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20 Mother’s Day Gifts From Husband

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You came to the right place to find a great gift for your wife this Mother’s Day! She is definitely expecting something from you (and the kids!) and it is a good idea to make sure it is fun and thoughtful. The ideas in this list will help you find that great gift, or at least give you a place to start!

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Heartwarming Mother’s Day Gifts From Husband

“Home is where mom is” Mug

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Home is always where mom is, no matter where the kids are. It is likely they even gravitate towards their mom most of the time.

“Support wildlife, raise boys” Shirt

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Raising boys is like supporting wildlife!

“If you can read this, please bring me a book” Socks

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Help her relax on Mother’s Day, and beyond, by bringing her a book when she is relaxing. Then make sure she can lose herself in the story by keeping the kids quiet or busy.

“My nickname is ‘mom.’ My full name is ‘mom mom mom mom mom.’” Wood Sign

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Her nickname is mom, but her full name is mom mom mom mom mom. Kids will repeat your name until you answer them!

“Mama” Bar Necklace

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A simple “mama” bar necklace is such a sweet gesture for Mother’s Day this year.

“Mom wife boss” Mug

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She is the mom, the wife, and the boss!

“Fueled by hugs and snuggles #momlife” Shirt

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Being a mom means that she is fueled by the hugs she receives from her children, and others too, and snuggles. They keep her going.

Personalized Stacking Name Ring Set

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If you only have one or two kids, then this personalized stacking name ring set is perfect for her with their names on it.

“If a woman speaks and no one is listening, her name is probably mom” Wood Sign

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Well, it’s the truth. The mom is one of the most ignored people in the household, and maybe in the whole world.

Personalized Family Tree Necklace

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This personalized family tree necklace will hold a special place close to her heart this Mother’s Day.

“I am not spoiled, my husband just loves me” Mug

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You love her, so you “spoil” her, but is it really spoiling?

“Mother of dragons” Shirt

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Sometimes it may feel like she is raising dragons, kids are that wild!

Two Interlocking Hearts Necklace

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This can be a gift from you, or one that you help your kid get for their mom, either way, it is simple and special.

“#momlife is it bedtime yet?” Shirt

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Every day she is wondering “is it bedtime yet?” repeatedly throughout the day.

Family Tree 4 Heart Bangle Bracelet

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You and your kids are her life, and now she can wear something that symbolizes them on her wrist, wherever she goes.

“My husband is hotter than my coffee” Mug

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Everyone must know that her husband is hot, right? You don’t want anyone doubting that!

Custom Hand-Stamped Necklace with Names

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The names of her children can now be worn close to her heart.

Small Notebook Set

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If she is always writing things down, like notes or reminders, then she needs this small notebook set to keep it all in one place. It comes with three, which means that she can place them throughout the house and won’t ever have to worry about having one available.

“Goals today: keep tiny humans alive” Water Bottle

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Her goals each day mostly revolve around keeping the tiny humans alive, but she should stay hydrated while doing so.

Black and White Floral Stud Earrings

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Sweet black and white floral stud earrings for your sweet wife!

Mother’s Day gifts may be expected, but they don’t have to be so difficult to find either. Thanks to this list, you are ahead of schedule!


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