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Champagne Recipes Perfect for New Years

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3…2…1…HAPPY NEW YEAR! Okay enough practicing. Let’s get straight to the point, champagne! Everybody knows Champagne and New years go hand in hand. Typically served right when the clock hits midnight. However you can enjoy this bubbly treat anytime! Did you know you can mix champagne recipes and make TONS of other delicious cocktails, not just straight champagne.

We put together a fantastic list of drinks that feature champagne in them. But wait there’s more! We even included some AMAZING dishes that have champagne IN them! Yes that’s right, recipes that use it as one of the main ingredients.

Desserts, dips, and even some savory dishes! Basically buy a couple bottles and make a full spread using it! How amazing would that be? Check out our Champagne Recipes Perfect for New Years for both cocktails and food below.

Drink Recipes With Champagne

It may come as a surprise to you how many different cocktails have champagne in it! Besides the classic mimosa. We are talking mojitos, whiskey drinks, and even some amazing Peach Bellini. This truly is the ultimate list of Champagne inspired cocktails for you to make for your guests this New Years! Check out our drinks with Champagne Recipes Perfect for New Years below.

Drinks with Champagne

Food & Dessert Champagne Recipes

No New years party is complete without some tasty snacks to serve! Since we are on the topic of all things champagne we had to gather the very best recipes that include champagne in it. Amazing cakes, cupcakes, donuts, dips, and even some savory meat dishes! You have to check them out below to believe it. We hope you have a very Happy New Year!

Food Recipes with Champagne

More Recipes You Need To Try

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