Eight Gift Ideas for the Autistic Child

Eight Gift Ideas for the Autistic Child

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Buying gifts for an autistic child is not as scary as you might think! When purchasing a gift for an autistic child, consider the kind of things that they are interested in! Most autistic children have some specialized interests, or some have sensory and gross motor skill issues, but there are some great gifts that combine fun with aids for their developmental skills.

Stuck for gift ideas for the autistic child? Here are 8 to help you out.

1. The Original Rody Horse

This is one of my absolute top gift suggestions for any child! The Rody Horse is just plain fun! Needless to say it helps burn off kids’ energy by the constant bouncing, but it’s great for developing balance and coordination. The original size is designed for ages 2-4, but the Rody Max is for 5+ and even adults can try it out!

2. Bubber

Another one of my favorite gift suggestions for any child! Bubber is non-toxic, gluten-free, dust-free, allergen free, stain free, AND IT NEVER DRIES OUT! It’s a great idea for children working on fine motor skills or for sensory therapies.

3. Weplay Wavy Tactile Path

This is a fun gift that works on movement skills! The path can be set up in curved or linear patterns and set up to work on different types of balance. This path also helps muscle development and helps teach spatial concepts!

4. Shape & Color Sorter

Here’s something that helps develop fine motor skills for anyone 2 years and older. The pieces are large and easy to handle and also helps develop hand-eye coordination.

5. Tranquil Turtle

Yes, this is technically a very fancy night light, but it does so much more! The turtle projects an underwater glow and it makes soothing water sounds. This turtle has the ability to calm some of the most strong night-time anxiety.

6. Boochie, A Whole New Ball Game

Another gift that’s good for any child, but has some obvious benefits for children with special needs. It can be played indoor or outdoors and the playing balls are soft and stuffed with beans. The challenges in this game help with hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills.

7. Find It Games

This is something that even adults can enjoy! The Find It Games come in different versions – the Beach, the Zoo, Wizard of Oz, Sports, etc. The goal is to find the specified objects inside the tube by shaking it, spinning it, or twisting it. It’s a great game to keep young minds busy and to practice using focus and patience.

8. Tangle Creations Tangle Relax Therapy

This is a great calming toy for anxious moments in a child’s life. The toy is soft, has grooves and bumps, and helps to build concentration skills. This tangle toy is also good for those who need help with fidgeting since it keeps the hands busy. Gifts for autistic children can be both fun and useful for their developmental skills. Hopefully the suggestions above help you start the process on getting a great gift for the autistic child in your life!

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