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20 Thank You Gifts for Your Housesitter

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You may wonder how to thank your house sitter for the dedication and hard work they put into caring for your house, pets, and plants while you are away. Sometimes we forget that even though we are paying for service, they are still going above and beyond what a simple paycheck gives them. These thank you gifts for your housesitter can go a long way in showing them how much you appreciate them.

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Creative Gifts Ideas to Thank a Housesitter

Your housesitter is going to feel apprecaited with these fun and creative thank you gift ideas! Whether it’s a casual house sitter who you want to give a small gift to or someone you’ve trusted over the years, there’s something here for everyone!

23.6'(L) x 15.7'(W) Humor Funny Saying & Quotes: Shut The Front Door Indoor/outdoor Floor Mat Doormat

“Shut the Front Door” Welcome Mat

A welcome mat for their own house is a nice “house” gift and this one is a twist, not just your average welcome mat!

Yankee Candle Pink Peony Small Single Wick Tumbler Candle, Floral Scent

Yankee Candle Pink Peony

Candles are great for times we want the gentle ambiance and lighting, which makes it so much easier to relax. Whether they are housesitting or in their own house, they can enjoy a nice scented candle to create this environment to help them relax and recharge.

Thank You Custom Wine Labels

Is wine one of your favorite gifts to give other people to thank them or simply show that you are thinking of them? These thank you custom wine labels would be nice to slap on a bottle of wine and give to whoever you want to thank for what they have done for you, including your beloved housesitter.

Phaleanopsis Orchid in Vase Silk Flower Arrangement Decoration (Magenta)

Orchid in Vase Silk Flower Arrangement Decoration

House decorations are always nice and since they make a living watching other people’s houses, something to spruce up their own home is a good gift idea. This orchid in a vase decoration is beautiful and such a sweet gesture.

Fodor's Best Road Trips in the USA: 50 Epic Trips Across All 50 States (Full-color Travel Guide)

Best Road Trips in the USA

If your housesitter has dreams of traveling the world to house sit or simply to take a vacation, a guide to another country would be a nice gift for them to look through and to daydream.

Yoga Stretch for Beginners and Beyond DVD

Yoga Stretch for Beginners and Beyond DVD

An easy, gentle workout of stretches, can be a nice way for your housesitter to keep active while they take care of your house.

Personalized Suitcase Necklace

Your housesitter is constantly on the go, and this suitcase necklace with their initial on a charm next to it, is a cute idea for her!

HOME Wooden Block Decor

As mentioned above, home decor for their own house is a nice gift for a housesitter, to keep their house looking nice while they are busy taking care of others’ houses. Their home is likely their ultimate comfort zone so this “HOME” wooden block sign is a lovely idea for them.

Adult Coloring Books Set 3 Pack – Landmarks, Henna, Butterflies and Flowers

Creatively Calm Studios Adult Coloring Book Set with 120 Unique Patterns

What better way for them to keep busy while they house sit, than to color in an adult coloring book full of unique designs?

Personalized Engraved Wine Tumbler

Wine glasses with quotes or touching phrases are always much appreciated. Choose a phrase such as treasured, dedicated, caring soul, or your housesitter’s name for a sweet idea to show how much what they do for you means to you!

Soy Mason Jar Candles

This set of soy mason jar candles could make a nice addition to your housesitter’s house and help them create a relaxing environment on their time off.

Monogrammed Overnight Bag

For those short one-nighters, get your housesitter this monogrammed overnight bag with their initials on it. It has a nice personal touch that they will proudly carry around with them as they go about their housesitting duties.

Colorful Art Print with Flowers

A beautiful decoration for their house to hang up on the wall and be something pleasant they can look at, yet is so simple and not a big deal to print up and give to them in a frame or on its own.

Utrax Wooden Sofa Arm Clip on Snack Table Wood Chair Armrest Tray Organizer Romote Caddy (Cherry)

Wooden Armrest Tray

As they go from house to house, they can use this wooden armrest tray to keep their drinks, food, books, or remotes organized and steady.

Canvas Tote Dutch Houses

This canvas tote bag with Dutch houses on it is a cute gift for them to carry to daytime positions or for running errands.

Personalized House Sign

Your housesitter takes care of your house so add a little charm to theirs as a way to say thank you. Have it customized with their last name or

“You Got This” Large Coffee Mug

A nice mug for them to drink their coffee from, to feel more awake and on top of things as they go about their housesitting work, is a good idea to show your appreciation for their hard work watching your house.

Professional Houseplant Sitter

Shirts with some kind of saying on them, representative of something that means a lot to us, are always great ideas. This one has such a cute saying on it, “professional houseplant sitter.”

Mini Spa Gift Box

Spa sets are nice gifts to help your housesitter relax on her time off, and this one is especially nice as it has such useful and unique pieces in it for relaxation. It’s the full works!

World’s Best House Sitter Mug

Humorous gift for your housesitter who you want to thank in a fun way. Perfect for the 5 star house sitter!

Your housesitter will appreciate any thoughtful gift from you, and these are all a wonderful place to start! Check them out and see what might be of interest to your housesitter or fit their personality!

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