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20 Mother’s Day Gifts For A Mom Who Lost A Child

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There is no greater pain than losing a child. It doesn’t matter if the loss is a miscarriage, stillborn, full-term baby, infant, older child or teenager. It is gut-wrenching and seeing a mom in pain from that loss is so hard. While you may not be able to cheer her up, but remembering her and the child a mom lost on Mother’s day with thoughtful gifts will at least let her know you care. 

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Heartwarming Mother’s Day Gifts For A Mom Who Lost Child

Be prepared that she may cry when you give her the gift. That is just part of the grieving process. But, one of the best gives you can give her is to let her know that her child meant something to this world. Here are some beautiful gifts that she will love. If you need to get something for dad too, try these Father’s day gifts for a dad who lost a child too. 

Willow Tree Angel's Embrace, Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

Willow Tree – Angel’s Embrace

This stunning Willow Tree gift shows so much thought and emotion. That huge embrace they are giving each speaks so loud. Let her feel that love with this thoughtful gift.

Memorial Jewelry, Stainless Steel Pendant, Necklace,I'll Hold You In My Heart Until I Hold You In Heaven, Child loss, Lose of Loved One

Memorial Necklace

Beautiful necklace that is perfect for any mom that has lost a child. It’s such a lovely necklace that she can carry around with her everywhere she goes.

Memorial lantern with a message on it

Rustic Memorial Lantern

A gorgeous gift for a mom that has lost a child no matter how old. Every time she looks at this piece she will think of how thoughtful you are.

Memorial Sign

This is a fantastic sign to show her that you care. It will be a great reminder that her child will always be her baby, regardless of whether they’re with her. She will love it.

UpBlend Outdoors Wind Chimes for Outside - 29' Copper-Red Wind Chime Outdoor, Zen Garden Chimes for Outdoors, Tin Windchime, Decor Windchimes for Mom, Grandma, Gifts for Her

Wind Chime

Do you ever sit outside and listen to the sound of a wind chime? It is calming and peaceful. She will love listening to the chimes as they play their heavenly melodies.

Personalized Loss of a Son Memorial Necklace for Mom, Silver, Rose Gold, or Yellow Gold 'The love between a Mother & Son lasts Forever'

Loss Of A Son Necklace

This necklace can be personalized for a momma who lost her son. It will be something she adores and eventually after the tears slow she will even smile when she sees it.

Custom Memorial Gift

Wow! What a breathtaking gift that she is going to love forever. She will love that you took the time to find such a caring gift.

Lifesong Milestones Custom Tealight Candle Holder Bereavement Gift Ideas - Memory Candles for Loved Ones Who Died Unique Memorial Gifts - Remembrance Bereavement Candle Gifts for Memorial Service

LifeSong Milestones

Customizable memorial gift with a beautiful poem that will be so cherished. She will see how much you care.

Personalized Custom Throw blanket for mom after loss of a child

Personalized Custom Throw

One of the hardest parts of losing a child is the feeling that you just want to hold onto something so tight and never let go. Giving her this throw blanket she will have something to hold onto and give her comfort.

Memorial Stone gift for a mom who lost a child

Memorial Stone

There is nothing truer than the statement on this lovely memorial stone. This gift will mean the world to her.

BANBERRY DESIGNS When Tomorrow Starts Without Me Ceramic Memorial Picture Frame Beautiful Tribute to the Loss of a Loved One Traditional Design Goes with Any Décor Great As a Keepsake Plaque

“When Tomorrow Starts Without Me” Frame

Find a beautiful photo of her child and place inside this frame for her. She will cry a million tears, but it will be so meaningful.

Cottage Garden in Memory Bereavement Rich Walnut Finish Petite Rose Music Box Plays Wind Beneath My Wings

Memory Bereavement Box

Magnificent music box that reminds her that her child is always near. This is a perfect place for her to store her memorabilia.

Miscarriage Keepsake Necklace

Miscarriage Keepsake Necklace

Something so small will have such a huge impact just like the baby that was lost. This necklace is dainty, unique and thoughtful.

Pavilion Gift Company 02969 Sympathy Angel Figurine, 9-Inch, Ivory

Sympathy Angel Figurine

Exquisite angel figurine that has the most beautiful saying on it. This is a fantastic mother’s day gift for her.

Engraved Memorial Photo Cross

It’s so amazing that they can etch a photo of her child right onto this cross! So much meaning in one little cross.

“I Will Hold You in My Heart” Bracelet

Stylish and radiant, this bracelet holds so much meaning. She will love this bracelet and how thoughtful you are

Floating Charm Memorial Necklace

Personalize this necklace with her child’s birthstone and she will cherish it forever. There are several choices so you can make it as special as you want.

Memorial sign for moms who lost a child

Memorial Sign

A handcrafted memorial sign that you can personalize for her. The words on this sign with touch her heart and make her cry, but she will love it.

Personalized memorial stuffed animal for a mother who lost a child

Personalized Stuffed Animal

This bear will give her something to cuddle with when she is crying. And it will be something that helps ease her pain on the good days.

Memorial Plaque

Memorial benches are great gift ideas for moms who have lost a child and no bench is complete without a plaque. This can be gifted with a bench to use in her own garden, as an upgrade for an existing memorial bench, or for her to decide where she wants to place it.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right words when someone is grieving. These Mother’s Day gifts for a mom who lost a child make it a little easier to start that dialog and she will know how much you care. We would love to hear which of these gifts you think would be the most meaningful.

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