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40+ Sexy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Women

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February is creeping up on us so there is not a better time than now to start shopping for sexy valentine’s day gift ideas for women. Whether you are buying for your wife, girlfriend or mistress you should get her something she will remember for a long time. You want to get her something that makes her feel beautiful, loved and sexy.

If you play your cards right you might even get to enjoy some romantic time with her. Take shopping to a whole new level by looking at this list of naughty, flirty and romantic gift ideas that are sure to please her.

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Must Have Sexy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Women

Get the woman in your life something to ignite some passion or make her feel great about herself this Valentine’s Day. We also have fun gift ideas for him too! 

Custom gifts like this are perfect for women who appreciate something thoughtful, but already have everything.

Heart shaped sugar cookies with vulgar sexy messages on them

Vulgar Cookies

You can’t go wrong with treats on Valentine’s day, but why not make them a little bit sexy? These fun sugar cookies do just that with funny (and vulgar) hand stamped love messages.

Sexy heart covered Valentine's Day themed lingerie for Women as a gift idea

Sexy Valentine’s Day Themed Lingerie for Women

I love how this lingerie set is Valentine’s Day themed. Don’t get her some everyday sexy attire; find something pretty with hearts on it to mark the special occasion.

Thanks for all the orgasms bracelet gift for Valentine's Day

Thanks for All the Orgasms Bracelet

It’s the thought that counts, isn’t it? This bracelet is the definition of thoughtful gift. As in, you’re thinking about how she makes you happy. Funny gift, but also a cute bracelet she can wear anytime.

Sexy Aphrodisiac massage oil valentines' day gift ideas for women

Aphrodisiac Massage Oil

This handmade paper is a personal touch for handwritten notes! Pair it with a set of nice pens, and you’ve got a start to a custom stationery set!

outlander book series box set

Outlander Book Box Set

Books make sexy Valentine’s Day gift ideas for women, especially sexy book series that are a joy to read. If the woman in your life hasn’t picked up this series yet, but likes to read, trust me when I say it’s the perfect gift. Not only is the Outlander series a good read, it’s filled with steamy page-turning romance that will definitely heat up the bedroom for the weeks to come.

Sexy lingerie sleepwear for women

Unwrap Me, Babydoll Dress

She will know that you are down for business when she unwraps this lovely dress. Then you may even get to unwrap her so it will be a win-win.

Book of sex positions as an idea for sexy valentine's day gifts for women

The Little Black Book of Sex Positions

You never have to be bored with this little black book because it is filled with naughty new positions that you can try.

Sexy massage oil Valentine's Day gifts for women

Edible Massage Oil

Give her a relaxing and playful massage with this edible oil. Not only will the massage feel amazing her skin will be silky smooth from the oil too.

Heart shaped nipple tassles for women

Heart Shaped Tassels

This handmade paper is a personal touch for handwritten notes! Pair it with a set of nice pens, and you’ve got a start to a custom stationery set!

Personalized Sexy Pinup Art of Your Wife or Girlfriend

Make your wife or girlfriend feel sexy on Valentine’s day with a personalized art gift idea like this pin up drawing. You send a picture when you order it and the artist creates a custom piece that looks like the woman in your life.

Sexy thong with a message on it

Sexy Thong

A flirty and romantic thong that is perfect for a romantic night in. Get your hands warmed up for a little naughty spanking!

Red sparkly barefoot sandlas

Barefoot Sandals

If you’re planning to spend Valentine’s day at the spa or beach these barefoot sandals are a fun way to add a sexy touch to her relaxation outfit.

Eye mask and animal ears

Eye Mask

Get creative and playful with this naughty eye mask and cat ears. Things are going to get extra hot!

Sexy leggings for women

Sexy Leggings

These legging are not only really sexy, romantic and fun they are also really comfortable. She is going to love them.

Kinky card game to give a woman on Valentine's day

Kinky Card Game

Add spicy fun times to your evening with this Sexy and Kinky Activities game. If kink isn’t your thing, choose from one of the other games to get your engine revved up.

Kinky BDSM Dice Set of 3

Kinky BDSM Dice Set

Roll the dice and see what kind of fun you’ll be having together. Great for adding a bit of spice to the bedroom, especially if you’re new to BDSM. The best part? They’re unisex so a man and woman or two women can enjoy these equally.

Retro apron

Retro Flirty Apron

Don’t worry, she won’t feel like cooking when you get her this flirty and fun apron! She will have other things on her mind.

Personal massager for women

Personal Massager

This massager has a memory recall and is waterproof so it can be used in many different settings.

