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20 Gift Ideas for a Professor

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Maybe it’s the end of the semester and you want to give that professor that went over and above a little something. Or maybe there’s someone you’re friends with who also happens to be a professor. 

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Gift Ideas for a Professor

Check out these gifts that definitely make the grade. Who knows? Maybe they’ll feel appreciated enough to overlook that unexcused absence…

If I’m Talking T-Shirt

If I'm talking t-shirt funny Gift Ideas for a Professor

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Maybe not the classic professor attire but it certainly gets the point across.

Thank You Frame

Unique Gift Ideas for a Professor - Thank you frame

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Tears Mug

Funny Gift Ideas for a Professor - Tears of my students mug

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I always knew that’s what my professors were drinking. At least it’s honest!

Magnetic Desk Toy

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Liven up their desk and give them a way to destress with a desktop toy. This one lets your professor build their very own magnetic sculptures which will hopefully make those late assignments seem a little less stressful.

Desk Organizer

Professors will love this practical gift idea - perpetual calendar

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Organization is important but it should also look good, right?

Trust Me Bumper Sticker

Trust me bumper sticker creative Gift Ideas for a Professor

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Stop arguing and just trust them, they’re a professor after all! What’s better than advertising that to the world on the back of their car?

Personalized Stamp

You professor will love these Gift Ideas for a Professor - Personalized stamp

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What’s better than having a tiny version of yourself primed and ready to compliment assignments on your behalf?

WTF Notes

WTF notepad -Gift Ideas for a Professor

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For the professor who’s tired of it all – these WTF notes are a great way to get the message across.

Professor Mom

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There’s nothing that toughens you up like raising your kids… Except, maybe, teaching someone else’s.

Perpetual Calendar

Creative Gift Ideas for a Professor - perpetual calendar blocks

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“What’s the date today?” “Look at the wooden blocks on my desk!”


Professors and teachers will love this practical briefcase Gift Ideas for a Professor

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What is more professor-ly than a briefcase?

The Professor is Sign

Practical Gift Ideas for a Professor - professor sign

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What’s the professor up to? This handy sign will get the point across.

Custom Name Plate

Custom name plate best Gift Ideas for a Professor

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Make their desk a little bit more personalized with a custom name plate.

Memo Pads

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You can customize these memo pads to your professor always knows how amazing they are, even when jotting down something trivial.

It’s in the Syllabus Poster

Funny syllabus poster Gift Ideas for a Professor

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Professors work hard at writing an informative syllabus so stop asking questions and just read the damn thing.

Wooden Chalk Holder

Practical Gift Ideas for a Professor - wooden chalk holder

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For those classrooms that are still using blackboards this wooden chalk holder can be customized. Practical and thoughtful!

Plagiarists Die Alone Sticker

Hilarious Gift Ideas for a Professor - plagiarists sticker

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The arch nemesis of any academic professional, the plagiarist must be stopped at all costs. Hopefully this sticker will help.

Dad Shirt

Dad shirt for the dad professor

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Sometimes parents have to wear a few different hats but this one shows where his priorities lie.

Indoor Temperature Monitor

Practical Gift Ideas for a Professor - thermometer

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This nifty device monitors temperature, humidity, and has a built in calendar. The best part? Now they know how comfortable their students are!

I Didn’t Grade Your Test Mug

Funny I didn't grade your test mug Gift Ideas for a Professor

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The struggle is real.

Now go on, buy your professor a appreciation gift and show them you care. Who knows, maybe it will score some favouritism too. Can’t hurt.

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