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20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Tenants

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Whether you are filled with the spirit of the season, and it is overflowing, or you simply want to thank your tenant, a Christmas gift will go a long way in keeping your relationship healthy.

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When you’ve got a good tenant, you want to keep them! It’s all the little pieces that come together to make the landlord-tenant relationship amazing. Show them that you care and want them to stick around by giving them a little something each Christmas.

The problem is deciding what to give a tenant for Christmas. Your motive is to find a balance between personal and business while considering affordability. Here is a list of Christmas gift ideas for tenants:

Christmas Basket

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The holidays will be more exciting when you bring a basket filled with various treats. There will be plenty to choose from: peanut, chocolate, milk cherries, peppermint, Jordan almonds, and shortbread cookies, among other items.

Christmas Card

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Most tenants will not expect anything from the landlord, but you can change that with this hand-drawn Christmas card. Then you can add a lovely customized note to express your warm wishes. Its envelope is made out of eco-friendly material, and your tenant will appreciate your thoughtfulness.


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Let your tenant celebrate Christmas in style with this elegant Christmas centerpiece. It is a simple gift that but it will certainly brighten the room as Christmas takes center stage.

Christmas Socks

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They are comfortable, and they stretch well. Those are great features from a pair of Christmas socks.

Peppermint Treat

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This is a gourmet food gift that is old-fashioned but delicious. It is prepared using the best ingredients and is certain to provide some sweet indulgence. The decorative box makes it look more attractive.

Amazon Gift Card

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As the recipient, the tenant will be free to choose from the millions of items available on Amazon store. Gift cards do not expire and can be used anytime.

Santa Claus Key Holder Hook

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This wooden key holder has hooks for holding keys and leashes. Its lovely image of Santa Claus will be a constant reminder that it is the festive season.


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Since the new year is approaching, a calendar will be needed to keep track of the next year. This calendar can be downloaded and printed instantly.

Christmas Bread

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This delicious Fruit and Berry Bread is perfect. It is moist enough and has been made using fruits like strawberries, apricots, blueberries, raisin, and cranberries. Its good taste has also been propelled by the presence of almond silvers and pecan pieces.  …and whiskey, let’s not forget that!


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A bottle of wine will always be appreciated, especially when it is bold and assertive; like this classic Cabernet Sauvignon. Its chocolate flavors give it a splendid finish, and it is sure to provide a merry time.

Gingerbread Kit

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Help them create fun memories with the gift of a gingerbread kit! Whether there’s kids or not, gingerbread kits are super fun.

Fruit Gift Basket

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The fruits contained in this basket are natural and delicious. They are perfect for some healthy snacking during the holiday season.


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Flowers are meant to brighten the home, and a poinsettia will do just that. Add some festive color to the house with this gift.

Tea Sampler

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Help them curl up all nice and cozy with a selection of lovely teas.  Give your tenant this box and tease their taste buds.

Christmas Doormat

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Your tenant needs to welcome guests in style, and this mat will do the work. The Santa message should warm the hearts of your visitors and remind them that it is the festive season. The mat is easy to clean and has a latex backing to keep it in place.

Gourmet Snack Basket

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The food basket comes with a selection of healthy, organic, non-gmo snack foods, perfect for a fitness lover, or someone who has had their fill of Christmas cookies!

I love my landlord t-shirt

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This T-shirt is 100% cotton and has excellent printing clarity. This is just a fun gift that your giftee will find comfortable while you will be watching and smiling. …It’s not going to end up on a dart board, right? Obviously this is a joke gift that you can only truly give a tenant with whom you have an amazing and entertaining relationship.

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