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20 Gifts for Curators & Museum Employees

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The people who make museums what they are on a day-to-day basis are some of the most amazing people. Without what they do, museums wouldn’t be a pleasant place to go. If you know a curator and they have a special event or a holiday coming up, this is the place you need to be so that you can find the perfect gift for them for that occasion.

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Gifts for Curators

View-Master Experience Pack

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This virtual reality experience is perfect for the curator who has always wanted to go see it, but hasn’t had a chance to yet.

T-Rex Necktie

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Whether they work in a dinosaur museum, or simply love dinosaurs, this t-rex necktie is an awesome gift that will make them smile every time they wear it.

Venus de Milo and David Statue Art Earrings

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What an amazing and artistic statement they can make by pairing these statue art earrings with their favorite dress!

Artful Origami Wishing Stars

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Every curator needs some artful origami wishing stars to make a wish, or to place in their home as decoration.

“Yoda best curator” Coffee Mug

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If they love Star Wars, remind them that they are the best curator in style.

50 Museums to Blow Your Mind by Ben Handicott

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As a curator, they likely have a list of museums that they just have to see, but they may not know about all fifty of those listed in this book!

“Plant lady is the new cat lady” Shirt

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If she loves plants or takes care of the plants at work, she will love wearing this shirt.

Bell Jar Light

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Your favorite curator can put something on display in this bell jar light, either at home or in their office at work.

T-Rex Skeleton Advanced Graphics Life Size Cardboard Standup

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Help them decorate their office at work, or their own home, with a lifesize t-rex skeleton!

“History buff: I’d find you more interesting if you were dead.” Cushion

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If they are a history buff, it is pretty likely that they would find you more interesting if you were dead or a part of history.

Collectible Small Mini Trading Card Album Yellow and Purple

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While this would probably be more for fun than for a serious collection, they can enjoy hours of entertainment with these mini trading card albums.

No Rest for the Dead by David Baldacci, R.L. Stine, Lisa Scottoline, and Jeffery Deaver

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There is absolutely no rest for the dead in this novel about a curator who is murdered and detectives who try to find out who really did it.

“Starry night” Shirt

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Every night is a starry night when you work at your dream job!

Fossil Fern Necklace

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No matter if they deal with fossils of any sort or not, this fossil fern necklace is a beautiful gift!

Field Museum Modern Picture Photography Coffee Mug

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Bright and colorful picture of a field museum will help them get the get up and go they need in the morning.

Louvre Museum Print

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If they love the Louvre, they will love this print. Frame it for them so that it’s ready to go up on the wall as soon as they receive it.

Museum Leather Bracelet

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With the museum building charm on this leather bracelet, they can wear it to work or to any other special event.

“Do not touch” Sign

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Every curator needs a “do not touch” sign at home too!

Museum Push Pins

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These museum push pins are great for hanging things up on the wall, a bulletin board, or anywhere else they need to pin a note or picture.

Modern Picture Photography Coffee Mug

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An exhibition, so classy and beautiful, on their coffee mug, will give them the motivation to get ready for work and go, even on their most challenging days.

The curator in your life will love any one of these gifts. They show you have put a lot of thought into what you got them and they will cherish that.

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