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20 Thank You Gift Ideas for Lacrosse Coaches

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Lacrosse coaches are more than just a physical educator, they are important to build healthy, confident individuals too. That’s why not just any gift will do. We chose a list of 20 marvellous gifts that will make your Lacrosse coach feel as if life has just begun.

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Thank You Gifts for Lacrosse Coaches

Women’s Bracelet

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This Lacrosse theme bracelet will have your lady coach know just how much she means to you.

Confident Coach Guide – Book

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This book will have his/her skills in top form at all times.

Insulated flask

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This flask will keep their beverages warm and fresh, while watching the match.

Aluminium deck chair

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This chair will have coach in a comfy seat throughout the entire match.

Bluetooth Earpiece

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Helps get all the strategy changes to everyone on time.

Silicone Bracelet

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Give this gift to have you etched into the coach’s heart for years to come.

Lunch Bag

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Coach can keep their lunch fresh at all times.

Coach Lanyard and Whistle

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Cos every coach needs a trusty whistle and lanyard.

Official Scorebook

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Keep those stats up to date with this scorebook.


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These cufflinks are just the thing to make him look snazzy at awards ceremonies.

Keep calm sign

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For those days when the team just doesn’t seem to be getting t together.

Reversible hat

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Keep the sun out of her face so that not a single move is missed.

Retro sunglasses

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These shades will make her want to go back to the 90’s


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For those days when everything seems to be going wrong and a reminder is need for why the heck they are doing it anyway!

Baby Crawler

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If coach is expecting a baby, this gift will remind her of what the necessary steps are.

Personalised Bottle Opener

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A great thank you from the team goes a very long way with this nifty tool.

Photo Frame


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A great photo of the team is a great way to keep him/her reminded of how great you are.

Macbook decal

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This decal will keep him/her focused throughout the matches and practice sessions.

Personalised leather camera strap

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This strap will keep the camera in position, ready to take enough pictures.


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And if nobody knew the signs of who the coach is, this T-Shirt will get you on the right track.

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