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20 Inventive Gift Ideas for the Letter O for Adults

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Are you looking for a gift ideas for the letter O for an adult? If so, you’ll find it in this list of 20 inventive gift ideas. Whether you need to buy a gift for a food lover, novelty gift fan or someone you don’t know that well, there’s a gift idea in here for you.

Gift Ideas for the Letter O for Adults


Gift Ideas for the Letter O

If you’ve organized the theme party or if you are making a scavenger hunt here are our best suggestions. Things that begin with the letter O may seem challenging, but there’s actually oodles of ideas! And if you skipped a letter, we have gift ideas for the letter N here

Oil Diffuser

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This oil diffuser will make a lovely gift for the letter O! They are great for creating a relaxing, fragrant atmosphere in any home.

Optical Illusions

Optical illusions book gift ideas for the letter O

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Optical illusions never grow old. Get your friend this book of them and really freak them out!

Octopus Mug

Best gift ideas for the letter O - octopus mug

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Ew! Imagine getting to the bottom of your morning cup of coffee and finding an… OCTOPUS! Disgusting. Yet with this novelty mug, you can get someone the gift of having that experience every single day!

Orange Blossom Candle

Orange blossom candle - gift ideas for the letter O

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This is a great gift for the letter O for someone that you don’t know very well. I mean, who doesn’t love a nice candle?

Outdoor Lights

Summer gift ideas for the letter O - outdoor lights

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Every backyard would look a little nicer with some outdoor lights! This set is even solar powered, so their new owner won’t even have to worry about plugging them in.

Oil Gourmet Gift Set

Olive oil inventive gift ideas for the letter O

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Gourmet food lovers will really appreciate this unusual cooking oil gift set. It includes walnut oil, hazelnut oil and avocado oil for adding some exciting flavours to their culinary creations!

Onesie with Wings

Onesie fun gift ideas for the letter O

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Do you know someone who wishes that they could fly? They’ll be obsessed with this bat Onesie! Who needs an energy drink when this outfit actually gives you wings?

Origami Book for Dollar Bills

Origami book perfect gift ideas for the letter O

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Creative types will enjoy giving these origami designs a go. The coolest part? They won’t need any special paper, they can all be made using Dollar Bills!

Old Spice Swagger Gift Set

The best gift ideas for the letter O - old spice

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This Old Spice Gift Set is great is you need to give a gift for the letter O to a man that you don’t know so well. All men want to smell nice right?

Oven Mitts (Bear Hands!)

Oven mitts fun gift ideas for the letter O

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For someone with a great sense of humour, these bear hand Oven Mitts will be a dream. They’ll get a little laugh every time they open up that oven!

Oyster Pearl Jewelry Kit

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This Oyster Pearl Jewelry Kit is truly a unique gift! Jewelry lovers will enjoy harvesting their very own pearl, that they can then set into the infinity necklace provided.

Oscar Wilde: The Complete Works

gift ideas for the letter O - Oscar Wilde book

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Now, if you need to get a gift for someone who loves a good book, this is it! The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde will certainly keep them occupied for a while!

Ocean View

Ocean view print gift ideas for the letter O

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If your friend loves the ocean but lives inland, this gift can make their dreams come true! This exotic wall sticker will give them an oceanfront view that they can enjoy all year long.

Orchid Terrarium

Orchid terrarium gift ideas for the letter O

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An Orchid Terrarium is a brilliant way to add some natural beauty to any room. It’s a great gift for people who aren’t naturally green fingered – all they’ve got to do is leave in it the jar and it will grow!

Orange Juicer

Awesome gift ideas for the letter O - Orange juicer

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There’s nothing like a glass of fresh orange juice with your breakfast. With this gift, your friend will be able to enjoy one everyday!

Onion Goggles

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Onion tears have got to be the worst thing about cooking. Anyone who spend any time in the kitchen will be happy to receive these Onion Goggles that will finally put an end to those tears!

