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Minimalist Wedding Gifts

Minimalist Wedding Gifts

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Minimalist Wedding Gifts

Jordann is a blogger, marketer, runner and minimalist living in Atlantic Canada. She writes about paying off debt and living with less at My Alternate Life.

I recently got married, and it was a great day. The sun was shining, the guests were happy, and the gifts were flowing. As a minimalist, any kind of gift is a bit strange, but receiving wedding gifts was definitely uncharted territory.

We initially gently put the word out that we werenโ€™t looking for physical gifts for a few reasons. One was because we live in a 400 sq. ft. house so we literally donโ€™t have much space for more stuff. A second reason was because we are minimalists, and donโ€™t need much by the way of material possessions. That said, we still received some great gifts from thoughtful family members. Here are some notable gifts I received, and why I liked them:

1) A Juicer

This was a gift that I actually specifically requested from my husbandโ€™s sisters. They asked us what gift we should get, and after establishing that they were going to get us something no matter what, we offered the suggestion of a juicer. It was a great gift because Iโ€™ve been wanting one for years, and Iโ€™ve already gotten a lot of use out of it. It takes up a ton of counter space, so we made a spot for it on top of the fridge.

2) BBQ Utensils

Iโ€™m a big fan of BBQing, so when one of our guests got me an unsolicited gift of BBQ sauce and utensils, I knew I would actually get a ton of use out of them, and I was so happy. Weโ€™ve already used them a lot and they are easily the nicest part about our barbecuing experience.

3) Wine

Every minimalist loves gifts that they can actually use. I myself am a big fan of consumable gifts, because Iโ€™ll enjoy them while Iโ€™m consuming them, and afterwards they donโ€™t take up any space in my space. My husband and I make no secret of our fondness for wine, so when we received multiple bottles from multiple guests, we were more than happy!

4) Cash

Some think itโ€™s tacky. Some think itโ€™s lazy. Some think itโ€™s downright rude. Iโ€™m not a person that thinks cash isnโ€™t an appropriate gift, which is good, because the majority of our guests heeded our wishes and gave us cash instead of a physical gift. I love receiving money as a gift because I know that Iโ€™ll use it, in fact, the money is sitting in a savings account right now, waiting to be put to use for either travel or a house down payment. Best of all, it takes up no space in my tiny little home!

My experience receiving gifts as a minimalist was probably a little bit different than your average bride. That said, I still received some awesome gifts from lots of lovely people, who were thoughtful enough to take my slightly off beat notions into consideration when they were picking something out for my husband and I. All in all, it was a wonderful experience and not at all difficult to reconcile my beliefs with what I was receiving.

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11 thoughts on “Minimalist Wedding Gifts”

  1. I've never understood why cash is considered by some to be a rude gift. I'd much rather be able to choose exactly what I want as opposed to settling for a model or product that I don't like just because it's polite. Additionally, when weddings have gift registries often it is tricky to find gifts to buy which match your budget. I'd much rather contribute what I can than end up buying something off the list for the sake of it.
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    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Cash is a great thing to give. Frequent use items are awesome, as well. You know they won't collect dust in the corner.

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Mmmmm, wine. It is such a great gift for oh-so-many occasions!

  2. studentdebtsurvivor

    I think cash is a wonderful gift and I definitely wouldn't be upset or offended if I received checks. These days so many people live together before getting married and/or are much older when they get married, so they are more established and don't need "stuff" the way that 18 years-old getting married in the 50's did. I've been thinking about buying a juicer lately. I mentioned it to my boss at work and she's going to buy one for the office-score!

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      A juicer for the office?! That's amazing! I agree, pretty much everyone has some semblance of "stuff" by the time they get married these days :-)

  3. The Asian Pear

    I find it actually amusing that cash is considered rude in North America. It's actually one of the most common gifts in the world culturally speaking.

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