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20 Welcome Back Gifts for My Girlfriend

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If your girlfriend has been gone for awhile and is finally coming back, getting her a gift seems like such a nice gesture. She knows you love and miss her, but sometimes that is difficult to deal with when you are apart. Check out some of these cool ideas to give her when she returns!

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Memorable Welcome Back Gifts for My Girlfriend

Moonstone Ring

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A moonstone ring that will look stunning on her finger!

Picture on Wood

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Having a picture of the two of you together put on a piece of wood will quickly become her favorite piece of decor.

Labradorite Layering Necklace

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Labradorite layering necklaces are absolutely stunning, especially for your girlfriend as a welcome back gift.

Turquoise Boho Beach Bracelet

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If she spends a lot of time on the beach, she certainly needs a turquoise boho beach bracelet to wear.

Personalized “____ Miles has nothing on us” Keychain

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When distance knows no bounds, a personalized “____ miles has nothing on us” keychain is in order.

“Reasons why I love you” Notebook

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Write down all the reasons you love her in this notebook and she will adore reading them all.

“If you can read this, bring me a glass of wine” Socks

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Sometimes you know this is what she wants to say when she is lounging around the house.

Glowing Blue Moon Necklace

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This unique glowing blue moon necklace is just unique enough for her.

3D Printed Book Ring

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If she is a bookworm, she definitely needs the 3D printed book ring to hold her book open with one hand without as much effort. After all, it does get tiring as your read more and more.

Wooden Wine Glass Shaped Ring Dish with Heart Shaped Indent

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Your girlfriend will love setting her rings in the heart-shaped indent in this wooden wine glass.

Rose Gold Rose Necklace with Initial Charm

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Personalized with her initial, she will cherish this rose gold rose necklace.

Any Two State Keychain Set

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To represent the two states that are currently keeping you apart, a keychain for each of you with the opposite state on it.

“You’re my person” Soy Candle with Personalized Message

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She is your person, and you, hers. Make sure to personalize it with a sweet love note.

Birthstone Choker Necklace

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Whatever her birthstone is, putting it on this birthstone choker necklace is a lovely gesture.

Chocolate Gift Box

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If she loves chocolate, then chocolate is probably the way to her heart, especially after so much time apart.

Unique Druzy Ring

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Another piece of unique jewelry is the druzy ring.

Dainty Infinity Bracelet

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You two are meant to be together for infinity!

Personalized Floral Clutch

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This personalized floral clutch will make going places easier since it is lighter than a regular purse.

Dainty Starfish Necklace

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Your girlfriend is the love of your life, she is the star!

Cursive “Love” Earrings

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These cursive “Love” earrings will be a constant reminder that she is loved, even from miles away.

I love you more Heart Sweatshirt

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This way she can carry your heart with her wherever she goes, even when you are apart for longer than either of you can bear.

Welcoming your girlfriend back is going to be exciting enough for the both of you, but a gift just adds love and excitement.

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