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20 Food Gag Gifts

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Food gags gifts are beautifully cruel. These novelty treats range from funny jokes to absolutely disgusting. They’re the perfect way to troll your friends or nail a white elephant gift exchange.

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Go ahead, try some yourself.


Food Gag Gifts

Chocolate iPhone

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Great for the kids! This chocolate bar is packaged like an iPhone leading to nothing but disappointment once it’s unwrapped. Well, unless they like chocolate more than technology.

Bean Boozled

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Eating these jelly beans is an action packed adventure. Is the yellow one buttered popcorn or rotten egg? Only one way to find out…

Hot Sauce Challenge Book

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Are you looking for a gift for someone who’s adventurous? Each of these 12 hot sauces have their own challenge to complete.

Happy 39th Birthday… Again

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The perfect birthday gift basket for that person who keeps turning 39 year after year.

Pickle Candy Canes

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Candy canes are delicious and green is typically used to represent mint. Not this time.

Buck Poop

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These chocolate covered raisins are cleverly packaged as buck poop. So gross.

Fish Tail Seasoning

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This fish seasoning apparently makes all tales taste great so their fishing stories will become a lot more palatable.

Ass Blaster Hot Sauce

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This hot sauce promises to be so destructive to their unsuspecting butthole it even comes packaged in an outhouse.

Zombie Jerky

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What do you do with all those reanimated corpses in a zombie apocalypse? Make jerky, of course.

Flavoured Lollipops

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Move over cherry, these lollipops come flavoured in exciting varieties like “pizza” and “breast milk”. Yum yum.

Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Nuts

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Ghost peppers are only the hottest peppers on the planet. No big deal. Not explosive whatsoever.

Sizzling Bacon Candy

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Bacony pieces of candy sizzle right in your mouth. Yes, the are bacon flavoured.

Unicorn Poop

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It’s a good thing unicorns poop out rainbow coloured gumballs or this would be really gross.

Wasabi Lover’s Set

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Who doesn’t love wasabi? (Me) This set ha the ultimate collection of snacks flavoured with the Japanese condiment. Mmm, wasabi toothpaste.

Feed Your Depression Chocolates

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Life got you down? Upset your Hogwarts letter never came? Sometimes you’re just feeling a sadness only chocolate can cure.

Weenie Linguine

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Not actually linguine but it is pasta shaped like tiny penesis. I can think of at least a dozen reasons why you’d need to buy these for someone.

Stomach Crippling Gummy Bears

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These ones are exceptionally cruel. These sugar free gummy bears contain an ingredient that causes horrible stomach pain and laxative effects in some (most) people.

Roadkill Seasoning

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Spice up dinner plans with this seasoning: perfectly formulated to make your roadkill cook to perfection.

Edible Bug Kabab

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Yes, for real. These bugs are dehydrated and safe to eat (but why would you want to.)

“Sure, I’ll Try It” Gift Basket

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If you’re not sure what to get or want a bit of everything this gift basket is perfect. It contains scorpion lollipops, gravy candy, crickets, and bunch of other icky novelty foods.

So many yummy choices, which are you dying to try first?

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