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20 Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers/Teamsters

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Truck drivers spend a lot of time on the road. Therefore, they need a gift that they can take with them, or that will warm their heart when they are home. The following gifts are great for either one or the other, or both, and they will love the gifts. As a family that recently became part of the trucker world, it is a whole new world. 

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The Perfect Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers/Teamsters

And if you need them, we have even more welcome home gifts for husbands.  

“I don’t snore, I dream I’m a Jake brake” Coffee Mug

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Your favorite truck driver doesn’t snore, they are actually dreaming that they are a Jake brake instead.

Yellow Cartoon Truck Driver Portrait

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Having a yellow cartoon truck driver portrait is something unique, something that they will hold onto for a long time.

“Drive safe. I love you.” Keychain

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A simple reminder for them to drive safe and that you love them!

18-Wheeler Flag Decal

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This 18-wheeler flag decal will look especially nice on the back window of their car or truck when they are at home.

“I never dreamed that someday I would be a grumpy old truck driver but here I am killing it and complaining all day long” Shirt

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If your favorite truck driver is “old,” they can appreciate the quote on this hilarious shirt! They are a grumpy old truck driver that kills it at their job everyday.

“I just dropped a load” Coffee Mug

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When they have just dropped a “load,” this coffee mug is a hilarious pun.

Personalized Rearview Mirror Letter Charm

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Not all commercial trucks have rearview mirrors, but they can hang their personalized letter charm on their regular vehicle’s rearview mirror instead if it doesn’t. A good reminder of the fact that no matter where they are, someone is waiting for them to come home.

“Real men smell like diesel” Keychain

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Real men smell like diesel, didn’t you know that?

“I’m a truck driver, what are you proud of?” Shirt

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As a truck driver, they have a lot to be proud of. They work long, hard hours, and help move things across the country.

“I love to truck and roll” Travel Mug

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Truck drivers just love to truck and roll, even if they don’t care for rock and roll!

“Keep on truckin’” License Plate Frame

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This “keep on truckin’” license plate frame is a great reminder to them to keep moving forward, even when they are not on company time.

Flamed Truck Whiskey Glass

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This flamed truck on a whiskey glass will become their favorite glass to drink from when they are not on the job.

“You’re never too far from home” Trucker Keychain

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No matter where they are, they aren’t too far from home because their home and the people they love are always waiting for them.

“Diesel Chick” Shirt

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If your favorite trucker is a lady, they just may be a “Diesel chick!” It has a nice ring on it, like Dixie Chicks.

“I like big trucks and I cannot lie” Coffee Mug

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It’s true, they like big trucks and they cannot lie! Help keep them fueled up on coffee with a fun mug.

American Goods Map Old Trucks Poster

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A great collectible, this American goods map old trucks poster will look nicely on their wall.

Wheel Cufflinks

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Wheel cufflinks will look very nice whenever they have to get dressed up, and a great homage to their job at the same time.

Vintage Ford Semi Truck Throw Pillow

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This vintage Ford semi truck throw pillow will be an excellent addition to their bed in the cab or their decor at home.

Dump Truck Metal Wall Art

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Even if what they drive is a commercial semi, they might appreciate the art of a dump truck too.

American Flag Truck Shirt

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Every trucker will look great in this American flag truck shirt, at home or on the road.

Whatever you choose as a gift to the truck driver in your life, they will appreciate it because it comes from the heart.

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