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100+ Iron 6th Anniversary Gifts for Him

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What is the traditional 6th anniversary gift? (And what are good 6th anniversary gifts for him?). For your sixth anniversary, the gift is iron. A great many things are made out of iron, so it’s going to be easy to come up with an epic anniversary gift idea for your husband, that he will actually want. 

100+ Iron Themed Sixth Anniversary Gifts for Men | Anniversary Gift Ideas | Men's Gifts | Sixth Anniversary | Iron Gifts

That’s right: we’ve put together over 100 6th anniversary gifts for him so that you can spoil your husband or any man in your life that you want to buy an anniversary gift for. 

Choosing 6th Anniversary Gifts for Him:

At this point, we’re going to have to throw in a joke about your spouse having made it this far without being threatened by a cast iron pan to the head, congratulations!

Does he already spend his weekends playing golf? He is in luck! Some new irons might be the perfect gift for him.

If you are looking for more anniversary gift ideas for men, here is our series:

However, if you came here for your sixth anniversary, let’s get to those ideas. Don’t need them quite yet? Pin it for later!

Here are over one hundred iron anniversary gifts for him, giving you inspiration for your anniversary gifts this year.

Iron golf clubs for your 6th anniversary

Best 6th Iron Anniversary Gift for Him: Golf Clubs

These are probably one of the best plays on the word “iron” and can fit a wide range of budgets.

Iron golf accessories for your anniversary

Iron Head Covers

Need an iron accessory? Try a set of iron head covers.

Cast-Iron Garlic Roaster

 Cast-Iron Garlic Roaster

This iron anniversary gift will become a centerpiece of your date night meals at home for years to come! Use this to upgrade your meals shared together, (it’s great for bread dips!) 

A horseshoe set as a gift for your husband

Horseshoe Set

This gift is perfect for creating some good times. Beers generally not included.

A iron sign make a great 6th anniversary gift for your husband

Forged Name Sign

Create a custom forged name sign for your home, or maybe for the bar in your house.

wall mounted iron bottle opener for a 6th anniversary gift

Iron Bottle Opener

These heavy duty iron bottle openers last for ages and you can open memories for years to come together.

A cool iron trivet for your husband on your anniversary

Iron Trivet

Into cooking? Try these on for size.

Iron Statue

There are a huge range of awesome iron sculptures out there, from artsy, to sport specific sculptures.

A great 6th anniversary gift idea - cast iron giftware

Cast Iron Cookware

A well maintained cast iron pan can last a lifetime, and make a lot of epic Saturday morning brunches!

Iron jewellery is a unique gift idea for the 6th anniversary

Iron Jewelry

Looking for a stylish accessory? Take a look at the iron jewelry available, there’s a surprisingly good selection.

Iron man gifts are a funny break on the traditional iron anniversary

Iron Man

If your man is into Iron Man, you know what you have to do. We also have more Iron Man inspired gifts for your 6th anniversary here too.

A n ion themed movie date for your anniversary

The Man in the Iron Mask

Time for some amazing 90s acting – The Man in the Iron Mask is a quality historic film, to boot.

Garden Trellis

Is your husband a gardener? Spice up the back yard with an iron trellis.

Iron Wine Rack

If your spouse is a wino, get them more storage capacity with an iron wine rack.

Cool iron steampunk bookends for your husband on your anniversary

Iron Bookends

These awesome bookends have a bit of a steampunk vibe to them, also perfect for the mechanically inclined, or an engineer.

Meat Mark-It Personalized Steak Branding Iron

Meat Mark-It Personalized Steak Branding Iron 

If he likes his steak, (and we know he does!) This personalized branding iron will be the perfect grilling accessory! Pick one of these up for a memorable and unique 6th anniversary gift he’ll be excited to use!

Get him an iron clock for your 6th anniversary

Iron Clock

Does six years feel like it’s just the beginning? Keep track of the future with an iron clock.

Traditional Iron Sixth Anniversary Gifts for Men | 2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him | What to Buy Husband for Anniversary | Six Year Anniversary Gifts | Creative Gifts for Men | Iron Gift Ideas
An iron patio set lasts longer just like your marriage if you give this great anniversary gift idea

Iron Patio Set

Spend all summer celebrating your anniversary with an amazing iron patio set… bonus is the weight helps keep it from blowing away.

A romantic iron-themed gift idea for your 6th anniversary

Increase his wardrobe with a great set of cufflinks.

Your husband can pump iron for your anniversary

Weight Lifting Set

Get your man to pump some iron!

Iron Bistro Set

Inside or outside, add a touch of Paris with an iron bistro set.

Iron Maiden Albums

Music junkie? Maybe you just want an affordable way to make your spouse crack up, Iron Maiden albums might just be the ticket.

