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10 Little Christmas Presents that will get Even Your Grinchy Heart into the Spirit

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Halloween is over. Election day is done. You know what that means, don’t you?

10 little christmas presesnts that will gt even your grinchy heart into the spirit of christmas | Fun Christmas gifts for friends and family | Cute hostess and office gift exchange ideas that are cheap and affordable under $10 presents.

If you don’t, it’s because you haven’t walked into a retail establishment lately. Even the grocery stores know.

It’s Christmas time!

Which, if you’re like most people, this holiday season came out of nowhere.



Christmas Presents that will get Even Your Grinchy Heart into the Spirit

If you need a bit of help getting into the Christmas Spirit, check out these ten little Christmas presents that will warm your heart (even if it needs to grow three sizes):

Chocolate Carl, the Drinking Snowman

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From the product description: Carl is made entirely out of dark chocolate with a belly full of hot cocoa mix and a head full of mini marshmallows. Take Carl home, place him in a pot of milk over the stove and watch him melt into delicious hot cocoa for the whole family.

Grow Your Own Christmas Tree

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From the product description: Gift giving just got easier with the Urban Agriculture Holiday Ceramic Collection! Grow your very own Christmas tree right in its charming ceramic pot. Gift this tree to a loved one and let them have fun growing it from seed to seedling. Next year rejoin with your loved one and plant your tree together to remember your love year after year!

Truffle Snack Tin

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True story: As a wedding gift, Anne sent me (among other things) some truffle popcorn. It arrived before my husband-to-be got home one day, and when he asked what I wanted to do for dinner, all I could do was tell him that I … wasn’t very hungry. Now, four years later, it would be really nice of me to buy him this snack set as a reminder of the time I ate all the wedding presents before he got home. But I haven’t changed much since my pre-marriage days. This would last no longer than a day in my house.

“Live Thankfully” Cloth Napkins

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From the product description: Sweet Words written on fabric that will encourage intentional consequences everyday & on special occasions around the table. I designed these napkins to be used. I usually do not even iron them but take them straight from the dryer. We use these and several of our other expressions every meal . Sometimes it’s the prettiest thing on the table!

“The Great Taster” 20-jar Set of Preserves

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From the product description: From the Williamsburg Kitchen of Josephine’s Feast, we are delighted to offer this 20 Jar Collection of Jams and Preserves for Holiday Gifting and Entertaining. Presented in a White Stained Birchwood Serving Tray, it includes a Tasting Spoon and a Beautiful Festive Bow. Flavors include, Strawberry & Pink Champagne, Four Berry Preserves, OMG Banana Jam, Strawberry Rhubarb Preserves, Strawberry & Banana Jam, Wild Foraged Beach Plum Preserves, Wild Blueberry Preserves, Wild Concord Grape Jelly, Winter Spiced Marmalade, Apple Butter with Gingerbread Spice, Pumpkin Butter with Maple Syrup, Pear Butter Scented with Almond & Cardamon, Peach with Vanilla, Valencia Orange, Sugarless Apricot & Vanilla, Sugarless Turkish Fig, Red Hot Pepper Jam, Sweet & Hot Pepper Jam, Outrageous Onion Preserve and Rhubarb & Ginger Preserves. All jars are 2 oz. Great for Morning Toast, Cheese Plates, Cocktails Making, Cooking & Grilling and did we mention PB&J?

Rainbow Glass Tumblers

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Why these? My two-year-old absolutely adores rainbows. She’s starting to be trusted with breakable cups, and these add such a hit of whimsy that they’re already in my Amazon cart as I type this. They’re not Christmasy, which means you can actually drink out of them year-round (or until someone breaks them), but I can’t imagine a happier thing to pull out of my cabinet, even if I’m just drinking water.

Key Lime Bundt Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

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From the product description: This gourmet, made from scratch, Key Lime Cake is what made us famous! There are layers of Key Lime flavor making this an extra moist cake with key lime cream cheese frosting. Delicious and beautifully packaged for the perfect holiday, birthday or corporate gift.

Christmas Tree Cheesecakes on a Stick

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Why these? I’d love to send these to a particular friend who has a very hard time getting into the Christmas spirit. Because even if she’s having a particularly icky day, getting a surprise package from Amazon (“I didn’t order anything!”) and opening this box to find these adorable cheesecakes would bring a smile to her face. And she’d know immediately who sent them. Plus, they’re cheesecakes.

Lobster Mac ‘n Cheese

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Why these? Well, let’s say you know someone who needs ramekins. What better way to send ramekins than to send ramekins filled with the most indulgent (both in calories and in ingredients) dinner you could think of? It’s like sending little bites of love.

Saint Nick Speculoos Cookies

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From the product description: Saint Nick, Santa’s European ancestor, is Belgium’s most beloved holiday icon. On the eve of December 5th the patron saint of generosity rides his horse over the rooftops and fills children’s shoes with toys and extra large speculoos cookies. Our 10″ Saint Nick cookie (3.1 oz) is crunchy and buttery and makes a delicious holiday gift to fill shoes and stockings alike. Each set comes with 2 cookies in a cotton bag.

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