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Gift Ideas for Crossfitters

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Finding a gift for a Crossfitter can feel like finding a gift for a member of a strangely healthy, intense cult. We’ve put together a list of gift ideas that can help you say, “I’m glad that you enjoy those short workouts that make you want to cry. Here’s something to make you cry of joy.” Check out these gifts for the crossfitters. We also have a list of gifts for personal trainers in case they are taking it up a notch. 

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Gift Ideas for Crossfitters

If you know a crossfitter and you want to give them a gift, we’ve got some awesome ideas for you! Check out these awesome original gifts ideas for the crossfitter in your life. 

1. Workout clothes are to gym rats what Lilly Pulitzer is so a Southern sorority girl.

This SoRock Women’s Balls to the Walls Burnout Tank Top will let her workout in style… Crossfit style.

2. Similarly, this Stormtrooper Star Wars Men’s Stringer Tank

is the perfect gift for your strong Star Wars fan.

3. Paleo or not, people love food.

Give the Crossfiter in your life the gift of healthy snacking with this Caveman Paleo Diet Snack Box Starter 12 Variety Pack.

gift ideas for crossfitters

4. If you’re looking for a bigger gift, a Vitamix is great for anybody looking to mix up some healthy food.

It’s the creme-de-la-creme of blenders.

5.Sometimes eating clean is easier when your silverware reminds you that it will help.

Your crossfitter will love this vintage hand-stamped fork as an elegant reminder that even his or her cutlery will know if he or she cheats.

gift ideas for crossfitters

6. And because every crossfitter is busy

7. Help your crossfitter keep sweat in its stylish place with a Bondi Band Wodaholic Moisture Headband.

8. Or remind the world that she’s as strong as royalty with the Bondi Band “Silver Tiara” Moisture Wicking Headband.

9. A Fitbit can help track many aspects of health, from the box to the box spring mattress

10. Get your crossfit-lover the album “Paléo” so that after a long workout, he or she can sit back and relax, knowing that even their music is clean.

11. The only thing better than waking up sore from yesterday’s workout is being able to roll it out. There’s no better gift than relief from tight muscles with The Foam Roller. Nothing. Not even diamonds or jewelry.

12. Well, except for this “Me vs. Me” necklace by the Santa Monica Charm Co.

gift ideas for crossfitters

13. Aaand maybe this silicone wedding ring for the SO whose side bae is Fran

gift ideas for crossfitters

14. Sometimes it’s great to give the gift of life. Life in the form of water. Give them water luggage with this Fruit Infuser Water Bottle.

15. The Augusta Sportswear Competition Bag will let them carry your gift with them everywhere… from their home to the box, from the box to work, back to the box….

gift ideas for crossfitters

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16. Or maybe an easy way to let them turn the locker room into a getaway with a Men’s Travel-Size Toiletry Kit.

gift ideas for crossfitters

17. The Mad Skills Exercise Encyclopedia will help your Crossfitter set new goals.

18. And this stainless steel travel mug will show everyone else that your crossfitter is one tough girl. Unless it’s not for a girl. In that case, this would be a very confusing gift.

19. Some shirts are lame. This Cybertela shirt is cool.

gift ideas for crossfitters


20. This “Strength” Warrior Training Bracelet will remind your Crossfitter what all the work is for

21. And most importantly, this City Shirts workout shirt will remind everyone else why the WOD is worth it.

Go ahead and check out these gift ideas for crossfitters. You just can’t go wrong without all of these awesome ideas! Which gift idea would you pick first?

Gift Ideas For Crossfitters | Crossfit Gifts | Gifts For Athletes | Workout Gifts | Crossfit Presents | Gifts For People Who Workout | #gifts #giftguide #presents #uniquegifter #crossfit #athlete

Gift Ideas for Crossfitters | Crossfit | Gift Guide | Birthday Present | Anniversary Present | Christmas Present

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