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20 End of Year Classroom Gifts for 7th Grade Students

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When the school year is coming to a close, it can be hard to say goodbye, but sometimes end of the year gifts make it easier. If you are at a loss for what to get your 7th grade students as their end of year gift, don’t worry, this list is full of ideas that shouldn’t break the bank. These are fun, unique, and amazing fits for the students to receive.

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Unique End of Year Classroom Gifts for 7th Grade Students

Journal Notebook Inserts

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These journal notebook inserts come in various colors, so that not everyone goes home with the same color. They can be used either on their own or as inserts to planners or the like.

Inspirational Fridge Magnets

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Inspire your students into summer with these inspirational fridge magnets.

Starry Night Gel Ink Pens

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Each comes with six starry night gel ink pens. Encourage them to write in the journals above, or their own notebooks and journals at home, during the summer.

Stationery Mug Charms

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These stationery mug charms just might encourage them to express themselves artistically while they are taking a break from school.

Blank White Canvas for Painting

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Pair these blank white canvases for painting with a small set of paints and ask them to paint a picture of what they think their summer vacation will be like.

Deluxe Pencil Assortment

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There are a whopping one hundred pencils in this deluxe pencil assortment set. A simple pencil, paired with another meaningful gift, can bring them delight.


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One of the most fun games to play over summer vacation is frisbee!

Pop Rocks Candy 9 Flavor Assortment

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Middle schoolers love pop rocks. Who wouldn’t love candy popping in their mouth? These even come in various colors.

Glow Sticks Bracelets

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These glow sticks bracelets will make their late summer nights even more fun and memorable.

Blank Metal Bookmarks

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Attach a tassel or charm to the end of these blank metal bookmarks that encourages them to read more while they are on break this summer.

Pen Nibs Charms

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They have done a lot of writing and homework in your class this past year, remind them how far they have come when it comes to those aspects of school, with these pen nibs charms. You can put them on keychains or zipper pulls, or whatever else they will fit on.

Wood Slices

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These are great for turning into drink coasters or little pieces of artwork that can be hung on their wall later.

Forest Friend Bookmarks

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If doing the blank metal bookmarks and choosing something to go on the tops of them isn’t your thing, these forest friend bookmarks will do the job just well.

Hawaiian Sea Glass

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Ignite the explorer in your students with a little piece of Hawaiian sea glass.

Gourmet Popcorn

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They will probably be having countless movie nights this summer, and some gourmet popcorn will be like the icing on the cake when they do.

Assorted Pens

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Use permanent markers to write their names or an inspiring quote on these pens for each of your students.

Plain White Envelopes

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You can have them send you a letter this summer to tell you how fun it is or what they are up to, label them with your address and maybe a stamp, so that all they have to do is write their return address and the letter to send you. It is a great way to stay connected to them even after they leave your class.

Driftwood Pieces

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THey are drifting off into summer, after all! Attach a little note or saying!

Frito-Lay Classic Mix Variety Pack of Chips

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If all else fails, a good way to a middle schooler’s heart is through their stomach!

Heartbeat Charms

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Remind your students to keep chasing their dreams, what makes their hearts beat, with these meaningful charms.

The end of the school year doesn’t have to be as sad with a nice parting gift. Trust me, those kids will remember you and the impact you had on their lives no matter what.

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