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20 Birthday Gifts for 19 Year Old Women

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She is turning nineteen, and she is a warrior. Yet, you have no idea what to get her or where to start. There’s no need to worry though because this list is going to get you off on the right foot when choosing a gift for her birthday! Make this year extra special with one of these perfect gifts below.

The Perfect Birthday Gifts for 19-Year-Old Women

God Hears Her: 365 Devotions for Women by Women

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One of the greatest gifts she could receive is one that reminds her that God hears her all the time, and one that will set her up for a year of daily devotionals that were written by women, for women like her!

Tiger Shirt

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She is fierce, she is powerful, and she will look wonderful in this tiger shirt.

Pedicure Fizzies, Bath Bombs for Her Feet

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Pampering herself at home is awesome right now, it is so expensive to have things done in a salon. These pedicure fizzies are great for pampering her feet in between professional pedicures.

Red Flower Ring

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A beautiful red flower ring for a beautiful nineteen-year-old.

Genuine Leather Hobo Bag

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These hobo bags are all the rage, and will also be functional too!

“After this we’re getting pizza” Tank Top

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This is likely what she is thinking whenever she works out! Time for pizza afterward!

Butterfly Eye Mask

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A beautiful butterfly eye mask for when she needs to sleep and there are a million and one distractions going on.

Birthday in a Box: Coffee Mug, Notebook, Fudge, Stickers, and Bath Bomb

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You can pick a special color for her and it is full of fun things she will love! A coffee mug, notebook, some fudge (who doesn’t love chocolate?), stickers, and a bath bomb! This is an especially nice gift if you are sending her something long-distance!

“Grateful, thankful, blessed” Hanging Wood Sign

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Remind her to be grateful, thankful, and feel blessed every day with this hanging wood sign she can put up in her room.

Rose Key Necklace

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This rose key necklace will look lovely on her, for her birthday celebration or for ones to come.

“We can do it!” Rosie Shirt

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Remind her that she can do anything with the right tools and a fantastic shirt!

RFID Matte Leather Wallet

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Help her protect her money and identity with a beautiful RFID wallet.

Silver Heart Earrings

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Hearts mean love, and what better way to tell her you love her on her nineteenth birthday, than with silver heart earrings?

Cat Lover Watch

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If she loves cats and enjoys wearing watches, she will love this watch!

Sassy Girl Homemade Sugar Scrub

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If she needs a homemade sugar scrub, this Sassy Girl one is the perfect one for her.

“Woof” Coffee Mug

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A dog lover always needs a dog-themed coffee mug to drink their coffee, hot chocolate, or tea from.

Silver Owl Earrings

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Classy and smart, these silver owl earrings sure seem like they were made just for her!

“Y’all gonna make me lose my mind” Shirt

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Does she feel like she is going to lose her mind often? She will get great use out of her new shirt.

“She believed she could so she did” Keychain

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With a simple belief in herself, she can accomplish so much!

Large Dangle Hoop Earrings

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These are big and beautiful earrings, and they make a statement wherever she chooses to wear them to.

One of your very favorite people is turning nineteen this year. It may not be a huge milestone birthday, but it is special nonetheless. Make it even more special with a lovely and thoughtful gift like one of the ones above.

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