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20 Gift Ideas for a Therapist

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If you’re in the market for gift ideas for a therapist, then you have come to the right place to find it! These gift ideas are so fun and unique; you may have a hard time choosing just one. They are sure to put a smile on your favorite therapist’s face too!

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20 Fantastic Gift Ideas For A Therapist

Give a unique present to your favorite therapist!

“To understand, one must first seek” Mug

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For their patients to understand, they must first seek help.

“Keep talking; I’m diagnosing you” Shirt

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When people talk to them, they just may be diagnosing them. Who knows!

“Thank you for helping me reach my goals” Keychain

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If you are getting a gift for your own therapist, you might want to thank them for helping you reach your goals.

Gold Metallic Print

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Therapy is an excellent way to start from now and make a new beginning like this quote says. They can hang this gold metallic print up on their office wall or even at home.

“I work out other people’s problem” Mug

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Their form of working out is working out other people’s problems!

“Who’s ready for another bout of cognitive dissonance” Pin

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Sometimes life is scattered!

“I really like psychology” Shirt

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As a therapist, they have a huge passion for psychology, and they might enjoy showing that off.

Personalized Leather Journal

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As much as they write notes during sessions, they will enjoy a customized leather journal to write in.

“Miracle worker” Mug

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They may be considered a miracle worker for all of the fantastic work they do as a therapist.

Personalized Wood Desktop Pen Set

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Now they can write their session notes with their very own customized wood desktop pen set.

“Little things lead to big gains” Keychain

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All the little steps they and their patients make during their sessions lead to significant gains and actions moving in the right direction.

“Santa’s favorite therapist” Mug

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They certainly are Santa’s favorite therapist. If you are getting them a gift for Christmas, then this is the one to get!

Personalized Tote Bag

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With this customized tote bag, they can carry all their notepads, pens, books, and more to and from work.

“I don’t read minds, I heal them” Shirt

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Sometimes it may seem like they are reading minds, but they just spend so much time healing them that they can guess a lot of what people are thinking.

Custom Speech Bubble Magnet

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These speech bubble magnets can be customized with something that your favorite therapist says often.

“The work you do makes a difference” Keychain

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Remind them that the work they do makes a difference, even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

“I am all ears” Mug

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Their job is to listen, so they may find themselves saying that they are all ears pretty often!

“Putting the fun in functional” Shirt

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As a therapist, they put the fun in functional.

“Kind heart, fierce mind, brave spirit” Inspirational Print

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They have a kind heart, fierce mind, and brave spirit, which makes their work as a therapist much more effective.

Red Heart Speech Bubble Earrings

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These red heart speech bubble earrings will look beautiful on her ears and are a great way of representing the work they do, talking and listening.

Finding just the right gift for your favorite therapist just got a lot easier!

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