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20 Welcome Back Gifts for My Girlfriend

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If your girlfriend has been gone for a while and is finally coming back, getting her a gift seems like such a nice gesture. She knows you love and miss her, but sometimes that is difficult to deal with when you are apart. If you’re pondering, “what’s the best welcome back gifts for my girlfriend?” Check out some of these cool ideas to give her when she returns!

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Fun and Thoughtful Welcome Back Gifts My Girlfriend Will Love

Your girlfriend may already be happy to be home but these gifts are going to make her arrival even more special.

Welcome Back Gifts For My Girlfriend retro style mixed tape usb drive

Homemade Mix Tape

Remember the olden days when we used to make mix tapes for our partners when we pined over them being away? Relive the retro 80s and 90s vibe with this modern option; it’s a USB drive that you can fill with songs that remind you of your girlfriend for a perfect welcome back playlist gift.

Mood Stone Necklace

Mood Stone Necklace

I think jewelry would make thoughtful welcome back gift ideas for my girlfriend but you don’t want to go too formal with it, especially if you haven’t been dating long. A fun piece like this mood stone necklace says “I love you” without it being too much.

Trendy wooden geometric art

New Art For The Home

If you’re living together or she has her own place to go home to some new, trendy art pieces can be a great way to welcome your gf home after time away. It will be that little something to help liven up the space!

welcome back decoration kit

Welcome Back Decorations

Nothing says “I missed you” like celebrating someone’s return. Make her arrival extra special by decorating the place before she gets back (even if you’re not throwing a party).

Welcome Back Gifts For My Girlfriend Custom Leather Photo Album Keychain

Custom Leather Photo Album Keychain

This is a thoughtful gift that you can put together while you’re missing your girlfriend and give to her once she’s home. Now next time she travels you’ll be even closer!

yankee candle midsummer's night scented

Scented Candle

It seems small, but having a nice scented candle for her to unwrap (or even burning) when she gets home will help get her excited to be back in her own place again.

blanket hoodie gift for girlfriend

Blanket Hoodie

After you’ve been away all you want to do is relax and recharge in your own home… Even if you were just on vacation. Help your girlfriend enjoy the comfort of being at home with a cozy gift like these wearable blankets.

Welcome Back Gifts For My Girlfriend  funny face print boxer shorts

Custom Face Boxer Shorts

This is great for a couple with a sense of humor. If you wear boxers, surprise your girlfriend by ordering a pair with her face plastered on them. It’s definitely going to get a reaction when you go to undress the first evening she’s home…

Mini long distance map tin personalized

Mini Map Tin

If your girlfriend normally lives away and is just being welcomed back for a short while this is a nice gift for her to bring back with her when she goes. Customize it with your location and hers for a sweet way to say “I missed you”.

funny welcome mat welcome back gifts for my girlfriend

Funny Welcome Mat

What better way to say “welcome back” to your girlfriend than with a welcome mat gift? You could even set it outside to surprise her when she gets back.

I Love You Because... Card

I Love You Because… Card

Sometimes a thoughtful card can mean more than any gift. This one can be customized with all the reasons you love your girlfriend. This card is extra fun because she’ll have to tear the leaves off to reveal the messages.

roomba robot vaccuum

Robot Vacuum

While I don’t usually think cleaning supplies make good gifts, after spending time away your girlfriend will definitely appreciate not having to come home and take care of chores. Bonus: make sure the house is clean when she gets back!

you belong here welcome home sign

Welcome Home Sign

This tin sign is nice if you want a more sentimental welcome home gift for your girlfriend. Not only will it make her truly feel like she’s come back home, but it will be a daily reminder that she’s loved there too. Plus it fits with most dΓ©cor styles!

800 thread count egyption cotton sheet set

New Sheet Set

After sleeping away your girlfriend will either be missing the luxurious hotel linens or desperate to sleep in her own bed again. Either way a high quality sheet set will make coming home that much easier, especially when she crawls into bed that first night back.

This mug belongs to the world's best girlfriend gift

New Mug

You really can’t go wrong with a new mug for any occasion but I think your girlfriend is really going to like this one.

codenames duet board game for 2 people

Boardgame For Two

Now that your girlfriend is back you’ll be looking for ways to spend time together. 2 player boardgames, like this version of Codenames, are a fun date night idea when you want to stay in and skip watching TV.

plush throw blanket

Plush Throw Blanket

Any gifts for the home are nice ways to make it feel more welcoming when you come back. You can never have too many comfy throw blankets!

Travel Themed Cookbook

If your girlfriend just finished a vacation or travelled to a foreign country it would be really cool to have a cookbook waiting for her to enjoy some of that food now that she’s home.


Wine Tasting Box

You can order one of these boxes for a fun tasting night or buy one monthly for something to look forward to. What a great way to say “welcome home” to a wine-loving girlfriend!

Personalized Couple Print

Personalized Couple Print

Show your girlfriend how much she means to you by having a custom print framed and ready to give to her when she gets back. Not only will she love it as a piece of sentimental and romantic art, but she’ll appreciate the effort you put into creating something so personal for her.

Welcoming your girlfriend back is going to be exciting enough for the both of you, but a gift just adds love and excitement.

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