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Gift Ideas for Biology Teachers

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Someone has to teach you about these important things! You can thank your biology teacher for making you dissect a frog in high school and forcing you to memorize how photosynthesis works. To really show you appreciate their dedication, give them one of these gift ideas for biology teachers for Christmas, the end of the year, or just to say thanks.

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Creative and Fun Gift Ideas for Biology Teachers

Now you have a biology teacher on your gift list pick up one of these genetically superior presents. Let your Biology teacher know you appreciate all the hard work and time they take to teach you and help shape you into an adult.

GIANTmicrobes Biohazards Gift Box - Learn About Health and Microbes with This 5-Piece Box Set. Unique Educational Gift for Friends, Family, Scientists, Students and Health Enthusiasts

Giant Microbes

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Regular sized microbes are no fun to play with – so get giant ones! These cute plushies are blown up versions of the real microbes. Who knew Ebola could be so cute!

White coffee mug with black font that says "It might look like I'm doing nothing, but at the cellular level I'm quite busy"

Cellular Level Mug

Even when it seems that way your body is never really doing nothing.

APEXEL Phone Macro Lens, 100X Microscope for Android/iPhone Micro Camera with LED Light CPL Handheld Pocket, Compatible with Smartphone Accessories Macro Focus Glass for Gift.

Smartphone Microscope

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Having a proper microscope is nice but something like this is handy for a biology teacher with a limited budget or who wants something that’s convenient and portable. Turn your smartphone into a microscope that can even take pictures!

Fun Anatomy Sticky Notes Collection, 6 Pack-100 Sheets Per Pack, Medical Note Pads and Great Gifts.

Anatomy Notes

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Teachers are often having to make notes and those sticky ones get used everywhere. Why not make note taking (and giving) a little bit more exciting for a biology teacher with these anatomy themed sticky notes?

Darwin fish keychain in silver.

Darwin Fish Keychain

Evolutionary biology wouldn’t be the same without Darwin and natural selection. It’s nice to know you’re on this Earth because of a series of great decisions by your ancestors.

The Biology Coloring Book

Biology Coloring Book

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Coloring books are a great way to practice identifying the different parts of things. This would be a great resource for a biology teacher to have in the classroom.

RNA & DNA - 11x14 Unframed Art Print - Makes a Great Science Room Decor and Gift Under $15 for Biologists and Biology Students

DNA Poster

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A decorated classroom is more fun than one that’s not, and even better if it’s decorated in biology-related posters.

Sabai NYC Laboratory Microscope Dangle Earrings (Long Kidney Earwires)

Microscope Earrings

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Sometimes teachers have to have strict dress codes by they can add a little bit of fun to their outfits with these microscope earrings. If you don’t like these ones there are all kinds of science options in the related items.

Six different anatomy artwork of different parts of the body and organs.

Anatomy Art

These would look cool in a classroom or a biology teacher’s home office. These a variety of color options to so you can get something you know the recipient will love.

Charles Darwin Plush Finger Puppet and Refrigerator Magnet - Toy for Kids or Adults

Darwin Puppet

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I mean if you don’t have a Charles Darwin finger puppet and fridge magnet can you even call yourself a real biology teacher?

Brain Gift Box Collection 2, 5 Pack for Anatomy, Neurological Students and Professional

Brain Gift Box

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Gift boxes will always do their job at making a great gift because they’re packaged so nicely. This one comes with a bunch of brain-themed items a biology teacher will appreciate.

two custom notepads

Custom Notepad

Sometimes it’s nice to get something personalized. You can have the gift recipient’s name printed on these biology themed notepads.

DNA Biology Coffee Mug - Stop Copying Me, Amino It - Ceramic Mug 11 Oz

Funny Mug

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Biology jokes are fun to make and this mug shows off a biology teacher’s sense of humor.

Tedco 4D Vision Dog Anatomy Model

Anatomy Statue

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These cutaway statues come in a variety of animal and other design choices. They’re really cool because they show you all the layers and really help with that visual representation.

Nine different medical cookie cutters

Who doesn’t want to make anatomically correct cookies? I know who does: a biology teacher.

Learning Resources Giant Magnetic Frog Life Cycle, 9 Write and Wipe Pieces, Classroom Accessories, Teaching Aids, Ages 5+

Frog Life Cycle Magnet Set

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This would be great for a biology teacher who has younger students, or ones with young kids at home. The frog life cycle is the first one you usually learn about as an introduction to more complex biology concepts.

Silver biology bracelet with different anatomy charms.

Biology Bracelet

It’s nice to give teachers something that they can wear as a gift. This one has a bunch of biology related charms and you can customize it with their initial.

White coffee mug tat says Biology student tears on it

Student Tears Mug

This would go over especially well with high school or college level biology teachers who might just make their students cry with the workload.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Henrietta Lacks Book

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This book is a must-read for anyone interested in science and biology. It’s about Henrietta Lacks and how her cells are still alive today, always multiplying and being used for cancer research. It also raises some major ethical questions and concerns.

Black t shirt that says meowcrobiology shirt with germs as cats.

Meowcrobiology Shirt

The most wholesome shirt you could ever find for a science or biology teacher. The microbes, turned into kitties, are so cute!

If I go to jail, I’ll get them to call me mitochondria so I’m the powerhouse of the cell.

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