Gift your husband a practical iron-themed 6th anniversary gift

Iron Bowl

Iron transfers heat wonderfully, making it a great material for bowls.

A useful iron anniversary gift

Iron Key Rack

While you’re getting them a key rack, maybe throw in a new car?

A creative way to give your husband a traditional iron anniversary gift

Iron Door Stopper

Keep your doors propped open with an iron door stopper.

Steaks are full of iron and they also are one of our best creative iron gift ideas for him

Steak of the Month Club

Looking for ways to get iron into your diet? Help your spouse keep his iron levels up with a subscription to the Steak of the Month club.

Men need to iron too! Give him this set as a practical anniversary gift idea

Iron & Ironing Board

You had to see this one coming, right?

Your comic book loving husband will love this Iron man t-shirt for your iron anniversary

I Am Iron Man T Shirt

I am Iron Man.

Let the iron moose guide you

Iron Weathervane

This moose knows what’s up and he can help you, too.

Make your 6th anniversary the year you buy your husband a great iron toolset

Iron Fireplace Tool Set

Do you love curling up next to the fire with a glass of wine and discussing life? Add a new set of iron fireplace tools to the mix to encourage the building of cozy fires.

One of our favourite 6th Anniversary Gifts for Him

Iron Fire Bowl

An iron fire bowl is the perfect addition to a backyard – fully contained and stylish! Maybe toss in a bag of marshmallows with your gift.

Keep everyone safe with an iron fire screen as a 6th anniversary gift

Iron Fire Screen

Keep the embers in place with a new iron fire screen.

Iron on patches are unique and fun 6th Anniversary Gifts for Him

Iron On Patches

Need some hipster vibe in your life? Looking for some more punk rock fashion? There’s a wealth of iron on patches out there that will show your spouse just how well you know them.

Iron themed music is a great way to break traditional anniversary gifts

Iron & Wine Album

Iron and Wine is a great album to find on vinyl.

Iron & Resin Clothes

Iron & Resin is a clothing brand that has a wonderful selection of practical and hispter clothing… which side of that line do they truly belong on? Totally up to you.

Time for a new bed? Use the 6th iron anniversary as an excuse.

Iron Bed Frame

This iron bed frame has tons of character, making it a perfect gift idea.

A loophole to buy your husband toys for your anniversary like this Gundam

Iron Blooded Orphans Action Figure

If your man is into this series, he’ll love a new action figure.

Give your husband the classic series Iron Chef for your 6th anniversary

Iron Chef Series

Who doesn’t love the Iron Chef? Perfect for a husband who likes to cook or watch reality TV.

Iron Cross Bumper

If you know what an Iron Cross bumper is, you’ll know if it’s the perfect anniversary gift.

Your man will love these books for your anniversary

Iron Druid Chronicles

Kevin Hearne is the author behind a whole series of fantasy novels called the Iron Druid Chronicles. Your anniversary present could turn into a whole series of enjoyment.

iron supplements for men

Iron Recovery Supplements

If your man is an iron pumper, get him some iron recovery supplements.

80s movies make funny 6th Anniversary Gifts for Him

Iron Eagle

That right there is more wonderful 80s throwback. There’s a whole series of Iron Eagle movies. Fighter Jets are still cool, my friends.

mini wrought iron easel plate stand

Iron Easel

Display a plate or small piece of art with a stylish iron easel.

anime 6th anniversary present for your otaku husband

Kabaneri of The Iron Fortress

For the anime lover, this popular series debuted in 2016, so they might not yet have anything from it.   

Traditional Iron Sixth Anniversary Gifts for Men | 2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him | What to Buy Husband for Anniversary | Six Year Anniversary Gifts | Creative Gifts for Men | Iron Gift Ideas
Your husband can work out at home with this iron bar

Iron Gym

Believe it or not, these bars are found in my office building. They are perfect for a door frame in the basement, in case your spouse’s office frowns upon them.

Help your husband relive his childhood on your 6th anniversary

Iron Giant

Have a fun date night watching this sweet movie.

Video games for your sixth anniversary are a fun gift idea

Hearts of Iron

Hearts of Iron is a whole series of PC video games based on World War II.

Iron hooks are a practical addition to other anniversary gifts to keep with tradition

Iron Hooks

You’ll never know when these can be useful! Dry curing your own salami? You’ll want some S hooks.

Give your husband a traditional 6th anniversary gift like iron cufflinks

This is another choice of cufflinks, made of iron.

Black Cast Iron Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Black Cast Iron Wall Mounted Bottle Opener 

Want to give him a daily reminder to commemorate his iron 6th anniversary? This is a rustic, iron bottle opener that will mount anywhere easily! Remind him how special he is every time he uses it.

This cool lamp counts as a unique 6th Anniversary Gift for Him

Iron Lamp

This awesome Edison bulb lamp would make a very stylish anniversary present.

