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20 Gifts for an Osteopath

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Osteopaths work on using more natural and effective means to heal their patients joints, muscles, and spines. They work hard, serving their patients and helping them to lead a more normal life as they heal. When you have been working with one for a while and want to thank them for the difference they have made in your life, one of the gifts in this list is a perfect way to do so.

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Gifts for an Osteopath

“This is my humerus shirt” Shirt

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Humeruses are humorous for an osteopath!

Spine Necktie

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Every osteopath that wears a tie should have a spine necktie to wear at work, and elsewhere.

“DOHYEAH” Doctor of Osteopathy Wall Print

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DO stands for Doctor of Osteopathy. This wall print says that they make the impossible look possible, and shows a picture of healing hands. Frame it up for them so they can hang it up in their office and be reminded of all they do.

Foot Anatomy Keychain

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A foot anatomy keychain would be perfect for keeping track of their office key.

“Thoracic Park” Coffee Mug

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They do a lot of work on bones and muscles, their life is like the “Thoracic Park,” and they will certainly get a kick out of this mug.

“I found this humerus” Planner

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A great planner to keep track of their schedule is one that says, “I found this humerus” on the front.

The Spine Earrings

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An osteopath that loves wearing earrings definitely needs spine earrings in her jewelry box, right?

“I’m an osteopath, not a magician” Shirt

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While they do work wonders on muscles and bones, they are not a magician.

“Because patients” Wine Glass

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Sometimes they just need a little wine at the end of the day “because patients.”

“Not that kind of doctor” Coffee Mug

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There are a lot of different kinds of doctors, and they likely find themselves saying “not that kind of doctor” pretty often!

Anatomy Print Set

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This set of anatomy prints will look great framed up and hung up on the wall of their exam rooms or waiting room.

Personalized Walnut Wood Fountain Pen

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Every doctor or other professional who has to take a lot of notes everyday needs a walnut wood fountain pen with their name on it to write with.

“Peace, love, osteopathy” Shirt

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Their whole life’s work revolves around peace, love, and osteopathy, which means that they will cherish this shirt and everything it represents.

Personalized Human Skeleton Wooden Cutting Board

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The osteopath in your life needs a personalized human skeleton wooden cutting board as part of their kitchen tools. Not only that, but it is really unique and looks fun to use.

Doctor Print Bowtie

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If they enjoy wearing bowties, or you think they would look nice wearing one, then this is the one for them. It is covered in doctor graphics, with first aid kits, stethoscopes, pills, and clipboards.

DNA Strand Earrings

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While they work with people who need healing and recovery, they may be a DNA fanatic and DNA strands just look cool either way.

Novelty Bone Pens

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These novelty bone pens will look great sitting on the counters of the exam rooms, or the desks of their receptionists.

“D.O. the right thing” Shirt

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Doctors of Osteopathy need to strive to do the right thing for their patients, and the one you visit certainly does.

“Eat, sleep, adjust, repeat” Coffee Mug

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Their whole life is eating, sleeping, adjusting, and repeating the cycle. Sometimes they need a little extra coffee to get through the day.

Spine Vertebrae Ring

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This would look great with, or without, the spine earrings listed above! Then when someone asks why they are wearing a spine ring, they can tell them all about what they do!

Our doctors work hard to help us get better and live fuller lives, getting them a simple gift can brighten up their day and make them realize that they are more appreciated than they may feel in their everyday routine.

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