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Best 20 Gifts For Yoshi Lovers

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This little dinosaur has played a massive role in the Super Mario franchise. If you know someone who plays video games, then you know someone who loves Yoshi! I’ve lined up 20 of the best gift ideas for them, so you don’t have to worry about if what you’re picking out is what they would want!

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20 Gift For Yoshi Lovers Featuring Everyone’s Favorite Green Dinosaur

*Mario voice* Let’s go with the gifts!


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This adorable plush features one of the Mushroom Kingdom’s favorite heroes!

Egg Light

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This eggcellent little light is perfect for a night light! Even if they’re not afraid of the dark, they’ll want this on their nightstand!

Bath Robe

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Let ‘em dress up as their favorite hero while drying off after a hot shower with this adorable robe!

Yoshi Backpack

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This cute little backpack is perfect for college students or people who don’t like traditional shoulder bags.


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You can’t really go wrong with a classic t-shirt gift!

Yoshi Snapback Hat

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This trucker hat isn’t only cute, it’s made from premium cotton and fits super snug against the head. Perfect for bad hair days or just for when they want to be casual.

Remote Control Car

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Make their dreams come true with this remote control car! Now they’ll finally be able to play Mario Kart in real life!

Nintendo Switch Skin

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This super green Nintendo Switch skin is exactly what your Yoshi lover needs! It’s easy to apply and protects their console too!

Egg Mug

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Level up their coffee game with this officially licensed egg mug! It looks amazing!

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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Make sure they stay hydrated while they’re gaming with this adorable reusable water bottle featuring Yoshi!

Christmas Ornament

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Made by Hallmark, this Christmas ornament would definitely be a welcome addition to your Yoshi fan’s seasonal decor!

3D Lamp

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This 3D illusion lamp is so cool! You can choose from a variety of colors, and you can power it with a USB or battery!


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They’re cute, they’re warm, and they’re officially licensed. That sounds amazing to me!

Egg Shaped Bag

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This bag would be great for a gamer on the go! They can fit most of their Switchgear into this so they can play while they’re not at home!

Shot Glasses

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Your Yoshi lover will swallow shots like Yoshi swallows bad guys with these adorable etched shot glasses!

Watercolor Print

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This watercolor is a gorgeous piece of fan art that’s looking for a place in your Yoshi fan’s home! Support small businesses, artists, and your Yoshi fan’s obsession with this print!

Enamel Pin

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Enamel pins are so adorable! If your fan is a collector, they need this high-quality pin added to their inventory!

Nest In A Jar Necklace

Nintendo inspired Yoshi Nest jar necklace Polymer image 0

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This adorable necklace is perfect for Yoshi fans. We’ve all wanted to care for our own baby dinosaur, and now we can!

Egg Earrings

Mario Yoshi Egg Charm or Earrings Made to Order image 0

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These don’t need much of a selling point. They are the cutest Yoshi earrings I’ve ever seen!

Wine Bottle Stopper

Yoshi Wine Bottle Stopper Super Mario Brothers Dinosaur image 0

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Just because they love Yoshi doesn’t mean they’re not old enough to also love wine! This gift is perfect for your favorite nerdy wine drinker!

It’s so hard to choose which of these gifts is better! Personally, I’d be happy with any and all! Did you find something you absolutely had to have? If you did, send a picture of it to Unique Gifter on Twitter (@ugifter) or Instagram (@uniquegifter)! We love hearing from our readers!

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