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20 Mother’s Day Gifts for a Daughter

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Daughters are special. When they become mothers themselves, it is even more special, for both of you. However, sometimes it is hard to pick that “perfect” gift for our loved ones for Mother’s Day or other holidays. Hopefully these Mother’s Day gifts for a daughter can help!

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Mother’s Day Gifts for a Daughter

If you don’t know what to get your daughter, or you simply need a little help, then this list is for you.

Mother’s Day Gifts for a Daughter: Black coffee mug with white font that says My heart is wherever you are.

“My heart is wherever you are” Coffee Mug

Your heart is wherever she is, and her heart is wherever you and her kids are. This is the best reminder she could get each day as she drinks her coffee or tea.

Two mother and daughter heart infinity silver necklace set.

Mother/Daughter Heart Infinity Necklace Set

Kind of like a best friends necklace, this pair of mother/daughter heart infinity necklaces is a lovely way for you two to make this Mother’s Day even more special.

Mother’s Day Gifts for a Daughter: Brown travel bad with white font that says All the essentials and two bottles of essential oils laying beside it.

Essential Oil Travel Case

If your daughter loves essential oils, she definitely needs this pretty essential oil travel case to carry them in while she is on the go.


Personalized Family Garden

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“Positive Affirmations for Moms” Journal

Every mom needs a mama book that guides them through the seasons of being a mom, right?

Travel dark grey coffee mug that says I speak fluent toddler in white font on it.

“I speak fluent toddler” Coffee Mug

If her kids are toddlers, she likely speaks fluent toddler. It’s kind of a job requirement as a mom.

Mother’s Day Gifts for a Daughter: Two custom bar bracelets on a women's wrist.

Dainty Custom Bar Bracelet

This dainty bar bracelet can be customized with the phrase of your choice. Choose something that is as simple as “I love you” or have your own phrase stamped on there!

Diva Stuff Peppermint Piggies Soothing Foot Cream w/Eucalyptus, Peppermint & Menthol

Peppermint Whipped Foot Cream

With all the time she spends chasing after kids, cooking, doing housework, and whatever else she does while on her feet, she needs a revitalizing peppermint foot cream to put on at the end of the day.

Pink t-shirt laying on white wooden background that has white font that reads "from son up till son down in a circle with MOM OF BOYS in the middle.

“Mom of boys” Shirt

For your daughter who is a mom of boys, she needs this shirt. It takes a special mom to keep those boys alive with all of their daily daredevil activities.

Hand holding a white coffee mug with a yellow half sunflower on the top and black font that says Brave, Strong, fearless below.

“Strong & brave” Clear Glass Coffee Mug

She is strong and brave, remind her of this with a unique clear glass coffee mug. She will need the reminder, because as you know, being a mom is tough work.

taking an online cooking course, showing a man cooking in his kitchen.

Rouxbe Online Cooking Course

Does your daughter have a passion for delicious food? Splash out and get her an online cooking course from Rouxbe. There are tons of class choices and as a bonus, she can bake or cook you delicious delicious food while she takes a course! Click here to read a full review of Rouxbe.

Professional cook certification 6 month online course.
Three personalized writing journal, blue, pink, and grey.

Personalized Writing Journal

Moms sometimes need to journal out their thoughts and feelings, and what better way to do that than a personalized writing journal with her initial on the front?

Rose Clay Mask

Pampering herself will be the best part of her self-care routine as a mom!

Clear stemless wine glass with white font that says Happy MAMA.

Happy Mama Wine Glass

Wooden box that says Emily's kitchen engravened on top.

Rustic Recipe Box

As she builds her home for her kids, she needs a recipe box to keep those recipes in, whether they are ones you have passed on to her or ones she has made herself.

Mother’s Day Gifts for a Daughter: Dark grey t-shirt with white font that says "tired as a mother"

“Tired as a mother” Shirt

Moms are tired, period. For those days where the previous night has been rough, she will be glad to put this shirt on so maybe, just maybe, people will leave her alone a little better.

Four bottles of wine, clear, dark red, yellow, and rose colored wine. all with personalized labels on them.

“First mommy meltdown” Wine Bottle Labels

That first mommy meltdown is a momentous occasion!

Custom photo blanket with photos of a family of three all over it.

Custom Photo Blanket

A custom photo blanket with her kids and family’s pictures on it will keep her home looking cozy and warm.

Oval shaped personalized ring dish.

Personalized Ring Dish

A wedding band, an engagement ring, one of those mom rings with her kids’ birthstones on it, and all the other various rings she has, they all need somewhere to go so they don’t get lost. Some nights she just doesn’t have the energy to put them all safely in a jewelry box, and this ring dish with her initial on it is the next best thing.

Mother’s Day Gifts for a Daughter: Wooden mama bear keychain set.

Mama Bear Keychain

She is truly a mama bear to your grandkids, she keeps them safe and well cared for every day.

White coffee mug with a tall white goose on it and two little baby yellow chicks with black font above that says MAMA GOOSE.

“Blessed mama” Coffee Mug

With all the work that comes with being a mom, she might need the reminder from both you and her kids that she is truly blessed.

Your daughter’s Mother’s Day will be so special with a thoughtful gift from you, and there are so many wonderful ideas here. Happy shopping!


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