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Toys That Begin With The Letter X For All Ages

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I remember being a little girl and being fascinated by the alphabet song. I would always mess up a few letters, but I was sure to get X, Y, and Z right! X is a tricky letter because it is in so many words like fox, box and onyx. There aren’t tons of things that start with X. This is a unique list of thrilling toys that all start with the letter X, so now you don’t have to scour the internet looking! Take your time and check over each one. You will find several options for each age group. Happy shopping!

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Find more toys for the rest of the alphabet:

Toys That Begin With The Letter X  Ages 2-5


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Beautiful melodies, groovy tunes, and booming highs and lows are in your child’s future with this xylophone. It has two mallets for twice the musical experience!

Xin: Wooden Montessori

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A versatile toy that helps with colors and numbers. It will also help increase your child’s hand and eye coordination.

X-Ray Machine

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Imaginative play will be even more enjoyable with this x-ray machine. It comes with several accessories. Also, besides being fun, it will help your kid become a better patient when he goes to the doctor.

XL Let’s Go Fishin Game

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It’s a race against time to see how many sea creatures you can catch! 2 settings so you can have it set for a more comfortable or harder round depending on the children’s skill set.

Xtreme Quad

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Marvelous gift idea for your little thrill seeker. It can go up to 1.5 miles per hour and can hold a charge for 8-10 hours. Loads of fun!

Toys That Begin With The Letter X  Ages 6-8

X-Shot Combo Pack

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Your child will be in dart blasting heaven with this combo pack! It has everything you need to get your dart war on!


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This creepy little alien is looking for a new place to call home! Does your child love scary toys and movies? If so, this would be an excellent addition to his toy collection.

Xeno Xcalibur

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Wildly entertaining bayblade that comes with a launcher. You can expect that the battles will be a whole new level of amusement.

Xoom Cubes

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You can have up to four players in this smart word game. The colorful dice make it visually appealing too!

X-Rays & Picture Cards

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Does your child love insects and science? If so, she is going to be infatuated with these x-rays and photos of real insects. Lots to learn with this set.


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This cute little guy is based off a character on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Of course, he isn’t going to want to be called cute!

X Adventure Pack

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If your kid loves treasure maps and treasures, this is an excellent gift idea! There are ten different levels, and it even comes with a treasure map.

Xavier Woods Action Figure

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Where are all my wrestling fans? Xavier is going to be busting out all his wrestling moves like the backbreaker, chokeslam, and the facebuster!


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Be the first player to get rid of all your tiles, and you will win the game! These high-quality wooden pieces will last forever!

X-Ray Spex

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Retro glasses that your child is going to think is hilarious! These glasses may even take you back to your childhood!

Toys That Begin With The Letter X  Ages 9-12

Xbox One

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This gaming device has a sleek design, and your kiddo is going to think you are the best gift giver ever! You might even get a few hugs out of the deal!

X-Shot Rapid Fire

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Whoa! This thing can shoot darts up to 80 feet away! The goal is to kill the bugs before they have a chance to land.

Xenomorph Plush

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So this isn’t your ordinary cute and snuggly plush toy! It is from the movie Alien, and it’s terrifyingly adorable!


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This Chinese chess game is magnetic, so you don’t have to worry about the pieces falling off the board. It also comes with a carrying case for easy storage.


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Girls or boys are going to love putting together the 3267 pieces of this building set. Hours and days of playtime satisfaction.

Xtreme Quadcopter

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This is a perfect quadcopter for beginners. It can do flips and is stable in the air. Everyone should have one of these to play with.


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A frightful dinosaur that your scary creature fanatic is going to love! There are 15 different dinosaurs that you can collect!

X-Men Building Blocks

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These micro blocks may be small in size, but they are huge on the amusement scale! Building them take a little bit of time, but they are so worth it when they are completed.

X-Legends Treasure Set

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Each set has a gold dipped treasure, nine gold action figures and so much more! This is an excellent toy for your child to play detective.

Xavier Unicorn

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This stunning unicorn that is a must-have for any unicorn collector. It’s handcrafted, and the details are mind-blowing.

Did you have a favorite toy that started with X when you were growing up?

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