Spa gift set

Spa Gift Set

Get her feeling extra special and relaxed and she will for sure be in the mood to get the romance going.

Sexy bdsm leather bondage gear

Leather Fantasy Harness

If you’re into bondage new accessories make super hot Valentine’s Day gift ideas. A harness, especially one that’s custom made like this one, is easier than ropes for some fun in the bedroom.

Luxury personal massager for women

Luxury Personal Massager

She deserves to be pampered on Valentine’s Day, right? Don’t cheap out on her pleasure and pick up a luxury personal massager so the after dinner activities become the perfect dessert. 

Victoria's secret fragrance set to give to women on Valentine's Day

Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Set

This mist and lotion set smells amazing and is a sultry, sexy scent that she is sure to love.

sexy love towel gag gift

Funny Love Towel

If you want to keep your sexy Valentine’s Day gift on the lighter side, a funny gag gift like this love towel is a fun addition to your February 14th gifting. Then again, it’s made from absorbent 100% cotton and happens to be machine washable, so you might just find it practical after all!

Sexy Valentine's Day BSDM Gift Ideas For Women

Soft Fur Leather Handcuff Set

Turn up the heat with these handcuffs and whip. I promise it will be fun for both of you!

Happy Valentine's Day to my favorite MILF card

Funny Valentine’s MILF Day Card

If your wife or girlfriend is a total MILF let her know with a funny card for Valentine’s Day. You don’t need to be romantic to make a woman feel hot!

Feminine lace robe

Lace Robe

She will feel like a sex kitten in this beautiful, long and lacy robe. Plus, you will get to enjoy looking at her wearing it.

Sexy Kama Sutra Gift Set

Kama Sutra Gift Set

Perfect gift set if you are also planning a romantic getaway or an evening staying home. Loads of fun and romance will be had.

Sexy massage candles for women as Valentine's Day gifts

Massage Candle

This massage candle smells amazing, has a pour spout and is all natural. Don’t be afraid to go wild with this candle.

Bedroom battle game for couples

Bedroom Battle Game

You are never too old to play games, especially with your partner. This is a two player game that is the right amount of naughty and fun.

Red sexy high heels

Sexy High Heels for Women

These romantic, sexy and flirty heels will blow her mind! They look fantastic and feel comfortable too.

Sexy customized air fresheners

Sexy Customized Air Freshener

Not every sexy Valentine’s Day gift needs to be about having sex. Some can just be fun and practical too! Make sure you get a good picture of yourself to print on these sexy personalized air fresheners so she’ll be proud to hang it in her car.

Sexy body shimmer

Body Shimmer

This body shimmer will make her skin glisten and is a strawberry flavor that is kissable. You won’t be able to keep your mouth away from her.

Thigh Chain for women

Thigh Chain

She will feel elegant, classy and romantic when you give her this thigh chain. It goes fabulously with that little black dress.

Box set of chocolates

Chocolate Bonbon Collection

There is nothing that turns a woman on more than some creamy and mouthwatering chocolate. You can’t lose with this gift!

Women's vibrator


You can’t really beat around the bush with this one. (Take that as a euphemism if you must.) A good quality vibrator can really spice up your sex life and make things more enjoyable for your female partner. 

Fun bath bomb set

Bath Bomb Set

She will feel so pampered, sexy and loved when you give her these fantastic bath bombs.

favorite cardio mug

You’re My Favorite Cardio Mug

Both silly and sexy, this mug reminds the special woman in your life that she’s instrumental in keeping up with your exercise goals. How that cardio happens is up to you.

sexy rose petals for Valentine's Day

Rose Petals

I don’t care if it’s cliché, rose petals are always sexy and romantic on Valentine’s Day. Don’t underestimate how a grand gesture can make a woman feel, especially if you combine it with a romantic evening.

sexy turth or dare game book

Sexy Truth or Dare

This is a great gift if you want to do something sexy with your significant other, but aren’t sure where to start. Great for reigniting the passion or getting to know a new partner!

sexy man coloring book

Sexy Man Coloring Book

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! It’s OK to let your wife or girlfriend enjoy some sexy men once in awhile, especially when it’s combined with a fun and relaxing hobby like coloring. For the women who aren’t into men there are other sexy coloring books like this one too.



How can batteries be a sexy Valentine’s Day gift idea for women, you ask? Well if she has a lot of toys that require them this simple (and practical) gift has a lot of sexy implications. This is also your reminder to check any that you have batteries on hand for any electric gifts you’ve already bought!

With sexy gift ideas for women like these ones the best you can hope for this Valentine’s Day is a fun night in. Buy her one of these gifts, order some take out, crack open a bottle of champagne, and spent romantic night together.

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