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22 Superhero Shirts for Him

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Superheroes. We all love them and want to be like them. And although it’s highly unlikely that a spider-bite will do anything else other than to make us scream in pain or get us in the hospital, there are shirts out there that could bring us guys a little closer to being like some of our favorite heroes.

These are so much fun! My husband would love one of these super hero shirts as a birthday gift, or maybe even for our anniversary.

1. X-Men (Marvel Comics) Mens T-Shirt – Xavier’s .School For Gifted Youngsters Logo.

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Finally a school shirt you’ll actually want to wear and not just as an emergency. Show off your mutant love with this one.

2. Iron Man Science Funny Chemistry Fe Periodic Table T-shirt

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Got that Tony Stark wit and smarts? Let people know with this shirt!

3. The Incredible Hulk Hulk Smash

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Gotta obey a superhero? Make sure it’s The Incredible Hulk! Now get this shirt and go out and SMASH!

4. Captain Marvel (Marvel Comics) Mens T-Shirt – Carol Corps Power Fist Logo Image

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Let everyone know that your leader is none other than Captain Marvel and that you’re here to save the world!

5.Hail Hydra Logo Mens Graphic T Shirt – Fifth Sun

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Or maybe you’re here to destroy it. A good warning for people or if you need to tell someone “Hail Hydra.”

6. Deadpool I Have Issues T-Shirt

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Being a comics fan can be tough, this shirt can let can only let people understand that. A big plus if you’re a Deadpool fan.

7. Official Men’s Black Marvel Comics Distressed Logo T-shirt – Heroes Tee.

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Show your allegiance to Marvel Comics with this shirt, with an old-school style logo.

8. Marvel Guardians Of The Galaxy Baby Groot T-Shirt 2XL

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I am Groot

9. Marvel Ghost Rider Comic Book Cover Print Mens Graphic T Shirt – Fifth Sun.

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Nothing better than wearing cover artwork. A big plus if you’re a fan of the Ghost Rider!

10. DC Comics Periodic Table Of Super Heroes Men’s T Shirt

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Learn your heroes and let other people know them with this shirt!

11. DC Comics Batman Vincent Van Gogh Graphic T-Shirt

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Love Batman? Love Van Gogh? This shirt is for you!

12. Men’s Batman/Nightwing Symbol Tee..

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Not happy being Batman or Robin? Be in the middle and just as cool, if not cooler with this shirt

13. S.T.A.R. Laboratories Superman DC Comics T-Shirt

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Show that you’re pushing science and technology to the forefront in the Superhero age!

14. Na To The 16th Batman – DC Comics T-shirt

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If you’ve been following Batman since the 60s and have a little bit of a sense of humor, you’ll want this shirt!

15. Wonder Woman Logo Adult T-Shirt

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Who says that Wonder Women fans are only girls? Prove the naysayers wrong with this shirt!

16. Wonder Woman DC Comics Superhero Wonder Circle Adult Heather T-Shirt Tee

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And if you love Wonder Woman and old-school style comics, here’s the perfect combo

17. DC Comics Batman VS Joker Fight Card Poster Graphic T-Shirt

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Nothing better to announce the on-going fight between the most legendary hero/villain rivalry of all time!

18. Superman DC Comics Action No. 1 Adult T-Shirt Tee

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As said before, there’s nothing cooler than wearing a cover. But you know what’s better than that? Wearing a first issue cover!

19. Justice League Of America DC Comics Aquaman Classic Logo Adult T-Shirt

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Make Aquaman look cool with this shirt!

20. Superman Come At Me Bro DC Comics Adult T-shirt

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21.Under Armour Men’s Alter Ego Short Sleeve Compression Shirt

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Show off your superstrength with this Superman underarmour shirt!

22. Under Armour Men’s Alter Ego Punisher Compression Shirt

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Scare the criminals away with this Punisher Underarmour shirt!

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