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Gift Ideas for a Veteran

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Be thoughtful and get that veteran a lovable. Veterans put their lives on the line and deserve to be rewarded with unique gifts. Not just a regular watch or a sweater that has been picked from the department store. We went on a hunt for some of the most unique gifts for these brave men and women. You will notice that most of the items are handmade because veterans deserve more than the regular gift that can be hand-picked at the local store.

Memorable Gift Ideas for a Veteran

Personalized military portrait

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Any veteran will be delighted with a personalized military picture. Get a digital file of your giftee and bring back a beautiful personalized portrait.


Drink Jacket

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Provides a nice snug on cans and bottles and boasts of an insulating material. It also makes it easier to grip beverages, especially when they are hot.

Heart Necklace

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This is a great gift because every veteran needs to be rewarded for remaining patriotic. It can be worn on 4th of July, and it is also a good way of honoring other veterans.

Military Poster

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One of the best gifts for decorating the home of a veteran. This poster will clearly display the interests and hobbies of the giftee. It is made out of high-quality paper.

Vintage military jacket

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It comes with the original patches and a name tag. Once in a while, a veteran can rock it to and from the mall just to reinvent old memories.


These gloves are supposed to provide warmth and protection during cold weather adventures. They are water-resistant and have hook-and-loop closures for a secure fit.

Patriotic Wall Décor

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It has a rope attached to the back and comes ready to hang. The message will serve as a constant reminder of the hard work in the military service.

Military coin holder

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A veteran can use this gift to decorate a room or office. It can hold around 20 coins and is more suitable as a farewell gift.

Digital camera

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There are hundreds of digital cameras to choose from but go with something reliable and cheap. Go for this Canon PowerShot and give that veteran a chance to take amazing photos and to record clear HD videos.

Veteran T-shirt

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The t-shirt is comfortable and soft, and its message will make any veteran feel confident and get noticed. It is perfect for outdoor activities on a sunny day.

50 Caliber BMG Bullet Bottle Opener

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This bullet bottle opener is handmade using brass casings that have been obtained from the military. So, when you send it as a gift to the gun enthusiastic veteran, it will bring back old memories.

Handmade leather military medal box

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Its Italian vintage brown leather makes it stand out, and it can be laser engraved with a veteran’s name and rank.


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A veteran is used to getting things done, and that is the reason for a multi-purpose tool. With this multi-tool, the giftee will feel ‘covered’ to take on any task.

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