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20 Promotion Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

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Rewarding your awesome girlfriend for simply being herself goes a really long way; it proves to her that you love her and that she means the world to you. However, buying a present for your girlfriend because she has been promoted at work requires you to step it up a bit. Be a bit creative, think out the box. Here are 20 gift ideas for your promoted girlfriend just in case creativity happened to fail you.


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Promotion Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

Fine art giclee print

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Now that she sits in her own office decorating it is going require some help. Help her make it feel like her own space right away.

Cat Watch

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It’s not over until the cat lady sings… apparently

Wall print

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She might need you to remind her to breathe just a little bit. Every now and again

Travel Ring

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Now that she might be making serious paper, it may be time to consider that holiday again.

Deluxe bath spa kit

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DIY Pamper session, anyone?

Tribal scarf

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Soo up her new found avenue

Nope shirt

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For those days she will not be making it to the meeting.

Hard Eyeglass case

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New shade, new job, new erthang!

Beaded necklace

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Might be perfect with that new dress she bought for her meetings.

Wife, mom, boss sweater

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It’s never too late to start earning those titles.

Paris tote bag

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A little reminder that holiday dreams do come true.

Car Bling Ring Emblem

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Did somebody say car Bling? Yaaas.

Makeup Brush Holder

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Remind her that those make up skills need a face lift. Literally!


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So cute and sophisticated, a definite must buy.

Pineapple Makeup Bag

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Tots adorbs and should fit in all her day to day lady essentials.

Infinity scarf

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Allow her to look a bit sassy every now and again.

Save water t-shirt

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Ideal weekend starter t-shirt.


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Perfect corner office accessory.

Leather clutch

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Perfect evening clutch for that romantic dinner you’ve been planning.

You are loved gift

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Because we all need a little reminder, every now and again.

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