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Toys That Begin With Letter U Grouped By Age

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Did you know that there are lots of toys that begin with the letter U? Don’t worry; I didn’t just compile a list of different umbrellas! I have scoured the internet and found a great variety of toys, and they are all organized by the different age groups so your shopping experience will be even more comfortable. So it doesn’t matter if you are shopping for your toddler or your pre-teen, there is a perfect fit for your needs. Happy shopping!

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Find more toys for the rest of the alphabet:

Toys That Begin With Letter U For Ages 2-5

Toys That Begin With Letter U Grouped By Age, toys for kids 2-5 unicorn fancy pals purse, white unicorn stuffy in a purple purse.

Unicorn Fancy Pals Purse

Now, little Susie can take her very own unicorn with her everywhere she goes. It’s the perfect size for small arms to hold.

ursula squishmallow for toddlers and kids

Ursula Squishmallow

Now your kiddo’s Little Mermaid collection can be complete! Ursula is the villain in the movie, but even villains need to be played with!

Blue rocket shaped kids play tent with yellow stars all over it.

USA Toyz Kids Play Tent

Is it just me or do all kids LOVE tents? All the children I know could spend hours in one of these. You can’t go wrong!

Toys That Begin With Letter U Grouped By Age: nine dinosaur blocks.

Uncle Goose Dinosaur Blocks

Stackable wooden blocks that have been decorated with adorable dinosaurs. Each block has a picture of the actual dinosaur with its name, footprints, skeleton and more. They don’t even realize they are learning!

Blue and orange helicopter toy with  little pilot inside.

Umizoomi UmiPlane

If your kiddo has ever watched the show Team Umizoomi you probably have the theme song stuck in your head!

Little boy holding a blue and greet ukulele.


It is never too young to start playing the ukulele! One thing is for sure; your home will be filled with beautiful new music by your sweet child!

unicorn duplo set

Unicorn Duplo Set

You can’t go wrong with Duplo when it comes to little kids, and this unicorn set is a perfect option for toys that start with the letter u.

three in one pop up play tent.

UTEX 3 in 1 Pop Up Play Tent

Hold onto your hats! This tent is such a wonderful toy that is built to last. Bright colors, a tunnel, and a ball pit, what’s not to love?

white and blue ufo & alien light. with a green alien inside.

UFO & Alien Light

How fun will it be for your child to have his own UFO? I will answer that…he will love it a ton! Interactive lights that change color each time you put the alien back in place while keeping your kiddo entertained.

Toys that begin with the Letter U for Ages 6-8

Toys that begin with the Letter U for Ages 6-8: box of uno card game.

Uno Game

Do you remember how old you were when you first played Uno? So many memories of playing this enjoyable game for hours!

unicorn poop slime

Unicorn Poop Slime

Yes, you read that correctly! Your child can play with their own unicorn poop colored slime. And the best part is they will enjoy every second.

Rainbow in my room light.

Uncle Milton Rainbow In My Room

Your child can turn her room into a rainbow extravaganza! This gift is especially suitable for a child that has a fear of the dark.

Toys that begin with the Letter U for Ages 6-8: under the sea activity pad.

Under The Sea Activity Pad

Never have a dull moment again with this activity pad. It has reusable stickers, lots of bright colors and a large activity pad.

disney villians ursula fashion doll

Ursula Fashion Doll

If collecting Disney figurines or fashion dolls is their thing, your kid is going to go gaga or this charmingly evil Ursula! Don’t be the poor unfortunate soul who misses out on this deal!

USA floor map giant puzzle for kids

US Floor Map Puzzle

This floor puzzle helps teach your children about the geography of the United States. Plus, it labels each state capital too.

USA toys astro shot shooting target toy

USA Toyz Astro Shot

If your kid is into Nerf guns or shooting galleries this is a really fun toy gift idea. It’s not Nerf, but you can use the included gun or any you have on hand to shoot the balls that come from tis automatic ball launcher. So fun!

ninety piece sea creatures.

Under The Sea Creatures

90 sea creatures that include starfish, seahorses, sharks, octopus, sea shells and more! Oh, the playing they will do!

Uma isle of the lost doll figurine in a blue dress and blue hair.

Uma Isle Of The Lost

Uma has a gorgeous sparkling gown that she is ready to wear to the ball. She also comes with a purse, earrings, and a pair of shoes.

Ukloo picture helper early reader treasure hunt game.


uKloo is a treasure hunt game that encourages reading and is loads of fun. It helps build your child’s confidence too. This is a win-win!

Large USA interactive map.

USA Interactive Map

Excellent choice for a girl or a boy! The interactive map has over 500 different facts that help teach all about the United States. It even encourages problem-solving skills.

Toys That Begin With Letter U For Ages 9-12

Toys That Begin With Letter U For Ages 9-12: Ursula from the little mermaid plush doll.

Ursula Plush Doll

Even pre-teens need a plush to love on every once in a while. Ursula is adorable as stuffed toy….but don’t tell her that!

Uncle wiggly board game.

Uncle Wiggly Game

Your child will love this game and you will too! It’s lighthearted, entertaining and full of laughs. You may even do a dance or two!

uncle milton's ant farm

Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm

Ant farms are a low-tech gift that’s still popular to give to kids even today. They can fill it with ants found outside then watch them build all kinds of tunnels inside the clear plastic “farm”. Don’t forget to feed the ants!

United states Army chopper toy with two dolls.

United States Army Chopper

This Army chopper comes with two soldiers, and your kid will exude happiness when he plays with it! You might prepare yourself for all the pretend chopper sounds your child will make!

Green box with utter nonsense family edition.

Utter Nonsense Family Edition

This game is incredibly hilarious, and your side will hurt from laughing so hard. The best part is you can have up to 20 players at one time!

Brown and red ukulele with Hawaiian artwork on it.


Age 9-12 is a fantastic age to start learning how to play the ukulele for real. You will be amazed by how quick kids can pick up new things.

Black and silver unicycle.


Your little bambino will feel like the king of the world the first time he masters the unicycle. This is an excellent unicycle to learn with too.

three hundred piece puzzle of the united states map puzzle.

United States Map Puzzle

300 piece puzzle that is of the entire United States including Alaska and Hawaii. Each state shows it’s capital. It has lots of vibrant colors!

light up remote control moon light.

Uncle Milton Super Moon In My Room

This remote controlled moon is like no other! It lights up, has a built-in lunar clock and has terrific moon landing sound effects. This thing is awesome!

Two laser tag gun set one black and one red.

USA Toyz Laser Tag Gun Set

You can have an unlimited number of players and laughs! Perfect for kids and adults that are looking to have one of the best times ever!

Toys Starting With the Letter U for Teens and Adults

star trek uss enterprise model kit

U.S.S. Enterprise Model Kit

If you’re shopping for a Star Trek fan they’ll love this model kit. It’s based on the Wrath of Kahn version, and even has battle damage!

unfair board game for 2-5 players

Unfair Board Game

A card drafting/base building style game, the goal of Unfair is to build the best amusement park over 8 rounds of gameplay. But there’s more than one way to get the job done, including less than morally sound tactics… Do you have what it takes?

star wars rebel u-wing fighter

U-Wing Fighter

Made from die cast metal, this super detailed U-Wing Rebel fighter from Star Wars is a great addition to any fan’s toy collection.

uncle fester funko pop toy

Uncle Fester Funko Pop

Great for any teen or adult who collects Funko pops! Although there’s a bunch that start with the letter U, you can’t go wrong with one from a classic series like the Addams Family.

What was your favorite game when you were growing up? Do you remember playing Uno?

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