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20 Gifts for Wolverine Lovers

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Get your claws out for these vicious Wolverine-themed gifts that are sure to get your heart pumping! One of the most notorious mammals out there, the wolverine is a deadly predator who’s got plenty of fans. Scroll through these top picks for all of your wolverine loving friends out there!

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Unique Gifts for Wolverine Lovers

Silver Wolverine Necklace Charm

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This incredibly detailed silver pendant is a true one of a kind. Pick one up for any fan of the vicious wolverine so they can show their wild side!

Pair of Taxidermied Wolverine Tusks

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Besides their intimidating claws, wolverines are also known for their prominent fang-like tusks. These professionally preserved tusks would make for a great decorative piece, if not a craft item!

Porcelain Wolverine Wine Tumbler

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Much like the wolverine, this wine tumbler is eye catching and unique! It’s a classy piece that’ sure to impress any of your wolverine loving friends!

Handmade Authentic Wolverine Drawing

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Art is always a surefire hit with animal lovers, it’s a great way to show off their love for their favorite animal! This print of a wolverine is modeled after Pacific-Northwestern indigenous design and makes a great gift!

Wolverine Embroidered Patch

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This awesome patch says it all, any Wolverine lover would consider themselves proud with this one of a kind patch! For a unique craft, add it to an article of clothing!

Collectible Wolverine Card Circa 1960

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There’s nothing quite as unique as a collectible gift such as this. This trading card is the perfect gift idea for anyone with a wolverine lover in their life!

Demons of Stony River Book

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This adventure novel puts the fierce wolverine in the forefront. Pick up a copy for an easy wolverine lover gift!

Decorative Wolverine Throw Pillow

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This stylish throw pillow cover featuring a wolverine print makes for an excellent decorative gift idea! Decorative pieces like this make for some of the best all-purpose gift solutions for any animal lovers in your life!

Wolverine Documentary DVD

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This PBS Documentary on the wolverine is that one special gift that could put the finishing touch on any wolverine lover’s collection!

Wolverine Watercolor

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This stunning watercolor painting is truly unique, as it’s a one-of-a-kind handmade piece. It’s sure to please just about anyone, but a gift like this would be a real treasure for any wolverine fans in your life!

Wolverine Claw Necklace

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This claw pendant cast in bronze is a necklace that would make for a head-turning wolverine fanatic gift!

Wolverine Plush Toy

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This adorable wolverine plush brings out the fluffy and cute side of the otherwise vicious beast! Pick one up for a stocking stuffer, or a surprise gift for any fan of the wolverine!

Wolverine Way Book

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This nonfiction book chronicles the fierce reputation of the clawed beast known as the wolverine! Grab a copy for an easy pleaser!

Wolverine T-Shirt

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This T-shirt features a unique print of the world-renowned wolverine! Always a hit, a t-shirt like this lets everybody know who’s fierce!

Collectible Wolverine Trading Card

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Wolverine lovers are eclectic in taste, to say the least, blow their minds with this vintage collectible wolverine trading card!

Porcelain Wolverine Charm

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This wolverine pendant is handmade from porcelain and makes for an excellent charm or collectible piece. When it comes to animal gifts, there’s nothing like the unique appeal of handmade pieces like this one!

Wolverine Onesie

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This adorable onesie is the perfect gift for the wolverine lover with kids! Pick one up for a real surprise!

Wolverine Wood Burning Pine Art

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This piece of folk art is known as woodburning, by which a piece of log is imprinted with an illustration by a time-honored technique. This one features the mighty wolverine, and would make for a splendid gift!

Handmade Wolverine Toy

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Whether for collecting or for kids, this old-school handmade wooden wolverine is a masterpiece of woodcarving! Grab one today for that wolverine fanatic in your life!

Wolverine Pelt

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Last but not least is the creme de la creme of all wolverine gifts! Awe that special wolverine fan in your life with this authentic wolverine rug!

Let us know what you think of these top picks! We’d love to hear what those wolverine lovers out there thought of these truly unique finds.

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