Wedding Gift Idea Board Game Collection
Wedding Gift Idea Board Game Collection

Wedding Gift Idea: Board Game Collection

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Wedding Gift Idea Board Game Collection

[Photo – CC Attribution – Average Jane]

Are you in need of an affordable wedding gift idea?  Perhaps you happen to know a couple that you want to give a bit of an unusual wedding gift.  At the very least, I know that this is something Crystal from Budgeting in the Fun Stuff can get behind, she is an absolute lover of board games!

A week or so ago I was out for dinner at some friends’ place and they introduced me to a new game, called Ticket to Ride, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Couple that with fresh flavoured lattes using their new syrup collection and I couldn’t believe that it was midnight all of a sudden!  (I had a white chocolate raspberry soy latte… delicious!)

When I was in university, a few friends started to get married.  Naturally, my financial resources were fairly limited, as were theirs!  While I didn’t go to many weddings, I still bought a few people gifts.  My first gift of choice?  A two player game, so they could while away the time together.  Additionally, such games usually fell within my rather limited budget!

Perhaps you know your friends have several games already, or at the very least enjoy games.  Perhaps you know that they would love a special edition of Settlers of Catan?  Some people even put board games on their wedding registries now, so you could build a games-night themed gift basket around the selection.

Games-Night Gift  Basket Ideas

  • Board Game(s) (duh!)
  • Beverages – pop, fancy drinks, beer, or even stuff to make floats.
  • Snack foods – Select ones that aren’t greasy, you don’t want to have greasy fingers on the new board games!
  • Cute napkins
  • Side plates – from the registry, of course.
  • Serving bowl – again, from the registry.  Use this as your “basket.”
  • Fun Invitations – Pick these up at your local dollar store.
  • Cheesy Trophy – my (super competitive) spouse would absolutely love one.  Re-purposing one from a thrift store may be your best bet.
  • Gift Certificate for take out
  • Recipe cards for “foods on a stick” – this avoids the greasy-finger problem!
  • Themed decorations – Maybe there’s a few hanging out at the party supply store or dollar store?


Okay, so you’ve put together a few of those things up there, to make a rockin birthday gift or wedding gift, but you need a central game.  Here are several that I enjoy:

(Disclaimer: I’ve never played 7 Wonders, I just heard it’s good.)

(Okay – same disclaimer for this one… I just REALLY want to play it!)

(Wits and Wagers was a Christmas gift to us – it’s awesome! Very inclusive, regardless of the group’s background and knowledge.)

There’s also all of the classics, like cribbage, chess, checkers, rumoli, monopoly, uno and more!

PS – I have never understood Apples to Apples… I just don’t get it.

What are your favourite board games?

15 thoughts on “Wedding Gift Idea: Board Game Collection”

  1. Pauline @ Reach Financial Independence

    I love ticket to ride, we often sit and play with friends, unlike risk it is quick but still has some strategy in it. It seems more like a house warming gift or a gift for a college student you hope will stay home and play instead of go out and party, but a few couples I know enjoy regular game night with other couples, so it would fit them well. And they are really cheap.
    My recent post Raising chickens, another investment?

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Hahaha "you hope will stay home and play instead of go out and party" that's brilliant. We definitely enjoy the game nights with friends!~

  2. Board games are a favorite with my family, so this would make an awesome Christmas/wedding gift. I am totally with you with Apples to Apples. We used to play where you had to play a card, then you got 1 minute to convince the judge that your card was the best. Whoever was the most persuasive won. It was WAY more fun and challenging, but unfortunately no one else likes to play that way.
    My recent post Cash Cow Challenge- Week 2

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Ah, that might make Apples to Apples better! Our board game collection keeps growing, there's so many good ones out there.

  3. FrugalRules

    That's a great gift idea for a wedding! My wife and I had put several on our registry and is a great way to have fun and spend nothing to do it. There's not many that I do not like and like a pretty broad selection.

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Aha – glad to see I found someone who put them on their registry :-) I hope that you got some of them. They are good for spending affordable time with friends and family for sure.

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Nice… I'll have to get to those other two sometime. I really enjoyed Ticket to Ride, despite losing spectacularly one of the two times we played.

  4. Great way for an inexpensive gift idea that people can use. We have a game night every month or so games are always a welcome present in our household. Thanks for sharing these games, I really want to check out a ticket to ride and Seven wonders now.
    My recent post Financial Literacy has a Month, Now Let’s Teach it

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Ticket to ride was lots of fun! When I was talking about it to a friend, she professed her undying love for Seven Wonders.

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Anytime :-) Glad to hear that you like those ones. Dare I ask for other suggestions? I suspect you have a long, long list!

  5. Nice… I'll have to get to those other two sometime. I really enjoyed Ticket to Ride, despite losing spectacularly one of the two times we played.

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