10 Things You Should Absolutely Not Buy Your Girlfriend This Christmas

10 Things You Should Absolutely Not Buy Your Girlfriend This Christmas

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So it’s Christmas, and you have to come up with an amazing gift for your girlfriend. Even if you’ve been dating for a long time and know her well, it can be hard to pick the perfect gift. But, there are plenty of things you should absolutely not buy your girlfriend, this Christmas.

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10 Things You Should Absolutely Not Buy Your Girlfriend This Christmas

So if you’re wondering what you shouldn’t buy, and what you should instead, this list is for you. You won’t have to be that guy; you can wow your girlfriend with a fantastic Christmas gift this year.

Don’t: Get your girlfriend luggage

Unless she travels a lot and needs a new set, don’t get your girlfriend luggage for Christmas. Why? She’s going to think you’re taking her on vacation. Unless you are, in which case you’re an amazing gift-giver, and you don’t need this list.

Try instead: A super cute tote bag

Tote bags are practical and can be used in all kinds of ways. Even if she has a bunch, it’s always nice to get a new one, and they make great reusable bags at the grocery store or farmer’s market.

Don’t: Get your girlfriend a book that implies something

Girlfriend, a book lover? Great, books are fantastic gift ideas. Just stay away from stuff you think she needs to read and stick with what she’ll like. Even if it would help don’t do that to yourself, trust me, it likely won’t be right. The exception being if she asks for something specifically, of course.

Try instead: The book she’s been wanting to read

She’s your girlfriend! Check her bookshelf to see what she likes, listen to what she says, stalk her Amazon wishlist, and when in doubt, take her on a bookstore coffee shop date and talk books.

Don’t: Give your girlfriend cheap beauty gift sets

You probably have seen these sets in the stores all perfectly wrapped up for Christmas. Don’t be tricked! Your girlfriend not only doesn’t want these cheap beauty sets, but she also won’t be too thrilled with you either for buying one.

Try instead: High-quality products (do your research!)

If you want to get your girlfriend, beauty products quality matters. She might want the latest palette from Sephora or Kylie Jenner’s newest lip gloss, so pay attention to what she uses and talks about. Do this right, and you’ll earn some major boyfriend points guaranteed.

Don’t: Give your girlfriend workout gear/programs

Unless she’s a fitness enthusiast or explicitly asked for something stay clear of buying workout gear for your girlfriend. Why? It implies that you don’t like her the way she is. Let her buy the workout gear, and you buy something fun.

Try instead: A great water bottle

If you do think she’s going to be amping up her fitness routine in the new year, then you can still help out, but in a less “I think you’re fat” kind of way. Get your girlfriend a really nice water bottle that reflects her personality. As a bonus, even if she doesn’t want to work out, it’s still a nice to have item.

Don’t: Get her a bouquet of roses for Christmas

Especially silk ones. Ew. Roses are for Valentine’s Day and anniversaries, not for Christmas.

Try instead: A Christmas arrangement

If you must get your girlfriend flowers for Christmas (maybe she loves them!), then opt for holiday arrangements. If silk is her thing, get a really lovely filled planter. Or you can have an arrangement delivered by most flower shops. Your girlfriend will love the surprise and having a lovely centerpiece for the holidays.

Don’t: Surprise your girlfriend with a pet for Christmas

Once again, I’ll say that the exception is if she really wants this pet. Otherwise, don’t risk it! She might love dogs but not want the responsibility of one right now. It’s even worse if you don’t live together because you won’t even be helping care for it.

Try instead: Some cute pet-themed clothes/accessories

If you know your girlfriend loves pets, you can skip buying an actual pet and give her something cute to show her pet love. There’s plenty of cute t-shirts, mugs, hats, notebooks, and accessories that will let her show off her pet love in a non-committal way.

Don’t: Get her art for her home

Unless you guys live together and you know her taste incredibly well, don’t pick up art for your girlfriend as a Christmas gift. Art and décor are really personal, and it’s really awkward when someone gives you some you don’t like. Do you hang it? Will they ask about it? Does the garage need wall art?

Try instead: A keepsake Christmas tree ornament

You want to get your girlfriend something nice, right? Instead of trying to decorate for her pick her up something for the Christmas tree. She’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness, it doesn’t take up much space, and even if she doesn’t care for it, it only comes out in December. Win-win. Try and choose something personal or sentimental.

Don’t: Get your girlfriend a gift that’s secretly for you

OK, maybe she does want an Xbox (I know I would), but unless it’s something your girlfriend is really into herself, don’t choose a gift based on the fact that you want it.

Try instead: Something that’s only for her

Instead of thinking about yourself, or something you can share, get your girlfriend something that’s just for her this Christmas. High-end bath sets, makeup, her favorite lotion, or anything else she’s interested in are perfect choices.

Don’t: Get your girlfriend “bedroom” toys

By all means, include fun “toys” in the bedroom but don’t give them to your girlfriend for a Christmas gift. Same goes for lingerie because let’s be real, that stuff is for you.

Try instead: Massage oils for her

Give your girlfriend massage oils for Christmas and commit that you will actually give her massages. But let me warn you: this isn’t a great gift to give alone, so make sure you have something else or a massage gift certificate included.

Don’t: Buy your girlfriend any ring that isn’t an engagement ring

Assuming she’s your girlfriend and not your finacée or wife, it’s best to stay clear of buying rings. You don’t want disappointment, or even worse, confusion when she opens the box to a $12, not an engagement ring.

Try instead: Get her the engagement ring!

Christmas is a wonderfully romantic time to get engaged. If you’re thinking of marriage, why not use this as an excuse to pop the question? It’s truly a life-changing gift.

Now that the10 Things You Should Absolutely Not Buy Your Girlfriend This Christmas are clear, what do you plan to get her? P.S. 40% of engagements take place between Christmas and Valentine’s Day, just saying…

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