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Retirement Gift Ideas for Accountants

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What do you get an accountant that is retiring? You know they love working with numbers, but they may also be burnt out from working in the accounting world for so long. You should try some of these funny, or entertaining, ideas for their gift:

Aristotle’s Number Puzzle


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While this puzzle might be meant for all ages, it is still an awesome gift for the momentous occasion of your friend’s retirement.

Rubik’s Cube 3×3

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Accountants are smart and this Rubik’s cube could be challenging, fun, or both for them to do in their newly free time to keep their mind fresh!

“1” Coffee Mug

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As lovers of numbers, your accountant friend will enjoy this number “1” coffee mug as a symbol that they are indeed #1!

Expert Sudoku On-The-Go Book

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Sudoku is one of the top numbers games and this book is expert-level to keep their minds working in retirement, but on their own time table. If they enjoy Sudoku, they will certainly enjoy this more challenging version.

“Be Audit You Can Be” Stylus

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Everyone uses smartphones or tablets these days, so this stylus that is a pun on an accounting word will come in handy for your friend while giving them a little laugh at the same time.

The Accountant Movie

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How about some entertainment for their time in retirement? The Accountant is the perfect pick as a movie, and will keep them engaged and on the edge of their seat.

Monopoly Game: Ultimate Banking Edition

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Another game for them to play where numbers, and also banking, is the main draw. However, this way they can get their family members and friends to join in on the fun!

“I love spreadsheets” Stainless Steel Travel Mug

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As an accountant, they had used spreadsheets in some form or another in their work. This “I love spreadsheets” stainless steel travel mug is a great choice to get them so they can enjoy their coffee on the go.

Wooden Number Magnets

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Magnets with numbers on them aren’t just for kids, they are also for adults who need to pin things to their fridge. Your friend will find these wooden number magnets classic and useful!

The Totally Accountant Person

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There’s a certain persona attracted to the world of accounting…. even if an accountant retires, they stay true to their habits! This book is a fun poke at the life of an accountant, great for a laugh.

Calculator Necklace Pendant Charm

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If your friend likes wearing necklaces, this calculator necklace pendant charm would be a nice gift along with a chain to go with it.

Accountant Evolution Shirt

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Hilarious shirt of the evolution of accountants will be a prized possession for your friend who is retiring. Accounting can be serious work, and they may be looking to have more fun now that they are retiring, and this shirt is a great way to engage others and get a few laughs along the way.

The Handbook of Scholarly Writing and Publishing by Tonette S. Rocco, Timothy Gary Hatcher, and John W. Creswell

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With all of your friend’s experience in the accounting world, they certainly have a lot of wisdom and knowledge to pass on to the world, aspiring accountants, seasoned accountants, and people in other fields alike. They might be interested in writing a scholarly book or magazine and this book is the perfect gift to get them going.

“It’s accrual world” Coffee Mug

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Another play on an accounting word, this time “accrual.” It’s actually pretty punny, if I do say so myself.

Gold Number Necklace

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What is your friend’s favorite number? Get it on this necklace and give it to them for their retirement!

“4 out of 3 people struggle with math” Shirt

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Well, now that’s just bad math! Give your friend a laugh with this shirt of awful math statistics.

The American Scholar Magazine Subscription

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Help your friend keep their mind fresh and engaged with a subscription to this magazine. They can always continue learning new things even if they’re not in the “working” world anymore.

Debit and Credit Cufflinks

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Perfect for the man who wears a suit on a regular basis, even if he’s not working. These debit and credit cufflinks will be a great addition to their apparel.

Calculator, Coin, Laptop, Book Keyring

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A keyring with many items of accountants: calculator to calculate, coin for luck, laptop for work, and books for reference. Handy and meaningful!

“What the FICA?” Coffee Mug

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Yet, another punny coffee mug, but who doesn’t love coffee? Check out this “What the FICA?” coffee mug for your friend’s retirement!

“Dear IRS, please cancel my subscription” Shirt

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Your friend may not want to deal with the IRS or any other official group now that they are retiring from accounting work. This shirt is perfect for that occasion!

Whether your friend is holding a retirement party, or you simply want to get them something to mark this occasion in their life, any one of these gifts will be a great choice.

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