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Sexy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Men

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Valentine’s Day isn’t just a romantic holiday for the ladies anymore. Anyone who’s been in a relationship for a while knows that this holiday is for the fellas too! After dinner, tell him you got dessert covered and then bring out some of these sexy Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men. He’ll love them, and so will you!

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So what are some sexy valentine’s day gift ideas for men? Glad you asked! 

Sealed Seductions


A Sexy Valentine's Day Gifts For Men idea, a sealed seduction box.

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Each one of these 30 sealed envelopes contains a sexy seduction for you to try out as a couple. The good kind of surprise sex!

Massage Oil

For a nice sensual massage, try this oil for a sexy valentine's day idea for men.

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It wouldn’t be a sexy gift list without massage oil. Give him a sensual massage that definitely won’t turn into anything else. Perfect for honeymoon baskets too. 

Sweaty Mess Book

Sweaty mess sex games definitely sounds like sexy valentine's day ideas for men to me!

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Bored in the bedroom? This book of 50 kinky sex games to spice up your vanilla sex life.

Sexy Lingerie

One of the sexy valentine's day gift ideas for men could be you dressed up in one of these!

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One of the best gifts you can give him is yourself. No, really. You’ll be irresistible if you walk into the bedroom wearing something like this. And no, it doesn’t matter if your body isn’t perfect, trust me.

Sex Around the House Game

The sexy valentine's day gift ideas for men that keeps on giving!

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Don’t restrict your sex-life to the bedroom with this sexy board game. There’s something kinky about doing “it” in new places.

Wooden Block Signs

Blocks that can let your guest know where you've had sex can be a great sexy valentine's day gift ideas for him.

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After you play the sex board game, have him unwrap these decorative wooden blocks. Oops, they’re not exactly your grandmother’s style after all. Yup, this one too.

Melting Chocolate

Think of all the fun you could have with this sexy valentine's day gift ideas for him.

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Come on, you know what this is for… Fondue! Actually, fondue can be sexy, but drizzling melted chocolate over your lover’s naked body is even sexier.


The sexy valentine's day gift ideas for men that's really for you.

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A good quality electric back massager will make him feel amazing. This massager happens to be well known for other kinds of massages, though.

Love Cuffs

You can always take turns using these sexy valentine's day gift ideas for men.

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This isn’t just a gift, it’s an implication of the night you’re going to have together. Now the big question: who’s going to tie up who?

Collar Stays

A collar pin is a class yet sexy valentine's day gift ideas for him.

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Give him this little reminder of your love when he’s at work or out somewhere special.

Cookie Cutter

Who says cookies can't be sexy valentine's day gift ideas for men?

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Drop unsubtle hints by baking him a batch of these sexy cookies for Valentine’s Day

Prostate Massager for Men

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Don’t leave men out of the fun when it comes to playing with toys! This prostate massager also is remote controller from up to 12 meters for a truly sexy Valentine’s Day experience. 

Thanks for all the… Mug

No no, thank you. A great sexy valentine's day gift ideas for men.

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Sometimes it’s nice to appreciate your man for what he does. This mug says it all: Thanks for all the orgasms.


You can really blow on this sexy valentine's day gift ideas for men!

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This customized candle set will put a fire in his heart. Sorry. At any rate, it makes sexy time just a little bit romantic.

Kama Sutra for Beginners

This sexy valentine's day gift ideas for men can really have you reaching for new heights.

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Give him this classic book for Valentine’s Day to spice up your love life. This edition of Kama Sutra is for beginners, so you’re bound to find some new, fun positions to try. And if you’re looking for more ideas to deepen your connection, check out our list here

Kinky Truth or Dare

A kinky truth or dare really sounds like a sexy valentine's day gift ideas for men.

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If you’re feeling more playful than passionate these kinky truth or dare pick-a-sticks are just the gift you need to give. Each one has a racy truth on one side or kinky dare on the other for a fun, intimate time with your man.

Nice Underwear

Nice underwear really can be sexy which is why it makes it on to our sexy valentine's day gift ideas for men list.

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Help him feel mature and sexy by gifting a nice pair of underwear. These ones come in a fancy box, too, so they look amazing to give.

Vintage Erotic Poster

An erotica art piece is definitely a sexy valentine's day gift ideas for men.

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If your guy prefers more artsy things, these real vintage prints are the perfect gift. Frame them up for a classy art piece.

Your Name Undies

A sexy valentine's day gift ideas for men is his name all over your ...

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This custom pair of underwear is definitely going to make him smile when he sees it on you. Put his name on and show him (and probably no one else) who you(r butt) belongs to.

Sex Adventurous Card Game

A change up from the vanilla is definitely sexy valentine's day gift ideas for men material.

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If the guy in your life is more of a card game person, try this sexy variation. There are 3 different games to play besides just exploring what’s on the cards.

Intimate Ring With Vibrator


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This intimate ring will add a little bit of spice (and buzz) to your Valentine’s Day evening. The vibration function means it feels even better for both of you! 


We know you do really love it hence why it's a sexy valentine's day gift ideas for men.

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It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a card, so get him something that really comes from the heart.

Guys really aren’t that hard to shop for on Valentine’s Day. Let’s be honest, time with you is all truly wants, and these gifts will help make that time a bit spicier. Have fun!

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