Office Organizer

Organizer practical gift ideas that start with the letter O

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If you know someone whose desk looks like it’s been through World War Three, get them this handy Office Organizer ASAP!

Orange Garland Decoration

Orange garland gift ideas for the letter O

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This pretty Orange Garland Decoration is a lovely way to bring the outdoors in. It’ll make it feel like Spring all year round.


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Give your friend a boost of energy with this oxygen can! An inventive gift if ever there was one.

Oak Barrel

O themed gift ideas - Oak barrel

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Whisky lovers are sure to appreciate their very own oak barrel. You can even get it engraved for them!

More Letter O Gifts for Adults

Being an adult is supposed to be fun, which is why getting the perfect gift is so important. Are you looking for more letter O gifts for the adults in your life? Check out more letter O for adults gifts. These gifts are righteous in so many ways!

Office Chair

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Are you even living if you don’t have an amazing office chair? Every adult needs an office chair that they can actually enjoy sitting in. While you’re at it, make sure it’s a high back super comfy one!

Outdoor Rug

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You can’t truly be adulting unless you have the perfect outdoor rugs for your home. Buying an outdoor rug is like graduating into adulthood. Don’t miss out on purchasing the perfect outdoor rug for yourself.

Oral B Electric Toothbrush

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If you’re going to brush your teeth, you might as well do it the adult way. Adults all over the world are using Oral B Electric Toothbrushes to help keep their mouths clean.

Outdoor String Lights

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I don’t know about you, but I spend more time outside now than I ever have in my life. Having outdoor string lights are perfect for any outdoor space. Plus, they make a perfect “O” gift for any adult.

Olive Oil Dispenser

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There have been a lot of times in my adult life that I have needed an Olive Oil Dispenser. If you know someone without one, now is your chance to buy one!

Olukai Mens Flip Flops

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If you’re wanting to look more fashion savvy this summer, then you need to purchase these Olukai Mens Flip Flops. They are fashionable and very sturdy!

Oscillating Fan

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I don’t know about you, but the older I get, the hotter I get. Every aging adult needs a fan of some sort. An oscillating fan is the best, though. It moves around and you can stay cool all the time.


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Adults deserve the very best. If you don’t have an ottoman in your life, then you are not really adulting. YOU are an adult and you deserve to be able to prop your feet up at the end of the day! Guess what? This one has storage!

Onion Chopper

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Don’t cry! Don’t cry! You are an adult and YOU have to chop those onions. Don’t let those onions get the best of you. You could even invest in this onion chopper and let it do the work for you. Just sayin’.

Omron Blood Pressure Reader

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I hate to say it, I hate to say it. However, you’re getting older and you need one of these in your life. Don’t worry, there is no judgement coming from us.

OPI Nail Polish

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If your nails aren’t on point, are you even an adult. OPI Nail Polish is simply the best out there. Don’t you dare walk outside without your nails looking’ on point.

Oil Diffuser

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As you age, your body has more and more things wrong with it. You’ll soon discover the an oil diffuser could potentially be the best thing that’s ever happened to you.

Organic Protein Powder

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How many of you are trying to up your game? Maybe it’s time you up your intake of Organic Protein Powder. Trust me, this stuff is delicious.

OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner

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Need to see what’s happening with your vehicle? This OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner can help. As an adult, no one is going to help you with your

Oh My God Becky Shirt

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Any adult would recognize that line “Oh my god Becky, look at her butt, it is so big.” This shirt is a great reminder of how awesome that song is.

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands

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Don’t worry, this is for people who work. Working hands is a great thing to have on hand as an adult. Splurge and get the big one.

Old Spice Deodorant

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As you age, it can be harder to find a deodorant that actually works. Old Spice Deodorant will do the trick.

Osprey Backpack

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As an adult, you’re going to need a backpack to carry items around. This Osprey Backpack will do the trick.

Which of these inventive gift ideas for the letter O are you going to choose? If you do buy any of these gifts, we’d love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments or find us at @ugifter on twitter and @uniquegifter on instagram.

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