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20 New Things To Have On Hand So You Can Survive a Snow Day

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Snow days… ah, when the kids are home on a school day due to the snow that has piled up outside. These kinds of days can really drive you crazy, your kids are running around crazy and noisy and you are not getting the peace and quiet you’re used to. The good news is that you can have some new toys and gadgets to hide away and then bring them out to keep them busy while you get a little bit of quiet! Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

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Things to Have on Hand So You Can Survive a Snow Day

Over-the-Door Mini Basketball Hoop

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Send them to their room with this over-the-door mini basketball hoop. It has the potential to keep them busy for hours on end. If they get bored fast, challenge them to get a certain amount of baskets before they get a special snack.

Play-Doh Cake Party Set

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Let your kiddos throw a play-doh cake party with this awesome set. They can make cakes, pies, and more to serve to their dolls or stuffed animals!

Babycakes Mini Cake Pop Maker

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A good baking activity is always an awesome idea on days where you’re stuck indoors. With some guidance from you, they can make a batch of babycakes mini cake pops to snack on and serve some to the neighbors!

My Very Own Snowman Kit

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How about getting those noisy kiddos outside? Send them out with this snowman creation kit, complete with all the extras you need to build a snowman.

Snow Sled Kids Toboggan

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This awesome toboggan is another great way to get the kids outside to play in the snow on a snow day. It’s fun and comes in various colors. They can build or find a hill in the snow and have tons of fun riding down!

Penguin Hat and Scarf Combo

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This penguin hat and scarf combo is a cute idea to get them excited to get out in the snow, if they aren’t already. Something new to wear in the cold weather can get them more interested in getting out there to play or show it off to their friends.

LEGO Creator Ocean Explorer

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LEGOs are all the rage, this creator ocean explorer set will keep your little one busy for awhile and when they are done, they will have something to showcase!

Lincoln Logs Oak Creek Lodge

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Not into LEGOs, have them try these old fashioned Lincoln Logs to build a lodge with it, or something else entirely that they come up with on their own!

Joyin Princess Jewelry Playset for Dress Up

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Playing dress up is a great activity to get your little girls (or even boys) busy and occupied while you get a little rest. This one comes with a lot of fun jewelry, tiaras, and more!

Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pads Set

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Who doesn’t love stickers? This is a set that allows them to reuse it instead of using once and being done, which means you can put it away for the next snow day once the first one is over!

UOKOO Kids Walkie Talkies

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Walkie talkies are fun for your kids, or for you and your child, to talk to each other from different points in the house. They can tell each other ghost stories, superhero stories, or just have a conversation with each other. It’s all made more fun with the walkie talkies!

Marvel Mighty Avengers Coloring and Activity Book Set of 2

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Oh, the classic coloring books! These are pretty awesome with the avengers and there are two of them so if they get bored with one, there is another one to flip through and color!

GiggleFun 3-in-1 Pop Up Play Tent

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Pop up play tent for the younger kiddos will make staying indoors fun if it’s too treacherous or freezing to go outside. This is a 3-in-1, making it more fun and challenging, which means keeping them busy for longer.

Sweet Treats Movie Night Popcorn & Candy Deluxe Family Movie Night Set

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After a day of hard play, indoors or outside in the snow, a family movie night is a great way to end the day. Pick a nice family friendly movie and snack on some yummy popcorn and candy while you watch!

World Awaits Travel Party Photo Booth Props Kit

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What’s more fun than having your own photo booth right in the house? Also, being able to travel all over the world without leaving the comfort of home is super fun!

Dance Dance Revolution DVD Game

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Keep both you and the kiddos busy and active with this Dance Dance Revolution DVD game! Dancing is fun and is also like sneaky exercise to keep them from sitting around all day!

Summer Luau Fun in the Sun Beach Decorating Kit

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Decorate the house to resemble a summer luau on the beach! Then lie on some beach towels and pretend you’re all soaking up some sun!

Barbie Styling Head

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For your kiddo that likes to style hair, this Barbie styling head is a great idea that will keep them busy for hours on end, trying new styles!

Real Cooking Ultimate Baking Starter Kit

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Have your kiddos make real, and tasty, cupcakes they can actually enjoy after they make them with this ultimate baking starter kit!

Kids Snow Shovel

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Another way to get the kids outside, is to give them shovels that are the right size for them and have them shovel some of the driveway or sidewalk, or even just shovel the snow in the yard for fun! They will feel like they accomplished something and you will get a little break or keep them occupied while you do the hard work of clearing the snow out of the way.

Snow days can be hard for the parents and for the kids, but there are some awesome ways to keep everyone happy and busy! These ideas will help keep everyone sane and you can even wrap them up to make them more exciting when the snow day rolls around!

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