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Great Gift Ideas For School Bus Drivers

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At one point in your life I’m sure you’ve ridden on a school bus and understand how hard the job can be. Keeping everyone safe is no easy task after all! Every bus driver deserves to be spoiled from time to time, check out these great gift ideas for school bus drivers to find the PERFECT gift.

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Ultimate Guide to Great Gift Ideas For School Bus Drivers

Cute to down right funny, this list has something for everyone! Maybe you want a cozy blanket or just a nice simple coffee mug with a bus friendly saying. Toss in some pretty unique bus themed wind chimes and jewelry and you have the ultimate gift ideas for bus drivers. Go on, check it out! You won’t be disappointed.

yellow bus themed tumbler cup

Tumbler Cup

Every school bus driver needs this stainless steel tumbler cup! Perfect to enjoy their coffee or tea while driving bus.

black oven mitt with spatula and thank you card all bus themed

Appreciation Baking Set

What better way to say Thank you for being an awesome bus driver than this adorable baking set! Oven mitt, spatula, and a sweet thank you card.

Wooden sign with a yellow school bus with black font that says this is how I roll

This is How I Roll Sign

Okay, this one is too cute! This is how I roll wooden hanging sign would look adorable in any home.

Great gift ideas for school bus drivers: Black bag with a yellow school bus on it with Mrs. Rachel on it.

Personalized School Bus Driver Bag

Everyone needs a good bag to carry all your stuff to and from work, with seven different colors to choose from you can select the perfect one to match the bus driver in your life.

Great Gift Ideas For School Bus Drivers: CLose up of woman wearing a dark grey t-shirt with white font that says coolest bus driver ever

Coolest Bus Driver Ever T-Shirt

Who wouldn’t want to rock this coolest bus driver ever t-shirt? It’s a bold statement but we know its true. With 13 colors to choose from why not buy more than one?

3D pop up school bus card

3D Greeting Pop Up Card

Now here’s the greatest school bus inspired card ever made! This amazing 3D pop up card works for any occasion; birthday, retirement, thank you, and so on! Every school bus driver will get a kick out of this unique card.

Woman holding up a black blanket with yellow font of school buses and funny bus sayings

Cozy Throw Blanket

Are you really a bus driver without this amazing bus driver themed throw blanket? Not only is it super soft and cozy but it’s pretty funny and a definite statement piece for their couch or even their bed.

Silver keychain with a toy yellow school bus attached

Die Cast Metal Bus Keychain

The perfect gift for any bus driver! They can attach it to their keys to the bus or their personal keys. What makes this die cast metal bus keychain even better? It’s a pull back action bus, So it actually works!

Silver earrings with yellow school buses attached

School Bus Earrings

How adorable are these little school bus earrings?! The ultimate gift for those that wear earrings and are a school bus driver. Oh So fashionable.

Black socks with grey tips with font that says be nice to the bus driver on one sock and its a long walk home and a school bus on the other

Funny Socks

It’s not a true gift list without a funny pair of socks! These hilarious socks are the perfect gift for any hard working bus driver. Let the world know you are in charge!

School bus on top of a wind chime

School Bus Wind Chime

Not sure how any gift could top how perfect this one is. This beautiful school bus wind chime has a bus figurine on top and little busses hanging, not only does it look good but it sounds pretty when the wind blows it.

Tan travel bag with a school bus on it and in black font it says School bus driver survival kit

Survival Kit Travel Pouch

For those with a sense of humor this one’s perfect! Toss in some little essentials every bus driver needs, maybe some Kleenex, lip chap, snacks, or whatever you think would fit perfectly in this essential kit for bus drivers.

Silver necklace with a heart shaped charm inside the charm a little school bus, books, apple

School Themed Necklace

This stunning necklace has school and bus themed charms inside a heart shaped pendant. making it a beautiful gift no one could resist.

White coffee mug with a yellow handle with black font that says

Personalized Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs are always a great gift idea, everyone uses them! This one can be personalized with a different saying, name, or even handle color!

Eight small Hersey chocolate candies all wrapped in yellow paper that looks like school buses.

Hershey Chocolate Buses

How adorable are these? Perfectly wrapped Hersey chocolates made to look like tiny school buses! Perfect for any bus driver with a sweet tooth!

Great Gift Ideas For School Bus Drivers: Close up of a Christmas tree branches with a round white ornament with a yellow school bus on it with black writing around it that says Oh what fun it is to ride.

School Bus Ornament

Ornament’s are always a great gift options! This ones pretty funny and would make a great Christmas gift! “Oh what fun it is to ride on a yellow schoooooool bus!”

White memory foam slippers with school buses all over them

Memory Foam Slippers

The perfect after work relaxing gift idea! Memory foam school bus slippers. Perfect to relax those feet after a long day of driving bus.

Black baseball hat with yellow font that says World's best school bus driver

World’s Best School Bus Driver Hat

All great school bus drivers deserve this simple but practical World’s best school bus driver hat. They can proudly wear it while working and let everyone know how amazing they are.

Wooden cut out of a yellow school bus that says thank you for all you do in black print, with a white paper sticking out of the bus ornament that says GIFT CARD.

Gift Card Holder

Gift cards are always a great gift option, having a cute holder to place the gift card makes it a little more personal. This adorable school bus gift holder not only holds the gift card but it’s also an ornament which means after they take the gift card out they can still proudly display it.

Brick wall with a black metal cut out of a school bus that says CUSTOM NAME below it, all lit up yellow around it.

Custom LED Metal Sign

How perfect would this look in a man cave or family room? With six sizes to choose from and the option to purchase without the lights this custom sign is a fantastic gift idea.

There you have it, the ultimate list of great gift ideas for bus drivers! Hopefully you found one or a couple perfect gift ideas to give to the hard working bus driver in your life. If you need some more gift ideas check out this list of gifts for teachers!

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