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20 Gift Ideas for an Interior Designer

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Do you have an interior designer to shop for? How about an aspiring home decorator? Some of us are armchair interior designers thanks to the awesomeness that is HGTV.

These gifts are sure to get their creative juices flowing!

Gift Ideas for an Interior Designer

Quick Home Planner

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This peel and stick book lets you arrange room layouts again and again. Perfect for determining furniture layout when designing a room.

Pantone Color Guide

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A vital tool in any designer toolbox, Pantone colors are the definitive guide. Now they’ll have an accurate and handy colour reference when designing.

Tape Measure

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There’s so many reasons why an interior designer needs a tape measure and they really can’t have too many.

Interior Design Reference Book

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This guide has answers to hundreds of questions that might come up when decorating. It’s a perfect reference for all those everyday problems.

Fabric Swatches

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This book acts as a reference guide for 200 different fabric patterns. Essential when trying to come up with a design!

Pencil Crayons

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Interior designers often sketch out the rooms on paper before continuing the design process. Pencil crayons can add colour for a clearer picture.

Adult Coloring Book

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Now they can let their creative juices flow in a low-stress kind of way with this interior design themed adult colouring book.

Laser Level

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A lot of interior design work does fall into the hands of contractors but the designer often ends up doing some things themselves. Hanging pictures and shelves will be a breeze with this little level.

Flea Market Style Subscription

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A lot of interior designers are DIY experts now too. This magazine has lots of design inspiration from flea markets and other thrifty ideas – perfect for the budget decorator. Plus your gift lasts all year!


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Interior designers have to take a lot of notes about the spaces they’re working in. Find something that suits their style and get them a cute note book.

Interior Design Color Wheel

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The colour wheel is really important when designing a space. Floors too red? Paint the walls green. This one is a great visual representation.

Home Design Software

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For the more tech-savvy interior designer this program enables them to map out their project on the computer before even beginning.

The Business of Design Book

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If they’re running their own design business this book helps balance creativity with profits. It covers everything a new small business owner needs to know.

I Turn Coffee Mug

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Remind them how good they are at what they do with this pretty mug. It says: “I turn coffee into beautifully decorated homes”.

Sturdy Tote Bag

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What are they going to put all their books, notes, swatches, and reference materials in, exactly? A sturdy tote bag will do the trick.

Interior Designer T-Shrit

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Interior designers: solving problems you didn’t know you had in ways you don’t understand.

Parking Sign

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Now they can threaten anyone who parks in their spot with an on the spot vehicle makeover.

Keep Calm Shopping Tote

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This shopping bag is a great way to advertise their services while they’re hitting up the local flea market or decorating store.

Coffee and Flea Market Mug

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For the more DIY or thrifty decorator this mug knows what it’s all about.

DSLR Camera

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Any camera would do, really, but a high quality DSLR is helpful when trying to get really clear pictures. This is especially important when trying to colour match or take photos for a professional portfolio.

If you have an interior designer in your life you’re pretty lucky (unless you hate change and she’s your wife.) Hopefully, thanks to them, your spaces are as beautiful and put together as these gift ideas.

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