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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

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Ok look, I know how it is. Men are impossible to shop for, especially on Valentine’s Day. You want to do something sweet, thoughtful, and romantic – he’s not as interested in getting those things. Get him one of these gifts, he’s sure to love it.

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Six Ways I Love You

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Fill up this box with his favourite 6 pack or assortment of craft beers. It’s a cute way to package up something he loves.

Leather Keychain

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This romantic, classy leather keychain is a great guy gift. It says “I know what love is because of you.”

Hand Holding Mittens

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Now you can hold each other’s hands not through your mittens with these special gloves. How cute for those romantic winter walks.

Mixology Dice

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If your man is passionate about alcohol this dice set is a perfect gift. Just roll, then learn how to make a new, traditional drink.

Multipurpose Tool

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For the guy who has everything: this wallet sized tool is handy to keep around for all those emergency situations guys find themselves in.

Best Boyfriend Ever Mug

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Hope Your Day… Keychain

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You know what he’s all about, so why not get a keychain that reflects how he feels about his favourite things in life.

Slim Wallet

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How about something practical for Valentine’s Day? I have yet to meet a guy that isn’t stubbornly holding on to an old, stuffed full wallet. Help him upgrade.

Wallet Love Card

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And to go with the wallet how about a romantic love card? Get it engraved with something special from your heart for him to carry around always.

Guitar Pick

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For the guitar loving man in your life, this guitar pick is engraved with the message “I’d pick you every time”. Cute pun.

Nice Cologne

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Keep your man smelling nice all year by picking out your favourite scent for him to wear. It’s kind of a gift for both of you really.

Cute Couple’s Pillowcase Set

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These cute his and her matching pillowcases have Spiderman on them for your nerdy boyfriend or husband.

Relationship Memories Book

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This book is packed with fill in the blanks to help immortalize every aspect of your relationship. It’s an especially great gift for a romantic guy who struggles to remember the important details.

Bath Bombs for Men

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No guy wants to admit he’d like to try a bath bomb, and now he can with this non-girly option. After all, if it doesn’t say “for men” then men can’t use it.

Valentine’s Day Vouchers

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These vouchers are specifically designed with men in mind. They have things on them like “nag-free stud’s night out” and “excessive use of remote”. For the stereotype on your Valentine’s Day list.

Gift Basket for Men

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This “manly” gift basket even includes chocolate cigars. If he’s a cigar guy, though, maybe grab him some real ones too.

Romantic Chocolate

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Guys like chocolate but getting him something unique from a place like Etsy will really show him that he’s special to you.

Realistic Heart Shirt

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Hearts don’t really look like hearts, do they? This one does.

Personalized Flask

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Flasks are coming back in style, especially among millennials. Help him stay with the times by getting him this classic gift, and maybe a bottle of his favourite drink to fill it with.

Shaving Set

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Get your guy something that he just wouldn’t buy for himself. This nice-smelling shaving set will definitely be appreciated for Valentine’s Day.

Guys never want to admit that they’re romantic or want to be pampered. Force them by giving them a gift that makes their life a little better, easier, or more loving.

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