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20 Welcome Gifts for Youth Program

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Take a peek at these inviting welcome gifts for youth program. When you are hosting a youth program, a welcome gift is a nice gesture and helps the youngsters feel more comfortable. However, what are you going to get them? You might be at a loss for what makes a great welcome gift, but this is the list that will give you the ideas you need!

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Creative Welcome Gifts For Youth Program

All of these presents make a terrific welcome gift!

Assorted Blank Wood Bookmarks

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These assorted blank wood bookmarks would be great to put the program name and mission statement on, to encourage the youth to read and to inspire them about what they learn during the program.

Personalized Event ID Card

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Customize with youth program name and mission statement or an inspiring quote, and they are set. Their own name could be written on it as well.


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Almost every age group loves to blow bubbles. Not only that, but it can get them outside more too.

Personalized Pencils

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Have the name of the program put on the pencils and it will stick in their minds much longer than just while the program is running.


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These folders are great for putting together a welcome pack for each person attending the program.

Custom Tote Bags

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With the program name, mission, or quote put on the tote bags, they can carry their belongings with them wherever the program goes and beyond.

Customized Pens

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Same idea as with the customized pencils, and pens may last longer too. They can even use them for filling out surveys, forms, journals, and more during the program itself.

Floral Tassel Bookmarks

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If personalizing bookmarks isn’t possible, floral tassel bookmarks are a great alternative. Yet, they can also be personalized too.

Custom Water Bottle Labels

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Get the program name and info on these labels to put on regular water bottles!

Sports and Fitness Water Bottles

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This pack of ten sports and fitness water bottles can even write on with permanent marker, which means that you can put their name on it so they don’t lose their water bottle and can stay hydrated. You can also put the program name on it too and some designs if you feel compelled.

Recordable CDs

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These recordable CDs are great for songs or a playlist of music they will listen to in the program, or that inspires the youth and those taking part in the program.

Custom Stickers

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These custom stickers are great for inspirational sayings to inspire the youth that attend.

Journal Inserts

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Write their names and the program name on these with permanent marker and they can take notes during the program.

Custom Engraved Stainless Steel Tumblers with Logo

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These might be a bit more on the pricier side, but you can put the logo of the program on it and they come in a set of twenty-five.

Keychain Favors

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Keychains are always fun. They are at the age that they need to carry around keys, no matter if they are preteen or young adult.

Colorful Paper Sacks

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Write on each one with marker, fill with candy or other favors, and give to the youth program attendees to enjoy.

Wrigley’s Doublemint Gum

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Gum is fun and gives their mouths something to do when they need to be listening.

Crystal Light Water Flavor Packets

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If you hand out waters, hand these Crystal Light water flavor packets to make the water tastier and give them more reason to be hydrated.

Bulk Pack of Sunglasses

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If they will be spending a lot of time outdoors, these will come in really handy to keep their eyes protected.

Blank Stadium Cups

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Reusable or disposable, the blank stadium cups are great for drinks while they are in the program and then can be thrown away once the program is over or they can bring them home with them.

All these welcome gifts for youth programs your hosting are great ideas!

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