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National Library Workers Day Gift Ideas

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Hey, I’m a library worker! We have a day? If you’re planning on getting me, or another library worker in your life a gift to celebrate, then you’ve come to the right place. Remember, National Library Workers Day happens every April, so make sure you’re prepared.

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Fun National Library Workers Day Gift Ideas

Great Library Paperweight

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This is a common theme among library workers. There’s a reader for every book, as my boss says, but we also can offend everyone who walks in somehow with the contents of the library.

Made You Read Hoodie

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Ha ha! It’s always fun to trick people into reading. This is great for library workers or teachers.

Editor’s Choice National Library Worker’s Day Gift Idea 
Subversive Librarian Sticker Set 

librarian funny sticker gift idea


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Grab a set of these awesome, whimsical stickers for your favorite librarian to celebrate their independent spirit!

Magnetic Poetry Set

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They’re probably an avid reader but it’s time library workers showed off their more creative sides too. Magnetic poetry also sticks to metal book carts, just saying.

Books Before Looks

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Just so everyone who comes by your desk knows where your priorities are.

Shh, I’m Reading Socks

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Perfect for a book lover, especially in cooler weather. They can warm their toes, put their feet up, and send a clear message to the rest of the family all at the same time.

Book Nerd Gift Pack

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Gift shopping when you’re busy can be really stressful so instead of putting together a gift pack yourself buy a pre-made one instead. The pack comes with a bookmark, notepad, and magnet.

Library Stamp

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What book lover wouldn’t appreciate their very own library stamp the mark their collection?

Reading Sculpture

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This elegant sculpture of a reader would look great in a library worker’s office, on their desk, or even displayed in the library itself! It’s a great idea for someone who has everything.

Book Lovers Mug

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The library worker you give this mug to can (un)subtly show the world that they’re reluctantly doing other things besides reading their book.

Vintage Library Posters

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These vintage style posters will look great in a librarian’s home or office. You could even hang them up in the library for some vintage library propaganda.

Editor’s Choice National Library Worker’s Day Gift Ideas 

Funny Librarian Laptop Sticker 

introvert but willing to discuss books funny librarian gift idea sticker

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Library workers know better than anyone bringing up your favorite hobby isn’t always as easy as you think. Luckily, you can let a sticker do all of the scary, unnecessary social interaction so you can get to the heart of the matter: books! 

Treat YoShelves Shirt

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Hey, even if no one gets you a gift, it’s National Library Workers Day! Treat yoshelf!

Library Card Coasters

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Sometimes you must set down your beverage to pick up a book and hopefully read it (or shelve it if you’re at work). Keep the surface safe with these library stamp card inspired coasters.

Book Necklace

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This is a really great way to say thank you to a library worker that’s made a difference in your life. You can even have it sent to someone far away for a nice surprise in the mail.

Book Jockey Buttons

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Sometimes you’re a nice librarian and other times you’re a punk ass book jockey. The perfect gift for someone with a sense of humour.

Book Chocolates

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Chocolates are always a safe gift. These ones are packaged to look like a set of books, perfect for library workers.

Librarian Joke Mug

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At work I had to YouTube how to change the fluorescent light bulbs but I could have always looked it up in the non-fiction section I guess. 645.5 – Light fixtures!

Volunteer Gift

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Thank your volunteers, they’re library workers too. This keychain can be personalized with their initial and is a great way to show that they’re appreciated.

Dewey Decimal Art Print

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They probably already know a lot about the Dewey Decimal System but even library workers sometimes forget the specific categories. This art print can be hung for easy reference.

Library Sign

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Whether they need a sign at their work library or they just want to use it at home, this handmade sign is perfect for everyone who loves books.

National Library Worker Day T-Shirt

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Great to give to library workers or for anyone to wear on National Library Workers Day! Show your library some love.

Not just for library workers! These are also just great gifts for librarians and book lovers all year long. What’s your favourite book?

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