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10 Tips for Throwing a Great Outdoor Party

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The spring and summer months are an excellent time to host an outdoor party. Whether you’re hoping to host a Spring garden party or fun backyard BBQ, throwing a party outside is a great way to enjoy the beautiful weather and beautiful scenery, only an outdoor celebration can provide. If you’re planning to host an outdoor party this season, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Consider these 10 tips for throwing a great outdoor party.

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10 Tips for Throwing a Great Outdoor Party

Throwing an outdoor party should be a fun and memorable experience that everyone loves. Take a look at these unique and fun ideas to get your inspired and excited. 

Keep Bugs Away

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One of the biggest problems with hosting an outdoor party is dealing with bugs. For evening parties, use torches or citronella candles to keep mosquitos at bay.

And don’t forget to cover your food and keep lids on the drinks you serve to keep flies away as your guests eat.

Provide Seating

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Hosting a party outdoors means you’ll need to think about additional aspects that you may not need to consider for an indoor party. Seating is one of those things. You’ll need a place for each of your guests to sit as they eat. There are a few different ways you can make sure you have plenty of seating at your party.

First, think about how much seating you already have outside. Patio furniture and folding lawn chairs are easy options that you probably already have available in your backyard. Unconventional seating options, like picnic blankets or bales of straw, also work well for outdoor parties. Finally, you could ask guests to bring their own chairs to the party if you don’t have enough seating available for everyone.

Make it Shady

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Outdoor parties are a popular option during the summer, but the heat can sometimes become unbearable during the day. If your party will be held during the daylight hours, be sure to provide some shade for your guests.

If your yard doesn’t have a shady spot, adding a few large umbrellas or a tent to the space will instantly create a shady space for your guests to rest.

Keep it Light

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If you’re hosting a party in the evening, you’ll need to provide additional lighting for your guests. Candles are a simple way to add light to your party while also adding a decorative element to the celebration.

String lights are another popular way to enhance the lighting at your party in a decorative manner.

Buffet Style

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Hosting an outdoor party is a great way to bring your friends and family together to enjoy nature. But al fresco dining can be difficult with a big crowd. To make things easier on yourself and your guests, consider serving food buffet-style.

As you set up your party, use a table to display the food and drinks available to your guests. Then, allow them to choose the foods they want to try. That way, you won’t need to provide a large table setting with formal place settings for each guest.

Make it Refreshing

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Keeping your drinks cold at your outdoor party is essential. One of the best ways to serve cold drinks to your guests is to provide drinks in individual bottles or cans.

Simply keep the drinks in a bucket of ice that has been mixed with a cup of water and a generous sprinkle of salt. The combination of ice, water, and salt will ensure your drinks stay cold throughout your event.

Pick the Plates

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If your guests will be carrying and holding their food as they eat, you’ll need to provide sturdy plates. Paper plates are a simple option for an outdoor party because they make clean-up a breeze. But if you would rather have traditional plates for your gathering, consider using plastic melamine plates.

They come in a variety of fun colors and patterns, making them perfect for an outdoor celebration. And they’re not breakable, which makes them a great alternative to traditional china dinnerware.

Secure the Linens

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Tablecloths are an easy way to add a little bit of style to your party. But with the unpredictable weather that comes along with hosting an outdoor party, table linens could be a big mistake.

Make sure your tablecloths stay in place by using tablecloth weights (or creating your own by making small pockets in the ends of your tablecloth and filling it with stones). And don’t forget to weigh down your napkins, too!

Background Noise

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The openness of an outdoor party is wonderful, but it can also make silence a little deafening. Keep your party upbeat by providing a little background music for your guests.

Use your guest list as inspiration and create a fun party playlist before the event to make sure you have plenty of background tunes for your event.

Keep it Active

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An outdoor party is a perfect opportunity for your guests to play together. There are so many fun outdoor games you could provide your guests – from bean bag toss to bocce ball.

And the best part about these games is that your guests are sure to enjoy them, no matter what age they are!

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