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20 Magical Unicorn Gifts

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There is no mythical creature loved more than the unicorn. They are gentle, magical, and beautiful creatures who have become slightly more cheeky and fun in their portrayal in current pop culture.

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Magical Unicorn Gifts

Unicorn Snot Magical Glitter Gel

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For those of you who’ve wondered about what unicorn snot would be this is the gift for you.

Unicorn Onesie

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There’s nothing better than staying warm during winter wearing your favorite unicorn onesie.

Unicorn Horn for Cosplay

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If you’re heading to a Comic Con near you, don’t forget your unicorn horn.

Unicorn Cupcake Novelty Kit

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This is a great kit to gift to the unicorn lover in your life.

Unicorns are Jerks Coloring Books

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This coloring book is for the person who believes that unicorns aren’t as sweet as they seem.

Unicorn Coloring Book (the non-jerk edition)

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This coloring book is for the unicorn lover who believes that unicorns are as sweet as they look.

I’m F*cking Magical Unicorn Mug

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This mug is for the person who needs to declare their truth.

Reasons to be a Unicorn Mug

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Start your next unicorns are great conversation with this mug.

Sh*t’s About to Get Real Unicorn Mug

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Drink from this mug when you need to drop some Olivia Pope truths on people.

Unicorn Socks

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Sometimes you just need to wear a pair of unicorn socks.

Unicorn Slippers

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If you live in a home where you don’t wear shoes inside, these slippers are will keep your feet warm as you walk around during cold nights.

Bag of Unicorn Farts (cotton candy)

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There’s always one person who wonders about strange things. And, this bag of unicorn farts is definitely one of those weird things. Enjoy.

Unicorn Snot-Stress putty

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There are moments when you’re just stressed out and just need to a stress release. This putty does the trick.

I’m Magical Unicorn T-shirt

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Not everyone is magical, but any person wearing this t-shirt is.

Love Unicorn T-shirt

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Declare your unicorn love with this t-shirt.

Unicorn Leggings

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If you’re flying United on an employee pass don’t wear these leggings on your flight. But, if you’re paying customer go for it!

I Eat Glitter for Breakfast Unicorn Tank top

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Unicorns don’t eat mundane things such as grass and wheat. They eat glitter. Prove us wrong.

Over the Rainbow Unicorn Socks

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Your favorite hipster will lose their minds over these knee-high socks.

Unicorn Mode Tank top

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There are different modes that people operate in-unicorn mode is one that most people don’t consider operating in. You should.

Unicorns are Awesome Hoodie

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And so are you! Wear this hoodie the next time you need to remember that.

Embrace your unicorn love unabashedly with the gear on this list. Have fun!

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