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Gift Ideas For Your Rich Friend

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Buying something for Mr. or Ms. Richie your best friend isn’t always the easiest thing to do. What do you get someone who can afford everything, all the time? You can’t always gift them with friendship and loyalty, it’s time to get a bit creative and think out the box a bit. Here are 20 gift ideas for your rich friend, when friendship and loyalty aren’t the only gift you’re looking to give.

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Creative Gift Ideas for Your Rich Friend 

Get creative with some fun and unique gift ideas for your rich friends out there, (you know the ones!) There might not be a lot they can’t get for themselves, but these pieces of inspiration can show them just how much you care. 

New Engraved Watch

Your rich friend might already have a bunch of watches but something that’s engraved can add that sentimental touch money just can’t buy.

“Expensive” Sweatshirt

Does “expensive & difficult” sound like your rich friend? Then this might be the perfect gift. Budget friendly for you, one of a kind, and fun for anyone with a sense of humor and a high maintenance lifestyle.

Swarovski Stoned Car Keychain Bag

A crystal bedazzled car key fob pouch is exactly what your rich pal needs to keep their Lambo keys safe. Do Lambos have keys? Maybe they use an app now? Anyway, this gift is so extra that any rich person is going to love it.

Scrooge Mcduck Print

Shout out to all the 80s and 90s rich kids who are now the hardest to shop for rich friends. Combine their wealth with childhood memories and give your buddy this print of Scrooge Mcduck diving into his vault of money. It will remind them of home!

Personalized Cigar Case

Maybe you can’t afford your rich friend’s taste in cigars but you can at least afford to get them a one of a kind cigar case. It looks extra fancy because it’s monogrammed!

DASITON Makeup Brush holder Organizer,Crystal Cosmetic Glass Storage Holder, Vintage Make Up Brush Cup Pen Pencil Holder striped vase(Green S+L

Cosmetics Holders

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If your friend wears makeup they probably have a sizeable collection at home that includes a bunch of beautiful products. Get them something that compliments that with some equally pretty cosmetic storage containers. I really like these: they’re trendy colors, made from crystal, and hit that perfect combo of bougie enough for your rich friend and cheap enough that poor friends can buy it.

Friendship Candle

You really can’t put a price on the value of your friendship but a gift like this custom candle is a fun way to show your wealthy pal now much they mean to you.

Choose between 2, 4, and 8 ounce candles and a whole whack of rich people approved scents.

Vintage Art Deco 1920s Highball Cocktail Glasses | Set of 4 | 14 oz Tall Crystal Tumblers for Drinking Mojito, Whiskey Highball, Gin Rickey, Classic Long Bar Drinks | Large Hiball Glassware

1920s Art Deco Highball Glasses

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Super in style right now, art deco inspired anything looks fancy enough to fit in with even the most expensive tastes. Pick nice glassware in smaller quantities, your friend can always add more to the set if they love it.

Adrenaline Junkie Experience Gift Ideas in North Dakota

Experience Gift

Maybe you and your friend are both rich and your friend has absolutely everything they can want or need. Instead of a physical gift, opt for a fun experience instead! There are so many options out there – if you need a starting point check out our list of adrenaline experience gift ideas in North American state and province.

Custom Best Friends Photo Gift

Find a great photo of the two of you together and order one of these cute, custom photo gifts. I like this better than a traditional picture frame because it’s more custom and thoughtful.

Legend Recipe Book – Blank Family Cookbook to Write In Your Own Recipes – Empty Cooking Journal – Personalized Cooking Notebook, Hardcover, Large 7”x10” Format, 58 Recipes Total (Turquoise)

Family Recipes Book

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This gift might take a little bit of planning but it can be an amazing gift for someone who has everything else. Connect with your friend’s family, especially their parents and grandparents, and gather as many family recipes as you can. Assemble them in this book alongside room for your pal to add their own!

Medieval Initial Alphabet Stamps for Sealing Wax, Brass Head Wooden Handle, Decorate Thanksgiving Card/Envelope/Gift Wrap/Wedding Engagement Party Invitation - Letter R

Personalized Wax Stamp

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I don’t know about you but when I think about rich people wax stamps always come to mind for some reason. Although it’s not an everyday item anymore, your friend will be able to add a personal touch to fancy letters or just enjoy owning this fun reminder of the past.

Besties Succulent Plant Pot

It’s the thought that counts and this personalized plant pot definitely shows any friend you’re thinking of them. Even rich friends appreciate sentimental gifts!

MONARCH Plush Lined Microfiber Bath Robe for Women or Men - Super Soft, Durable Luxury Spa, Resort & Hotel Bathrobe, Generously Sized (Unisex) Cypress

Bath Robe

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I know what you’re thinking: what kind of gift is a bath robe? Let me tell you; it’s an amazing gift that’s what! Seriously, if your pal doesn’t already have one of these bad boys they’re missing out on some major comfort. Just like the spa, but at home! Splurge on a nice plush one or opt for monogramming to make it personal.

The Iliad & the Odyssey (Deluxe Hardbound Edition)

Thoughtful Book

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Yes, your friend can probably go out and buy anything they want, but they may not always know what to get. Choose a book that’s thoughtfully chosen based on their interests, something you’d love your friend to read, or that’s sentimental to them or you both.

Original Art

Obviously the exact piece will depend on your friend’s tastes and your budget, but original art can make a lovely one of a kind gift idea for your rich friend. Visit local art shows or shop online to find that perfect art piece for your friend.

A Great Bottle of Wine

The best wine doesn’t have to be expensive (although it can be if you prefer). Find something that fits with what your friend normally likes, but maybe gives them a chance to try something new.

Fandom Merch

Even if we can afford it we don’t always get things that are just for ourselves. Especially “useless” items like fandom merch or graphic t-shirts. Whether your friend is into sports, anime, or something else there are so many gifts out there that relate to their interests.

Crocs Unisex-Adult Classic Clogs (Best Sellers), Slate Grey, 10 Men/12 Women

Something They’d Never Buy (But Will Love)

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Move over Gucci slides, there’s a new go to summer shoe in town. Whether it’s something tacky like Crocs or another silly gift, give your rich friend something they’d never consider on their own but will absolutely love once they try it out.

Rich Bitch Gold Plated Ring

If all else fails, you can always go with a statement piece. I think this one really gets to the point, don’t you?

Hopefully you found the perfect gift ideas for spoiling your rich friend, regardless of your own budget. If you need more gifting inspo for that hard to shop for pal your rich guy friends may like one of these Best Father’s Day Gifts for Rich Dads (even if they’re not a dad) and you might fine something for the gal pals in this list of Clutter Free Gifts for Women.

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