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Christmas Presents for 16 Year Old Girls

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She’s almost all grown up, but still a bit of a kid. Picking Christmas presents for 16 year old girls can be a little bit tricky. These gift ideas are here to help with that.

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Fantastic Christmas presents for 16 year old girls

If she’s a new driver, you can always gift gas gift cards or accessories for her car. Or these gift ideas might give you some ideas on where to start shopping for a 16 year old girl.

A Nice Wool Hat

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Usually, winter is pretty chilly, so why not get a 16 year old a new hat? Just because you’re keeping warm doesn’t mean you can’t still be cool.

Cute Socks

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Normally socks would be a major Christmas no-no unless it’s for your husband, but cute socks are the one exception. Help her stay warm adorably.

Fashion Rings

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Remember that teen fashion nowadays is no longer mood rings and slap bracelets. Get her some nice, handmade jewelry for Christmas. This is also a great stocking stuffer!

Cat Lamp

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Umm, way too adorable! She’ll be able to light up her room with this cat lamp that will look way cuter than a regular lamp sitting next to her bed.

String Art Kit

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Creating string art is a lot of fun, but if she doesn’t have craft supplies at home, DIY craft kids are perfect Christmas presents for 16 year old girls.

Bluetooth Speaker

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If she doesn’t already have one (or could use a second one), Bluetooth speakers are great Christmas gift ideas for teen girls. You can get a fancy one or just a cute one like this animal speaker.

Cute Planter

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16 is a right age to start introducing plants into her life. Pick one up and put it inside an adorable planter for her to enjoy.

Totally Sleighed it Christmas Bag

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Reusable tote bags are super practical for everyone, including 16 year old girls. This Christmas one is super cute and would make an awesome reusable gift bag.

Personalized Cookie Cutter

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This would make a hilarious white elephant gift idea for a 16 year old girl. Get her a personalized cookie cutter of her own face… Or yours.

Sleeping Mask

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Let the princess sleep a little more soundly with a sleeping mask. Just make sure it’s cute!

Phone Camera Lenses

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Even if she’s not super into photography, having these phone camera lenses is super handy. Help her perfect her next Instagram post.

Oversized Chair

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What better place to sit texting on your phone? If you’re looking for Christmas presents for 16 year old girls, (or even 17!) something for her room is always a hit.

Hair Accessories

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If she’s a girly 16 year old hair accessories are a fun gift idea. Don’t just get generic stuff though, look for something that suits her personality or is super cute like this handmade bow.


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A 16 year old girl is always in need of some stationery. Get her something cute or funny, like this stylish and inspirational pencils.

Lip Balm

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Fight of winter’s dry, chapped lips by gifting her some lip balm. If you’re stumped on flavor, pizza is a good choice.

Lip Balm Kit

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Or, instead of buying her some lip balm, she can make her own! You’re never too old for craft kits.

3D Doodler

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These 3D drawing pens are super cool. They’re kind of a like a manual 3D printer!

Christmas Fingerless Gloves

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Entirely Christmas themed and fingerless so she can still use her cellphone. Gloves are always great Christmas presents for 16 year old girls because they’ll actually use them.

Record Player

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If she’s a music lover, why not introduce your 16 year old girl to vinyl this Christmas? Then you can have friends and family gift her records.

Christmas Hoodie

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The perfect Christmas present for your Christmas loving 16 year old girl. Let her show off her Christmas spirit in comfy style.

What’s your best ideas for Christmas presents for 16 year old girls? Did we miss anything?

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