Your history loving husband will love this for your sixth anniversary

Iron Jawed Angels

This 2004 film is a historical drama about suffragettes in the 1910s.

An interesting book for your 6th anniversary

Iron John by Robert Bly

Some deeper reading, perhaps?

A cool 6th anniversary guy gift

Iron Jacks

Ready for a childhood throwback??

Gamer themed 6th anniversary gift for guys

Iron Kingdoms

More gamer gear!

Books make great 6th Anniversary Gifts for Him

The Iron King

There’s a series of books by Julie Kagawa with Iron in the title.

Iron Fey

More Julie Kagawa books!

Give your husband an iron kettle for your 6th iron anniverary

Iron Kettle

This is a gorgeous looking kettle that would make an excellent gift.

A movie night is a perfect 6th anniversary date

The Iron Lady

Meryl Streep makes an excellent Maggie Thatcher.

Get your husband hooked on a new book for your sixth anniversary

Iron Lake

“Part Irish, part Anishinaabe Indian, Corcoran “Cork” O’Connor is the former sheriff of Aurora, Minnesota. Embittered by his “former” status, and the marital meltdown that has separated him from his children, Cork gets by on heavy doses of caffeine, nicotine, and guilt. Once a cop on Chicago’s South Side, there’s not much that can shock him. But when the town’s judge is brutally murdered, and a young Eagle Scout is reported missing, Cork takes on a mind-jolting case of conspiracy, corruption, and scandal.””

Iron lanterns 6th Anniversary Gifts for Him

Iron Lantern

Perfect for adding a bit of ambiance to the backyard this summer.

A unique comic book idea for your 6th anniversary

Iron Lantern Comic

The classic comic! Another excellent 6th anniversary gift for the male comic-lover in your life.

Traditional Iron Sixth Anniversary Gifts for Men | 2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him | What to Buy Husband for Anniversary | Six Year Anniversary Gifts | Creative Gifts for Men | Iron Gift Ideas
Tough laces that never break as a 6th anniversary gift

Iron Laces

These things are iron-tough, for his boots.

Give him an Iron Man toy for your 6th anniversary

Iron Legion

Iron, it turns out, is pretty popular in comics.

Action figure idea for him for your 6th anniversary

The Iron Lords

Ready for some more action figures?

iron marathon shirt for him on a 6th wedding anniversary

Iron Marathon Shirt

Know a cyclist, swimmer, climber or a marathoner?

Iron Ring Books make great 6th Anniversary Gifts for Him

The Iron Ring

A cool iron themed book for a guy who likes to read!

A unique book idea for men on your 6th anniversary

Iron and Blood

If he’s a fan of adventure books he’s going to love the Iron and Blood series. Full of excitement!

Knock knock. Who's there? Iron. Iron who? Iron themed 6th anniversary gift ideas.

Iron Door Knocker

This will be a major upgrade for your front door and turn your house into the coolest one on the street. The cool thing about iron door knockers as 6th anniversary gifts is that you can find so many unique styles.

Doing some home renos? Your husband will love this iron railing for your anniversary.

Iron Stair Railing

If your deck needs an upgrade use your 6th anniversary as an excuse to add a new iron stair railing.

Pot racks are decorative 6th anniversary gift ideas for him

Iron Pot Rack

For the guy who likes to cook! Hang this up in the kitchen for a great gift. Even better, pair it with a new set of pots to hang up.

Give your husband an iron plant stand for your 6th anniversary

Iron Planter Stand

This is another great gift idea to improve the general look and feel of your home or garden. Add some of his favorite plants inside for a thoughtful gift.

Luggage makes outside the box 6th anniversary gifts for him

Iron Rider Motorcycle Luggage

Talk about a cool bag! This iron rider bag is a great way to stay on the 6th anniversary traditional iron theme while still giving something practical. Perfect if you have an anniversary trip planned!

Iron sights will delight your husband on your 6th anniversary

Iron Sights

If he hunts or shoots targets this is a great gift!

Give your man a watch on your sixth anniversary

Iron Samurai Watch

Watches always make great anniversary gifts. If he already has some great options, get him something fun and unique instead.

The greatest 6th anniversary gift idea your man ever saw

Iron Saw

You can’t go wrong with tools! There’s plenty of iron options, including this hacksaw.

Men will love getting this for their 6th anniversary

Iron Society Pomade

Get your guy ready for those 6th anniversary dates with this Iron Society pomade. Great on its own or as part of a gift basket.

replica iron throne for a unique iron wedding anniversary gift idea for him

Iron Throne Replica

For the Game of Thrones fans! You may not be able to give him a real Iron Throne, but at least this replica shows how you feel about your husband this anniversary.

