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Christmas Classroom Gifts for 3rd Grade Students

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Tis the season for gift-giving and cheer. Teachers can help their students to join in on the festivities with a cool Christmas gift to kick off the Holiday fun. Check out these Christmas Classroom Gifts for 3rd Grade Students.These gifts will work for girls or boys and make your child’s classmates feel special as they head off to their holiday break.

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Fun Christmas Classroom Gifts for 3rd Grade Students

Sticky Toys

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Children always seem to get a kick out of sticky Stretchy Toys. They will definitely have a ton of fun with this gift.

Emoji Keychain

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Emojis are just so much fun to look at, and perhaps that is why the kiddos love them so much. These Emoji Keychains are a vibrant gift that students are sure to love.

Drawstring Bag

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Students always have a use for a good drawstring bag.

Finger Lights

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Your students’ faces are sure to light up when they receive these super fun LED Finger Lights.

Inflatable Light Saber

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Light Sabers just have awesomeness written all over them. These Inflatable Light Sabers are a super fun gift idea.

Activity Book </h3

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Your students will be glad to have one of these Activity Books on hand during their downtime.

Slap Bracelets

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Slap bracelets are such a fun accessory, and party favor. They also make really great classroom gifts.


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Slinkies just never seem to go out of style. They are so much fun, and children really enjoy them.

Light Bulb Necklace

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There is nothing more festive than these fun Light Bulb Necklaces.

Emoji Bracelet

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Emojis are vibrant and fun, and kids just love them. They will have no problem flaunting these awesome bracelets.


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Bookmarks are a simple, and inexpensive, Christmas classroom gift.

Stress Balls

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Help students to relax a bit by gifting these Stress balls for Christmas.


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If you are looking for a fun holiday accessory to gift to students, these Nativity Christmas Wristbands would definitely be it.

Rubik’s Cube

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Help your students’ keep their brains active over Christmas break with these fun Mini Rubik’s Cubes.

Reindeer Antlers

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These Reindeer Antlers are a super festive accessory for children.

Santa Hat

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Children seem to love wearing Santa Hats around Christmas. For that reason, gifting students a Santa Hat certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Snowman Headband

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These beautiful Snowman Headbands are sure to be the talk of the school.

Candy Bag

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Fill one of these Christmas Candy Bags with some yummy treats, and serve up an awesome Christmas gift for your class.

Building Vehicles

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These LEGO Minifigure Building Vehicles are sure to keep the kiddos busy over Christmas break.


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Stamps are a simple, and really fun, gift idea for the entire class to enjoy.
No student will feel left out when it comes to opening a gift this Christmas. They are sure to be filled with Holiday Cheer as they open up one of these awesome gifts.

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