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20 Birthday Gifts For 17 Year Old Boys

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Yeah, it’s pretty much impossible to shop for a 17-year-old boy because aside from what they’re directly interested in they usually don’t have much of an opinion for what they want. This year, get him something cool for his birthday that’s not going to just be cast aside after a few days.

Fun Birthday Gifts For 17 Year Old Boys

All my Friends are Dead Book

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Even if he’s not a reader this book will have him laughing. It seems like a kid’s book but it’s made for teens and adults and highlights exactly what’s so bad about being a bunch of different things. Like a dinosaur.

Stacking Figures

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Keith Haring is a famous pop and street artist whose style continues to live on. These stacking figures are fun to play with and look cool displayed.

Awkward Turtle Game

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Now that he’s 17 it’s time to let him play those adult party games. Like Taboo but you have to guess that awkward word.

Logic Puzzle

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Keep him out of trouble by getting him hooked on logic puzzles. There’s a lot of cool ones out there like this cube version.

Face/Butt Towel

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It’s important to keep track of which part of the towel is for what.

Giant Lobster Claws

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It’s the gift that he didn’t know he wanted for his 17th birthday but most definitely needs. Be the coolest gift giver ever by showing up with these claws all wrapped up.

Retro Clock

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What time is it? This clock has times like “dinner” and “call mom”.

The Manual to Manhood

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This book contains (almost) everything a teenage boy needs to know as he enters manhood. Your 17 year old can learn how to cook the perfect steak, fold a shirt, and other important life lessons.

Hug Dealer

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Your 17 year old isn’t a low life who deals drugs. He deals hugs! A great gift for a friendly teen.

Board Games

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Board games a great way for teens to spend time with their friends and nowadays there’s lots out there that will appeal to 17 year old boys. Check out the “euro” style titles for some great ideas.

Steampunk Sunglasses

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Is he a regular 17 year old boy or the coolest 17 year old in town? These sunglasses will decide that fate.


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Add this backpack in with the shades to really help him accessorise. This backpack has as more mature look for a boy that’s now a little bit more grown up.

Record Player

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Even if he’s not into music, but especially if he is, a record player is great to have. Scour thrift stores to give him an inexpensive start up collection to go with it.

Printed Hoodie

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These all over printed hoodies are really popular with teenagers. Get him something that suits his style.

Hot Potato Game

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You’ll be shocked by how much fun the 17-year-old and his friends have with this hot potato game.

Pen Holder

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Can’t find a pen? Oh, it’s being used to murder someone. A funny pen holder for a twisted teenage boy.

Inspirational Print

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Just because he’s a 17-year-old boy doesn’t mean he doesn’t need some inspiration as he finishes high school and enters manhood. Something like this print can give him some cool art for his room and a positive message.

Ring Toss Game

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Maybe a dart board in his room isn’t a good idea so compromise with ring toss. Him (and his friends if he wants) can test their skills trying to get the most points.

Crave Box

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With teenage boys you can never go wrong with snacks. This gift makes a great care package when you live far away from the birthday boy.

PS4 VR Bundle

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Go big or go home! Make this birthday something extra special by picking up that console or game that he’s been eyeing off.

Let him be a kid just a little bit longer by picking up fun 17th birthday gifts this year. After all, it’s the last one before he’s 18!

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