Ideas for Veterinarians

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Veterinarians are constantly searching for paper to write memos with. Ease their struggle with this personalized memo pad holder.

Cone Kitty Air Freshener

Funny Gift Ideas for Veterinarians - cone kitty

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For a fun car accessory – the Cone Kitty Air Freshener!

Leash and Key Hanger

Key and leash hanger Gift Ideas for Veterinarians

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This beautiful hanger features several hooks for multiple keys or leashes.

Veterinarian Cartoon Clock

Gift Ideas for Veterinarians - Vet clock

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Because there are never enough clocks in the veterinary clinic – this veterinarian cartoon clock will come in handy.

Veterinarian Mug

Your vet will love this funny mug Gift Ideas for Veterinarians

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Veterinarians are constantly drinking coffee – therefore veterinarians are constantly in the need of coffee mugs.

Veterinary Design Laptop Sleeve

Unique laptop sleeve cool Gift Ideas for Veterinarians

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This adorable veterinary design laptop sleeve is a great way to accessorize.

Cute Cat Sticky Notes

They're going to love these cat sticky notes! The best Gift Ideas for Veterinarians

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Cute cat sticky notes will make writing patient memos more fun.

Heartbeat Scrub Cap

Gift Ideas for Veterinarians - Scrub hat

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Scrub caps are an easy way of accessorizing within the veterinary clinic. Allow your favorite vet to express their individuality (and also no one likes wearing those uncomfortable mesh caps).

Veterinary Pajamas

Vet pjs - the perfect Gift Ideas for Veterinarians

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For bedtime or just getting comfy at the end of a hard day’s work – veterinary pajamas.

Funny Vet Magnet

Funny Gift Ideas for Veterinarians - Neuter sign

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‘Don’t argue with your veterinarian. They know how to neuter.’ The fridge magnet says it all.

Dog Wall Art

Love dog sign Gift Ideas for Veterinarians

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Beautiful for decorating both the veterinary office or home.

Cat Ring Holder

Cute cat ring holder Gift Ideas for Veterinarians

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Veterinarians scrubbing in for surgery always take off their rings and forget where they placed them. Help them keep track of their things with this handy dandy ring holder.

Bird House Key Holder

Gift Ideas for Veterinarians - bird house keyring holder

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This birdhouse key holder is a cute accessory for any wall. Multiple keys? Get multiple birds!

Paw Print Candy Mould

Cute paw print candy mould Gift Ideas for Veterinarians

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For the veterinarian who likes to bake – encourage them to make paw print chocolate molds for their support staff.

Cute Dog Umbrella

Adorable dog umbrella perfect Gift Ideas for Veterinarians

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For the veterinarian who lives somewhere rainy – umbrellas always come in handy.

Funny Veterinary T-Shirt

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‘If at first, you don’t succeed. Try doing what your veterinarian told you to do the first time.’ Practical advice and a useful reminder.

Sorry I Barfed on Your Bed Book

Gift Ideas for Veterinarians - funny cat book

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A funny book is a great read at the end of the day. A veterinarian may even be tempted to share this with clients in the waiting room.

Wife Mom Veterinary Wife Shirt

Dogtar funny t-shirt Gift Ideas for Veterinarians

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This shirt would make a great gift for anyone who works at the vet office. Get in a t-shirt or hoodie form, and it comes in a handful of colors.

I Was Made For Saving Animals Heart Charm

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Veterinarians - saving animals bracelet

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Here you have a heart charm that sums it up perfectly. When you have a calling for animals, why not wear it proudly on your wrist!

Paws And Bones Women Shoes

Paws and bones shoes Gift Ideas for Veterinarians

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These shoes are one-of-a-kind and are the perfect shoe to wear to work when you are a vet. Comes in two different colors and a variety of sizes.

Cat Pulse Tote

Cat pulse tote Gift Ideas for Veterinarians

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The perfect vet accessory to bring in all your paperwork or supplies for the day ahead. I love the look of the cat pulse, such a fun gift for an animal lover.

Vet Tumbler

Vet tumber Gift Ideas for Veterinarians

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Keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks nice and toasty with this vet inspired tumbler. Great for the person who is always on the go and wants to keep their drinks nice and chilled or heated.

These terrific gift ideas for veterinarians are unique and will impress the person you give them too! 

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