An interesting book for your husband on your 6th anniversary

The Iron Trial

This is a YA book but guys who want a fun, light book will still appreciate the Iron Trial graphic novel. Or give it to a dad to read with kids kids!

soldiering iron

Soldering Iron

These are handy tools to keep around the house for crafty guys or small repair jobs.

Nerdy men love card games and they make great 6th anniversary gift ideas for him

Iron Tide Theme Deck

If you’ve been married for 6 years you already know what he’s into. If that’s PokΓ©mon, use your anniversary as an excuse to get him some new “iron” themed cards.

Get your husband a board game for your 6th anniversary

Tide of Iron Game

The only better gift you can give than this board game is playing it with him.

Buy an iron turtle for your husband on your anniversary

Iron Turtle

So fun for the garden! If you don’t want to give him a turtle you can find all kinds of great iron garden stakes.

Your 6th anniversary will be memorable if you buy your husband an iron tub

Cast Iron Tub

This is a big gift and could even be part of a bathroom renovation.

Iron themed books a great gift for the husband who has everything on your 6th anniversary

Iron House by John Hart

If he likes to read, use your anniversary as a reason to give him a thrilling book.

Mystery books as 6th Anniversary Gifts for Him

Iron Lake by William Kent Krueger

Iron Lake is a classic book and best seller – perfect for gifting!

Iron Tuff Jacket

Practical gifts are always a win for anniversary gifts. If he needs something Iron Tuff this jacket might just be the play.

cast iron umbrella stand

Cast Iron Umbrella Stand

Spruce things up around the yard with this umbrella stand. Cast iron is great for umbrella stands because it’s heavy and sturdy, meaning no more umbrellas blowing over.

You've been married for six years so you'll know if your husband will love this movie or not

Iron Will DVD

A classic! Pair it with a movie night.

Think outside the box and give your husband a unique 6th anniversary present

Iron Yard Art

You’ll have the coolest yard with this fun iron yard statue. Grab any kind of art you want, but you can’t go wrong with this fun statue.

A thoughtful 6th anniversary gift if your husband likes to display flags

Iron Flag Holder

Help him fly his favorite flag in your yard! You can start by setting up in the yard and hanging a fun happy anniversary banner to get the celebration going.

Like a cartoon! 6th Anniversary Gifts for Him

Iron Anvil

Go all out with the iron theme and get him an iron anvil. It makes a great doorstopper or paper weight.

Your husband deserves a nice iron bench to sit on for your 6th anniversary

Cast Iron Bench

You can get a small bench or grab an entire cast iron patio set for your anniversary. It will be nice to enjoy a cup of coffee together outside.

Cast Iron Bell

Ding ding – it’s your anniversary! A fun decorative accent and noisy addition for your home.

Spruce up your home for your 6th anniversary

Cast Iron Floor Register

It might not feel like an amazing anniversary gift but if you change out all your floor registers for these cast iron options it will definitely be a gift that you’ll apprecaite for years.

Iron End Table

This end table base is ready to be transformed with any table top you choose. It works for the living room or as a bedside table.

Iron Craft Coffee Table

This handcrafted coffee table is full of surprises including handy drawers and iron hardware. Fill it with some anniversary goodies for a fun surprise!

Cast Iron Letters

You can spell anything with this cast iron letters for a fun gift.

Something special and unique to get your husband for your 6th anniversary

Cast Iron House Numbers

Spruce up your curb appeal with cast iron house numbers.

Anything cast iron is great for the iron anniversary

Cast Iron Mermaid

So many cast iron decorations out there! Give him one that’s unique and thoughtful like this cast iron mermaid.

cast iron nails

Cast Iron Nails

Decorative nails are handy for hanging all kinds of things. Or use them to make a nice coat rack to give as a 6th anniversary gift.

cast iron radiator for the home

Cast Iron Radiator

If you have an older home it might be time to upgrade the radiators. Choose nice cast iron option like this one.

Give your husband a new cast iron sink for your 6th anniversary

Cast Iron Undermount Sink

These are all the rage right now, especially if you haver a farmhouse look. Time for a kitchen upgrade or renovation!

He's going to love this anniversary gift idea

Cast Iron Vessel Sink

Another cast iron sink, this one is best for a bathroom or powder room. Pairs well with renovations!

Your husband will appreciate how thoughtful this 6th anniversary iron gift idea is

Cast Iron Wood Stove

Whether it’s a small wood stove like this one you go all out, this makes a great anniversary gift.

BBQs are our best 6th Anniversary Gifts for Him

Kamado Grill

Fire up the grill for your anniversary! This is a gift that he’ll definitely be using for years to come.

100+ Iron Themed Sixth Anniversary Gifts for Men | Anniversary Gift Ideas | Men's Gifts | Sixth Anniversary | Iron Gifts

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