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Best Gift Ideas for Programmers

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Must Have Gifts For Programmers

Everybody knows somebody who’s a programmer! These wonderful nerds are the backbone of our society because they’re what makes everything work nowadays! Let’s show your programmer friends and family your appreciation with these awesome gifts just for them!

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The Nerdiest Gift Guide You’ll Ever Need

Get comfy and let’s get some shopping done!

Computer Glasses

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Eye strain is a huge problem for anyone who works at their computer multiple hours a day. These glasses are designed to help combat that!

Raspberry Pi

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This little device is incredibly versatile and the perfect new project for a programmer to do this weekend!

Fitness Tracker

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Programmers lead very sedentary lives working at their desk for a minimum of 8 hours a day. Help them stay fit with this tracker!

Code Mug

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This gift is hilarious and true! Any programmer will appreciate it.

Geeky Doormat

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Another way of saying “home” – this doormat will show you’re trying to understand what they do and that you also understand home is where the best WiFi is.

ASCII Shrug T-Shirt

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This hilarious shirt is sure to get some attention around the office. They’ll be asking where you got it from for all of their coworkers!

Eat Sleep Code Keychain

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This keychain speaks the truth. Coding isn’t just a career; it’s a lifestyle!

Software Engineer’s Humor

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Lighten up any programmer’s day with this book!

Logitech Keyboard

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This keyboard is well made, ergonomic, and it has RGB lights!

Ergonomic Mouse

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Carpal tunnel is a serious problem for anyone who spends as much time on a computer as a programmer does. Help them with this mouse!

Intel Compute Stick

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What’s more portable than a smartphone or a laptop? A friggin computer in a stick!

Digital Timer

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Sometimes programmers find it hard to concentrate on just one project and it’s said that timers help them with that! This one’s digital and sleek – they’ll love it!


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Computers give off heat and during the warm months that can mean sucky working conditions. Cool your programmer off with a USB powered fan!

Memory Foam Seat Cushion

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Computer chairs can get uncomfortable really quick. Cushion their tush with this memory foam pillow!

Ergonomic Foot Rest

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Another way to make their lives easier is this foot rest! It helps alleviate lower body pain from sitting all day!

Sun Lamp

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Staying inside all day while coding can affect one’s mood and cause depression. Give them what their body craves with this sun lamp!

Bluetooth Headphones

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These are perfect for when your programmer wants to block all the sounds of the office out while they’re tapping away at their keyboard for 8+ hours a day!

Coffee Maker

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It’s coffee. Do we really need to say more about this?

Dual Monitor Mount

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One monitor is never enough when you’re a programmer! This dual mount is the perfect way to clear up a ton of desk space!

Laptop Bag

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Programmers need the perfect bag to carry their entire life in. Call it a nerd purse, if you will. They will thank you for this!

These gifts are sure to make you any programmer’s new favorite human! If you grabbed something off this list, give us a shout on Twitter (@ugifter) or Instagram (@uniquegifter) and show us what you got!

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